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Jesus Christ Is Not Your Culture

Posted by Job on March 15, 2007

Romans 12:2 – And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. 

I was driving home from work one day listening to “conservative” talk radio in a city with a homosexual community that is very large, brazen, and active in recruitment. This fellow calls in talking about how he walked in on his teenage son having sex with this girl. He stated that he outwardly acted very upset towards his son in verbally rebuking and punishing him, but as soon as he was out of his son’s presence, he rejoiced that his son was having sex with a GIRL and not a male. He said “YES! My son is HETEROSEXUAL!” To my shock, the radio host enthusiastically endorsed this fellow’s sentiments, and there was a long stream of callers, male and female, who did the same. They all said: “Hey, you handled it correctly; to your kid’s face you held the line and punished him for doing something wrong, but congratulations fella, your son’s heterosexual!” Neither the radio host nor a single caller ever uttered the word “fornication.”

You might say: “This is a secular radio station.” So what? Isn’t this a Christian nation, where 47% of people claim to be evangelical or born – again Christians? Further, this station is located in the deep south, the so – called “Bible Belt.” Further still, it was a “conservative” talk radio station, whose on – air talent and listening audience purport to be either overwhelmingly fundamentalist Christian or at least very much influenced by and respectful of it. And to this respect, it is true, the radio host, the caller, and the responders were fundamentalist Christian, else they would have had to at least make the pretense of A) not being overly bothered by the sexual activity and B) willing to embrace the son and “love him for who he is” despite his homosexual “orientation” and “identity.” And what this proves is that fundamentalist and conservative Christianity is, after all, nothing but another religion. Religion is made by man to suit man’s purposes, and that includes his desire to exist in and be at peace with and have the approval of the world. Even if your little part of the world is a tiny, persecuted, marginalized, sneered at portion of it, it is still the world, and still an enemy of God. These people do not seem to realize this, or they do not care. So long as they can give their worldliness a name that makes them feel comfortable and righteous to themselves – a name like “fundamentalist conservative Christian” – they are happy. The notion that their faith is supposed to by nature make themselves comfortable because of the need to overcome one’s own sinful flesh, and that it is supposed to make everyone else comfortable because everyone else is of and in agreement with the world? It is foreign to them. It is knowledge and sound doctrine that they have rejected, and they are being destroyed for it (Hosea 4:6). 

And yes, that does definitely include being ill at ease even among other Christians who have rejected the world. Why? Because though they have rejected it, they have not overcome all of it in their flesh. So, whenever two Christians who have rejected the world get together, the portion of the world that one has not totally overcome in his flesh (say, lust) should vex the other, and the portion of the other that is not totally overcome (say, railing) should vex the first. But since both are committed to overcoming the world and advancing the Kingdom of God through fellowship with the Body of Christ (Matthew 18:20, Ecclesiastes 4:12), they will both see their own faults and inform the other about theirs, and support each other so that both can overcome. That is how iron sharpens iron (Proverbs 27:17). But what if there is no iron to sharpen or be sharpened when the Body of Christ comes together because everyone has become as soft as heated wax and flax because they have joined themselves to a corrupt culture and called it righteousness? If salt loses its flavor, how do you season it? If the eye is blind, what will make it see? If you hide your candle under a basket so that no one can see its light, isn’t it the same as not lighting the candle at all, or not even having a candle in the first place?  

Even more recently, I read this “paleoconservative” website, one which claims that “neoconservatives” are ruining this country with free trade and immigration. Its thesis: that we need to return to our roots, a nation founded on the Bible and Aristotle. Aristotle, a pagan humanist? If our nation was founded by this mixture of darkness and light, then it didn’t become corrupt … it was corrupt already! Where in the Bible does it establish or endorse these pagan and humanistic ideals that have become known as “western culture”? And if it was ever truly founded on the Bible, how does “western culture” still manage to persist and even thrive once the Bible has been taken away? These people have rejected the obvious truth: you cannot establish a Christian nation. Christianity was never given to be used to established worldly entities like nations. No, Christianity is supposed to sustain righteous people who live in worldly entities! People have rejected the obvious observation that Jesus Christ was not born to a nation that was self – governed by righteous men who were keeping the law. Why? Because if Jesus Christ had been, His Coming would have been correlated to the righteousness established by the nation and the people of it. No, Jesus Christ was born to a nation subjugated by the evil pagan Roman Empire to a people who mostly had forgotten God and whose religious rulers had basically allowed themselves to be co – opted by those same evil pagan Romans. I recall a Messianic Jew saying recently that the Sadducees disappeared when the Romans destroyed the temple because it was the Romans who had put them in power in the first place. We have utterly forgotten that in order to become Christians in the first place, the early church had to reject their cultures. The Jews had to reject the law, and the Romans and Greeks had to reject paganism, humanistic and naturalistic philosophy, and rule by brute force, and others had to reject
Edom, Ammon, Midian, Ishmael, etc. for Yeshua Ha’Mashiach, or Jesus Christ. And in this very day, people are having to reject Islam, communism, Buddhism, and what is in some areas a very fashionable culture of atheism, agnosticism, rationalism, skepticism, and humanism to accept Jesus Christ. How shameful is it that those who then already profess to have Christ without having to give up nearly so much then reject Him in spirit and in truth in favor of some sinful evil fallen doomed to be destroyed in the lake of fire worldly culture and thought process.

This is not only limited to Christians who overtly like a little worldliness with their Christianity. It also applies to people who worship “Christianity” rather than Christ. They know all about the history and traditions of the church, with all of the places, names, doctrines, traditions, etc. and revere the “church fathers.” I am not only speaking of Catholics, but also of Protestants, many of whom have made erstwhile “saints” out of Martin Luther, John Wesley, John Calvin, etc. despite the fact that many of the “Protestant fathers” had sharp disagreements with both one another and sound Biblical doctrine. Which is not to say that they were not saved or that God did not use them to perform many great works that resulted in movements that resulted in the salvation of untold numbers, but rather to serve as a reminder that they too were only human, and not only are not worthy of our worship, but were they around today they almost certainly would not want it! It is one thing to study these people for historical sake (especially the battles against false doctrine and practice that they fought, and their mindset and method of studying the Bible, preaching, evangelizing, and showing love), but you actually have people giving their writings and views concerning matters the same authority as (and at times more than) the Bible! Now it would be one thing were it something as a matter of practice, as it is with Catholics and ex cathedra, or determination, as it is with the “special revelations” given to the founders and leaders of the Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists, Oneness Pentecostals, and other such cults, but the people who “worship Christianity” do so for no other reason than to have a (western!) “Christian culture” to cling to and identify with because pursuing and contending for Jesus Christ in spirit and in truth is displeasing to them because doing so sets them at variance with their flesh and their minds, and they are not willing to put in the sacrifice,  labor of faith, and surrender required to allow God to accomplish within them the renewing of their minds and the overcoming of the world.  It is far easier to cling to man – made unbiblical theories such as “predestination” and “partial atonement” and use them to persecute yourself and other Christians than it is to sincerely seek and love their Lord and God with all their heart, soul, strength, and mind and to love their neighbours as themselves.  

Now for a time, Christianity grew and flourished as strangers in lands that mostly rejected it. But that changed when Constantine converted and made Christianity the state religion of the
Roman Empire. Ever since, to one degree or another, Christianity has been ceased to be primarily a spiritual kingdom composed of a true body of sincere believers, a legitimate church, and is instead something that is mostly a function of earthly things like races, nationalities, politics, languages, economics, culture, etc. It is bad enough that these things merely divide one Christian from another, but what is even worse is how these things influence doctrine. If something is right in the eyes of God but wrong in my culture, then my religion says that it is wrong. If something is wrong in the eyes of God but right in my culture, then my religion says that it is right. And if something is right in the eyes of God and highly valued in my culture, my religion is going to call it more right. If something is wrong in the eyes of God and highly disfavored in my culture, then my religion is going to call it exceedingly evil. So it creates this situation where this father is rejoicing in having caught his son in the act of fornication merely because he was fornicating with a girl rather than a boy. He rejects the notion that in God’s eyes, fornication is fornication, sin is sin, and that no more condemnation would come onto his son for being a male prostitute than for being “merely” a gossip. Gossiping is accepted in this country, homosexuality isn’t. So our religion causes us to bash homosexuals and reward homosexuals!

Here is another example: how we dress. 100 years ago, even 30 years ago, the majority of the Christian denominations would have told you that a man who wears long hair and a woman who shows a lot of cleavage is going to hell. Never mind that Jesus Christ wore long hair; or that Jews who took Nazarite vows did. Or how about when David danced out of his clothes? Not only was David not condemned for it, but rather his wife who condemned his immodesty was! And I guess that the missionaries in tribal third world nations close to the equator should just give up, because not only are all those people going straight to hell because they all walk around unshaven and naked (and strangely actually have fewer incidents of sex crimes, adultery, and fornication than even goes on among fully clothed church people), but the missionaries are under condemnation for looking at them! Now how is a missionary supposed to be in the constant presence of naked ladies – not to mention young developing girls – without developing lust in his heart? Isn’t that the equivalent of living inside a strip club? For all we know, that is why he became a missionary in the first place? Right? It was never Jesus Christ, folks, just culture influencing religion. 

And proof of that is how you can go into any church today and see pretty much all you want to: folks literally step into church half – naked these days. Or if you don’t see what you want at church, no big deal, just follow those same people when they go to the mall, to the beach, to school, or wherever else they go socialize. They wear the same things that everyone else in the world wears, and what the world wears is pretty much a function of what you see on MTV. Not quite the same exposure as you would see in a National Geographic special, but pretty close. So, what happened? Folks who would have certainly gone to hell just 50 years ago are saved, sanctified, casting out demons (of harlotry and lust, no doubt), and speaking in tongues while in church dressed in outfits that would have gotten Sophia Loren and Marilyn Monroe banned from Hollywood (let alone a church)? Did God change? Of course not. The culture did. This is not to say that there is any reason for people to walk around half – naked; I say that it is wrong, and it is good to note that people who accept Christ in third world countries generally tend to cover up. But the fact that while third world Christians are covering up while westerners are undressing just shows that they weren’t living for God then any more than they are living for God now. Why? If they were living for God then, they wouldn’t have changed so easily or quickly! They rather than having rejected the world through Christ, they were living for the world through their culture, and had brought the world into the church through their culture.  

And it influences everything. So many of our views are not religious at all, but cultural views that we have turned into religion. Have you sat around and actually thought about where your views on things like war, welfare, law enforcement, family, economics, etc. came from? If they are justified in the Bible? Now sure, everyone has their favorite Bible verse that justifies whatever position that they have. But is that position clearly supported and explained in contextual biblical doctrine? (For instance, the “an eye for an eye” scripture that purportedly justifies capital punishment is only to be adhered to in specific situations, and under the jurisdiction of Hebrew priests, not secular judges and law enforcement officials). Now that is not to say that your beliefs are wrong in the eyes of God, but how many of you have actually asked God concerning your beliefs, either directly in prayer or indirectly with exhaustive Bible study? Or have you just accepted what your cultural religion has built up in you?  

Ask yourself: why is it that you believe that some sins are worse than others? Why do you believe that some people deserve better treatment than others? If God is supposed to be the center of our lives, why do even the most ardent Christians only go to church on Sundays and Wednesdays? If God is supposed to be the center of our lives, why do we have to take a break from our normal routines to go someplace else to worship God? Is going to church and taking part in church activities only a part of our overall lifestyle? Do we only think about God when it is about time to go church, and during our (man – made) “religious holidays”? And is it God that we are thinking about, or is it our church, religion, or activities? And about the “religious holiday” thing, how can it be a true religious holiday if it is only celebrated in our nation or culture and not by all Christians? (Even “Christmas” is celebrated on different days by different Christian groups.) How can it be a true holiday – which lest we forget, means “holy day” – if it was established by man, who is not holy, rather than God, who is? And why is it that our religion has so little impact outside the four walls of the church? Now the fascinating thing is that Christian ministries are having a HUGE impact in foreign lands, transforming not only entire villages but nations! Yet the only impact that we seem to have on our own nation is electing a Republican every now and then. Is it because we allow our works to be restrained by a culture that tells us that having a mainstream presence is terrible in the third world but “discriminatory”, “disrespectful”, “distasteful”, etc. over here? And why is it that we preach doctrines in our wealthy free nation that would be thoroughly ridiculous if presented to the desperately poor and/or cruelly oppressed Christians in other nations if we all worship the same God? Why do even black Christians, white Christians, Hispanic Christians, and Asian Christians in this same country, in the same denomination, in the same class strata, and in the same geographic area even preach different doctrines?  

The way you worship Christ shouldn’t just be something as easily influenced by external forces as how you dress, what you eat and wear, and the type of music that you listen to. The reason is that it cannot come from or even be influenced by the outside, it has to come from the inside. And I don’t mean “the heart.” Your heart, your soul, is basically a product of your environment and experiences. A heart that has only been exposed to bohemian hedonism is going to differ from that which has only been exposed to brutal repressive totalitarianism. But once the product of either environment turns to Christ, they are supposed to be the same, not so much because we worship the same God, but because we have the same Holy Spirit within us which is supposed to guide the way that we worship, that is supposed to guide the way that we act, and is supposed to mold our beliefs. Christ is supposed to overpower our wicked culture – and yes, it is exceptionally wicked – today just as He Himself overcame both the wicked Romans and the wicked Jewish leaders and both their corrupt state and religious cultures when He went to the cross. Think about it: Christ not overcoming would not so much have been His becoming like them, because as God Christ could not sin. Christ not overcoming would have been refusing to go to the cross, having His angels and fire and brimstone come down from Heaven, consuming the Romans, Pharisees, and Sadducees, and setting up His own kingdom with a rod of iron. He could have done that. That would have been following after the example of the Romans, who ruled by might, power, and authority. And it would have met the expectations of the Jewish religious establishment and the people that rejected Him. After all the miracles, after hearing His great wisdom, and after seeing Him fulfill all the prophecies, they did not believe because He did not meet their fleshly expectations (save when He fed the multitudes, after which they tried to make Him king by force). But had He overthrown the Romans, THEN they would have followed Him and claimed that they were behind Him all along! But no, Christ did not emulate the wicked Roman culture or succumb to the expectations of the wicked Jewish one. No, Christ rejected it all and submitted to God the Father. But far too many of us modern Christians are not doing the same. We call ourselves Christians when in fact for the most part we reject God for our corrupt culture, including our religion. We should be going out of our way to separate and make ourselves distinct from the world, but instead we emulate it and crave its acceptance.  

And make no mistake, this is very important. Sure, the world has always been evil, but it is about to get more evil. Look, none of us know when Jesus Christ is coming back. But you know that old cliché, “today is the first day of the rest of your life.” Well, with each passing day, Christ’s coming back is one day closer than it was the previous day, OK? Now Christ said that end will come when man is as it was in the days of Noah, where the world was filled with violence and the thoughts of man was only evil continually. So, with each passing day, the world is getting more and more corrupt. If you are a partaker of this earthly culture, then that means that you get more and more corrupt with it. Pretty soon, you just get desensitized to the corruption. Take the crime issue. Go back just thirty years ago, and a single brutal murder, especially to a child, an elderly person, or a woman (especially a mother) would have shocked and horrified the nation. It would have been national news, and the entire nation would have followed the story intently until the perpetrators were caught and tried. Now brutal crimes happen so often that the news doesn’t cover them all, and when people hear about them they just turn the channel. As a matter of fact, you actually have a segment of the population who believes that the media shouldn’t cover brutal crimes, government or corporate corruption, war casualties, etc. at all! When the scandal concerning Catholic priests committing homosexual molestation was going on, a great many people actually criticized the MEDIA for prominently covering it! So yes, the culture is getting more evil, and Christians who fail to separate themselves from it are going to go right along with it, and what is worst not even recognize it as it happens. Things that would have sorely grieved the Christian community just a few years ago, such as our sky – high divorce and abortion rates and all the preachers that are getting caught in financial and sex scandals (and that speaks nothing of the major departures from sound doctrine, the infighting, politics, and power struggles), pass by without notice, and yes more than a few Christians believe that the media is targeting us to “make us look bad to please Satan and drive people away from the church” when the truth is that the opposite is true: the media doesn’t report nearly as many negative stories on religion as they could, and they choose not to PRECISELY because they know how important faith is to so many people and do not want to cause so much harm. Yes, a great portion of the media is secular, but they desire for Christians to join them of their own volition, and not as a result of a divisive media smear campaign. This is proof: there were common jokes concerning priests and young boys circulating in the mainstream (with some even making it into TV shows and movies) for DECADES before it became a full – blown scandal. The media knew about it and just chose not to report it. What turned it into a national scandal was a few brave victims banding together, urging other victims to come forward, and filing class action lawsuits. Keep in mind, these people faced vehement opposition from not only the church hierarchy but individual Christians all during this process, and yes, there were Christians who claimed it was a liberal conspiracy involving the media, lawyers, secularists, etc. to harm the church. The truth is that the real harm was done by the media not pursuing what they already knew was going on long beforehand.  

And yes, there is the “Bible prophecy” angle. When the anti – Christ comes, he will have full control over all of the institutions, including those that shape the culture, and especially the religious ones. Now again, we do not know when the anti – Christ will come, but as I said earlier, today is closer than yesterday. If you are convinced that you are not going to be around when the anti – Christ comes onto the scene (and I myself believe that a lot of things have to happen before he can, and one would think that it would take quite awhile for all of those things to fall into place), then what should concern you nevertheless is that by participating in this evil worldly culture, you are helping to put the anti – Christ in power. All of the hate, all of the greed, all of the division and strife, all of the idolatry, all of the rebellion, all of the lust … you can’t even look at a TV show or movie without seeing that stuff. Even things that used to be acceptable for kids like family sitcoms and kid’s shows and movies are filled with it. And dare I say that it is even creeping into Christian entertainment? Yes, indeed it is. Some of the creators of this “Christian” stuff claim to be trying to stay relevant and reach a new audience that the church hasn’t in the past, but the truth is that they are doing this stuff because A) it makes a lot of money and B) they personally like doing it because it pleases so much of the worldly corruption in their flesh. Now listen … what does the Bible say about being “double – minded”? Unstable in all his ways. Sound like any Christian entertainers to you? What else does it say? “Let not such a person think that he will receive a thing from the Lord! I suppose that would apply to the person who both creates such religious strife and the person who consumes it. Now I am not saying that a Christian should restrict himself to traditional and vanilla entertainment: that is itself a type of vain religion. But the next time you are listening to a Christian CD, watching a Christian movie, or even attending a religious service and you see all of this extracurricular stuff going on, you have to ask yourself is it being done to the delight of Christ or to the delight of the audience and the performer? Make no mistake, whether confusion goes on in the Christian arena or the worldly arena, it is still confusion, and all confusion empowers
Babylon, which will be the anti – Christ’s seat. So yes, Christians who conform themselves to the world and its culture are helping Satan, and they are helping the anti – Christ. It does not mean that they are not going to Heaven, and that they are not doing good works. But they are doing bad in addition to doing good. Even if the good far outweighs the bad, wouldn’t it be better not to do any bad?

Now some Christians would say “Hey, just doing a little bad helps me do a lot more good than would be accomplished if I were doing all good and no bad.” I suppose that a Christian musician who puts a little rebellion in his music, a little sexuality in his videos, a little exploitation in his stage shows, and is a little edgy and notorious in his image so it generates press coverage would sell a lot more records than an artist who totally separates himself, and he feels that if he can reach 5 million people by being a little bad, then he does a lot more good than by only selling 100,000 by being all good. But this fellow does not know that God does not work that way! God moves not by man’s works but by the Holy Spirit. By adhering to only righteousness in his ministry, he would accomplish far more in the spirit realm and do more good works through the Holy Spirit in the 100,000 Christians who buy his music than in the 5 million who like a little raunch. And also there is the fact that sure, he sells far more records, but those represent more people who are corrupted by his raunch. Sure, his raunch is far less than the secular acts, but A) a great many of those people buying his records do not listen to secular music and are only exposed to worldliness through him and B) the spiritual principle oft preached by Jesus Christ: a little raunch is all it takes anyway! A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump! The notion that being dirty is OK just as long as you are a little dirty because no one is perfect but God anyway: that’s religion! Sure, no one is perfect but God, but your imperfection should be ACCIDENTAL. Situations where you do not know any better and/or can’t help yourself. You should not set out to be imperfect by design, even if it is just a little.  

Now maybe you cannot change the world. Maybe you cannot change the church. Maybe you can’t even change your own house. But you can change yourself. Separate yourself from this wicked world. Stop making your worship of God through Christ a function of a wicked culture. Instead, adhere strictly to the Bible, and do it every where you go, whatever you do. Your constant consuming passion should be to adhere to the Bible at all times and in every way: your every thought and action should be about God and related to God. You might say: “That is being a religious fanatic.” Well of course it is. Why would you want to be anything else? Like being a sin fanatic is better or something. Or like even being a dabbler in sin is better. This is the hilarious thing: in Muslim countries, being a complete religious fanatic is exalted. Every year, Muslims hold this competition to see who can best recite the Koran from memory. (There is a certain way the Koran must be recited: every constant and vowel of every syllable of every word must be perfectly pronounced, and there is also a poetic or songlike rhythm to it; and what is more the correct rhythm and pronunciation is universally agreed upon no matter what nation or culture the Muslim comes from, so it is NOT just speaking words.) It is a huge event shown on worldwide television, and the winners receive great prizes and even greater acclaim, including scholarships for the children (yes there are age divisions). Now were Christians to put on anything remotely resembling that on a LOCAL scale, other Christians would be the first ones to denounce it and try to shut it down! So yes, the notion that it is wrong, even dangerous for a Christian to be thoroughly consumed with God, comes from the very wicked culture that has rejected God. You even have some “charismatic” Christians who believe that if you concentrate your life too much on God, that you will fall into some false doctrine, lose your faith, or even become demon – possessed. They even tell you that God Himself doesn’t even WANT that type of devotion: that He WANTS you to go out and “enjoy life.” (Which, of course, betrays the fact that these people do not find serving and living for their God to be particularly enjoyable!) The notion that you have to mix your Christianity with a little bit of sin to enhance or even retain your Christianity … “to stay grounded” … is absolutely absurd!  

I actually heard some preacher on TV say the other day that “Some people read the Bible too much. They start seeing prophecies and visions all over the place, they start taking things all out of context, and start losing their minds. They need to stop reading the Bible so much and start getting up and doing something (i.e. for the church, or perhaps even just for recreation)!” His comments received a THUNDERING APPLAUSE from the congregation! Right, so the guys who painstakingly translated the Bible from dead languages were “reading the Bible too much”? What about the people whose JOB it was to make copy after copy of THE ENTIRE BIBLE BY HAND (no printing press) using BIRD FEATHERS DIPPED IN INK TO WRITE WITH (no modern pens or pencils) ON PARCHMENT SCROLLS (no modern paper either) BY CANDLELIGHT (no electric lights)? Oh yeah, and they, er, couldn’t make typographical errors. They didn’t have word processors, they didn’t have erasers, they didn’t have correction fluid. Making a mistake meant writing the whole page over again, and you just know that you can’t send off a copy of THE HOLY BIBLE to THE CHURCH with mistakes and scratch – out marks through it, especially since back then a Bible cost so much that only the very rich and the church leaders were able to have them. Oh yes, and then a lot of the church and political leaders made the decision that regular people SHOULDN’T have the Bible and therefore it should only be printed in languages that the masses could not understand. Of course, had that situation been allowed to persist, they would have made alterations to the Bible to suit their desires (as some allege that King James did).  

People like William Tyndale had to come along and give their lives so that the Bible could be read by the masses before the church and political leaders could change it. And when the printing press was invented, do you know what was the first book to be printed with it? THE BIBLE! If these people knew what Godly people had to go through just to make sure that we even have the Bible today, or how people in other countries are right now being imprisoned or killed merely for owning a few pages of the New Testament (read the missionary magazines, it is filled with people in other lands who only have a few pages of the Bible and are begging not even for complete Bibles, but JUST A FEW MORE PAGES) then you would realize how beyond ridiculous it is that a preacher would get up in church and claim that it is possible to spend too much time reading the Bible, that his congregation would instantly enthusiastically virtually unanimously agree with him (without even taking time to think that they MIGHT be disrespecting God and His Word!), and moreover that a Christian TV network would actually broadcast that mess with ABSOLUTELY NO FEAR that it JUST MIGHT OFFEND SOMEONE! And how does it get to be like that? Because of the evil culture that the church is operating in. It is precisely that same culture, where religious people tell you that loving and serving God too much is WRONG and SPIRITUALLY UNHEALTHY, is what allowed people to become so ignorant of the Bible that people like Dan Brown are not only getting rich off movies and books, but people with those very same beliefs are now running our seminaries and religious colleges that are producing the vast majority of our clergy. Now there was a time when so many of our churches were run by “uneducated preachers” who knew the Bible better than the backs of their own hands and their churches would have produced such mighty works that the lukewarm churches and congregations would empty. But now that this notion that you can actually love and God too much is entrenched in our culture, the good old uneducated preacher is becoming a thing of the past.  

But you do not have to be like these people. You can change. You can make a difference. You can leave this religious culture that actually mocks God and become one who actually serves and worships God in spirit and truth from the sincere fullness of your heart, and I urgently entreat you to start doing so today. I am not here to judge or condemn you; instead I speak as one who just a few short days before writing this was one just like you, and am one who is still very much struggling to totally leave my culture behind. But it is a battle that not must be won, but has already been won, because Christ did it for me on the cross. All I have to do is want to believe and receive it. Do you? 


Father God in the Name of Jesus Christ, may your children reject the worship of himself and the world by regarding culture above or with You. Instead Father God please lead them into the truth, that they are to love Your Ways and Your Will and those alone, and that they should be steadfast and immovable in contending to establish Your Will on earth as it is in Heaven through faith, and not through works or through man’s methods and ideas. May Your children never forget that Your charge to us is to be saved by You and to be used by You to save others from their sins and the evil world, and that we are not to be ensnared or to be a snare unto others by promoting things of the world, including the world’s values and culture, and that we should not promote values and culture in place of or alongside salvation by Jesus Christ and obedience and submission to the Father. 


The demons that work in this area are worldliness, idolatry, and selfishness, and also those concerning the false teaching, false religion, and false doctrine that exist to support and give a false foundation to the pervasive error concerning the attempts to have the church walk in agreement with the world through culture rather than to reject the world by love and obedience of God through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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