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The True Liberation Theology

Posted by Job on March 15, 2007



Isaiah 61:1 – The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me; because the LORD hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound. 

You have a lot of people out there who are oppressed, repressed, depressed, and distressed. Oftentimes we make the mistake of deciding for ourselves according to our own interests and values whose burdens are legitimate and whose are not. For instance, most people would conclude that a person living under a totalitarian regime has legitimate issues. Most would say the same of an innocent person serving a long prison sentence. Other generally accepted examples are those who are suffering from extreme poverty or physical disease; and to a lesser extent many allow for people who have mental or emotional illness. However, there are a lot of instances where most people are not nearly as accepting or supportive of claims of turmoil: people who claim that they have been denied the right to express themselves freely or to have or engage in alternative lifestyles or political views. There are also people who declare themselves oppressed because their lives lack purpose, happiness, fulfillment, meaning, or security. And then there are those who simply resent that others have something that they do not have or more than what they do not have.  

Christians, whether worldly or true Believers, are well represented among those fall into the humanistic trap of trying to parse and judge whose claims are legitimate and whose are not. So, we try to meet the needs of those who we deem worthy, and everyone else we either judge harshly and condemn, give meaningless pep talks and motivational speeches to out of a false pretense of concern, or wholly ignore. The result is that no one gets the help that they need. Even those who deserve condemnation (in truth we all do since we have all sinned and were born in sin), getting it does them no help. The only helpful condemnation is that which the Holy Spirit inflicts on the heart; all other condemnation is hurtful, and that includes the condemnation of man, and even that of the righteous. Worse still is the people that we ignore, which is a surrender; an admission that our religious system simply has no answer and is wholly inadequate and hence is not of God (because with Him all things are possible), yet we cling to the religious system because it is our source of power, comfort, blessing, righteousness, and legitimacy rather than God or His Son or His Holy Spirit. Such people who reject true righteousness in favor of religion are actually worse off than the people that they are ignoring. And then there are the people that we give phony, half – hearted attempts to help or encourage. All we do is give them a temporary pick – me – up that does not address their real problems at all – let alone in any substantial spiritual way – and once the temporary high is gone and they crash, it leaves them worse off than before. If such people are Christians, then they become religious addicts who are in constant search of the next pick – me – up or cure just to make it through the week or day, going from one thing to the next, and because they cannot find any lasting peace or help, they become overcome with guilt and doubt, thinking that their condition is their own fault or shortcoming; that they feel the way they do because they aren’t “saved”, or “holy”, or “faithful” enough.  And even the people that Christians make a sincere attempt to reach and help are often not improved, because even sincere dedicated efforts fail if they are efforts of the flesh. The reality is that the Christian made the decision on his own through the flesh that such a person’s need was legitimate and serious and thus needed a legitimate and serious approach. But since that decision was made by the Christian in the flesh and not God in the spirit, the solution will inevitably be of the Christian and not of God, and will thus only superficially treat the outward manifestation in the flesh of the inward spiritual problem. Let us be honest: the result of all this is a massive record and history of failure of organized Christianity in its attempts to meet the needs of people. 

Of course, where one thing fails in an area, other things are going to rise up to try to fill the vacuum. Christians can question the motivations and the effectiveness of the other things that rise up until the cows come home, but until they abandon the religious entrenchments and acknowledge that the very reason why the alternatives exist is because of the failure of Christianity, the those alternatives will only multiply in number and reach. Take the various forms of liberation theology, whether political, economic, cultural, or lifestyle. Liberation theology not only exists but has been wholesale embraced in one form of another by practically every Christian group, body, or movement solely because of the failure of Christians to effectively address and minister to so many groups of people. Not only were poor, sick, and starving people ignored, but so were people living in repressive regimes. So were people who felt deprived of freedoms and rights. So were working class and poor people in rich societies. Women, minorities, children, immigrants? The disaffected, disenfranchised, alienated, and unfulfilled? The church really offered them nothing but a promise of Heaven in the next life and a demand not to rock the boat in this one. So if people are not getting what they need or think they want from what already exists, then they will create something new that they believe will give it to them.  

Is God’s Word true? Of course. Are all things possible through Christ Jesus? Of course! The problem was never with God, it was with His People, who tried to solve the problems of the world through worldliness by trying to be arbiters and judges of whose problems were real and whose problems were not. What these people lacked where the fruits of the spirit that give you patience, compassion, mercy, charity, and tolerance. If they had those things, then they would realize that all problems are perfectly real and legitimate to the person that have them. For instance, you have people in prison who have committed multiple heinous crimes and are completely unabashed about the fact that they would commit still more if given the opportunity, but are absolutely convinced that their being in jail is completely unfair; a personal injustice against them! Not only would the typical worldly Christian be thoroughly ineffective at evangelizing, pastoring, ministering to, or fellowshipping with such a person, the typical worldly Christian would not even give such an unremorseful criminal the time of day. Yet we are specifically called to and charged with showing the love of Christ just to such people!  

Look, you have to realize that it does not matter that by your standards, your religion’s standards, or the standards of any decent civilized person, that unremorseful dangerous criminal’s claims of persecution are not only invalid, but abhorrent, especially when you consider that criminal’s victims. But to be a true Believer and to act as one according to the Will of God, you have to realize that it does not matter if everyone else thoroughly rejects the criminal’s claims of victimization. You have to recognize that TO THE CRIMINAL his claims of persecution are very real! And only after you admit that and then pray and ask the Holy Spirit to show you how to deal with what is going on in this very problematic person’s mind will you be able to effectively witness to him in many cases. Just telling the criminal over and over again that he is an evil person who has done evil things and is being kept in jail as punishment for what he did and to protect other innocents may not do anything. Neither will doing your best to muster fake empathy over how his harsh background contributed to his becoming a hardened criminal. In many cases, only when you let Jesus show you how to love that hardened criminal will you be able to show that hardened criminal how to love Jesus.  

John 8:36 says who the Son sets free is free indeed. Further, it is the only true freedom there is, which is freedom from the curse of original sin and entrance into the

Kingdom of
Heaven with all power. It is all that truly matters in this life and the next, and if you are set free by the Son, nothing else about your earthly condition will matter. Not only will any sorrow and misery in the present time not compare to the glory of what you will soon inhabit, but if you are truly set free by the Son your sorrow and misery will have no hold over you, but will instead be multiplied against whatever person or spirit in, below, or above the earth that is trying to inflict that sorrow on you. The only freedom is freedom from sin, because the inevitable result of sin is death; because of Adam’s sin we shall surely die, but because of Christ’s death and resurrection we shall surely live. All other liberation is so much false and fake that it cannot even be labeled temporary because it never happens. Rather, a temporary liberation would only describe a person who accepts Christ but later blasphemes the Holy Spirit and is then given over to a reprobate mind. But a person who perceives himself to have been set free by any other than Christ has not been set free, and is thus deluding himself. Politics, economics, law, expression, lifestyle, wealth, art, social change, etc. cannot free a person. It is only an opiate that will distract the flesh (for a time and to a point) from the captivity of the spirit. But if the spirit is free and a person learns to accept, believe in, and operate in that freedom no matter what, then the freedom of the spirit will result in the total freedom of the soul and body, no matter the actual physical state of the body.  

Now that is totally Biblical even if it is seldom preached. It is seldom preached how Peter and Paul were totally free while they were poor, ill, and in jail waiting to be put to death. Or how Peter specifically was free even while it took him two days to die while being crucified upside down. And hence, so many products of the religious system cannot preach that message to people who are in jail for a crime that they did not commit and are never going to get out. They cannot preach that message to the person under the yoke of racial discrimination. They cannot preach that message to a person who ekes out a living cleaning the toilets of rich people. They cannot preach that message to a person who has already seen his family die of war, disease, and famine and will be joining them in death soon. They cannot preach that message to a person who feels boxed in and claustrophobic by suburban middle class family life and expectations, or to a person who feels that their entire culture and way of life is built on oppression of the poor and destruction of the environment. They cannot preach that message to someone who just cannot motivate themselves or apply themselves to anything or maintain anything. They cannot preach that message to someone who is suffering under the twin burden of boredom because they have more money than they know what to do with and having to live up to the expectations created by the person who left them the money. They cannot preach that message to a person who is burning with passion and sexual desire to someone who is not their spouse, or someone who is a member of their same sex, or towards a small child. And they cannot preach that message to someone who has tried everything in the Christian walk their entire lives and are still captive and unfulfilled. And the reason why they cannot preach this message – or they cannot preach it effectually and effectively to the people who really need to hear it – is because they are not living that message. They cannot preach and do not preach it because though it is in the Bible, it is not their own testimony. So they abandon these people not only to their own lusts, but to false religions and philosophies that claim to offer an answer but really just build upon the vacuum that is inside them: the vacuum that was left by the failure of organized religious Christianity.  

The only way, the only solution, the only help is Christ. The Cross. The Resurrection. The Gospel. But the only way that God will use us to set others free is if we allow God to set us free first. I refer you to Matthew 7:3-5. “And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.” This verse is often too narrowly applied only to discussions regarding sin, but it also needs to be applied to those who are captive to feelings of discontent. You cannot set free someone who is openly bound by discontent if you yourself are secretly discontented and are merely covering up your discontent with some religious system. Before you can set the homosexual free or before you can set the hate – filled racist political radical in jail for a crime that he did not commit free, you have to go to Jesus Christ and admit your problems to God so He can set YOU free.  

God gave us, Christians, dominion over the world in the natural and spiritual world so that we can subdue it for Him in preparation for the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are to exercise that dominion in order to bring many that are lost into the

Kingdom of
God, to work great miracles, to heal the sick, to raise the dead, to cast out devils, to stop wars, crime, and plagues, and to deliver people from poverty. That would be fulfilling Genesis 3:15, to bruise the head of Satan. But the church is not subduing the world because so many Christians are bound by it; so many Christians are lovers of it. We are really committing the same sins that the Jews did. God told the Jews to utterly destroy the pagans in Canaan, and to then build the greatest empire that the world had ever seen (whose geography would have been basically the entire
Middle East) that would have caused the entire world to bow to Elohim and acknowledge His being the One True God. But instead, the Jews were slack in possessing the land; once they got enough to settle in and for their cattle and treasure they were satisfied. And they also did not destroy or drive out the pagans, and ultimately wound up making political and economic alliances with them, intermarrying with them, and finally started worshipping their gods. So Israel never fulfilled the desires that God had for them after He created them out of Abraham and brought them out of
Egypt. God gave them chance after chance, even giving them David as a king and having Solomon build the temple, but the children of Israel continued to love the world and the pleasures of it. 

That is where so many Christians, indeed the vast majority of the even truly saved ones who are not Christians in name only who deny the Bible, are today, and it is not what God wants of us. God desires of us to be true Believers who will come to Him and ask of Him to be set free. God wants true Believers to come to Him to ask that His Will would be the same as our own. God wants true Believers to come to Him and ask of Him that Heaven would be given dominion over earth through us. God wants that of you, and I am extending to you the opportunity to join and agree with God and do His Will regarding this issue today.  

If you are not saved, then first start out by saying The Salvation Prayer. Upon becoming saved or if you are already saved, then you may need spiritual deliverance. Though you are saved and on your way to Heaven, you will never be truly free by walking in total agreement with God if you have demons operating in your life, whether they are indwelling you or merely clinging around you and in your affairs. How can you tell if this is the case? Well if you have compulsive behaviors or strong actions and emotions that you cannot control, then you have demons operating. It also may be the case if you are sinning or have a strong desire to sin that you cannot stop. It also may be the case if you enjoy the company of sinners, or enjoy hearing about or viewing sin for your own pleasure (even if the pleasure comes from a sense of knowing that you are “better” than the sinner, or that the sinner is going to hell and you are not). Being in constant emotional, mental, or physical torment is a clear sign, and so is having areas of your life that are chronic causes of disappointment, frustration, and underachievement i.e. your health, relationships, finances, careers, etc. And quite simply, if you do not hear a response from God when you pray and/or if you do not regularly read your Bible AND participate in other edifying activities (i.e. listen to sermons and pray Christian music as a regular individual activity even when it is not Sunday, or participate in evangelistic or ministering activities apart from your church group or other Christians) then it is a sign of demonic involvement. And after spiritual deliverance (or during, as spiritual deliverance will be a lengthy process for many people) you need to seek dedication and consecration to God through the second and third stages of grace: sanctification by the Holy Spirit and baptism in the Holy Spirit. And once that is achieved, you need to learn how to hate and reject the world and the flesh and live totally by God’s Holy Spirit.
Once you reach that stage, you will be set free, and God will start using you in earnest to set others free. How do you do these things? Well, Heal The Land Ministries is here to help. I have devotionals, sermons, and articles on these topics, feel free to explore the site, especially the devotional archives and sermon archives. You can also feel free to contact me by email at healtheland@gmail.com. Excellent writings are also available on the topic by such wonderful powerful Believers as Derek Prince, Smith Wigglesworth, Adrian Rogers, and Watchman Nee. Leading televangelists in this area are Andrew Wommack, John Eckhardt, and Juanita Bynum. There are no shortcuts. Immersing yourself in prayer, reading God’s Word, and reading powerful books about God’s Word is a must. Avoid the consumer drive – through Christianity that treats it as a culture and lifestyle, the so – called “God – centered living” or “God – involved living.” Such people ask of you no real changes, only to associate much of what you are already doing with Scripture, and to get you to pray and ask God to guide you and bless you in what you are already doing anyway, and then spend the rest of their time talking about works and contemporary politics. You have to resort to people who are willing to unashamedly proclaim why Jesus Christ had to die on the cross and rise again, and the power of the Holy Spirit. The hard real truth: the only true freedom exists in complete renunciation of self and total slavery to God. Once you make yourself a willing slave to God, then God will set you free. It is a paradox and contradiction that can be only understood through the Holy Spirit revealing to you the nature of God; what it means that God gave us free will and made us in His Image! Seek it, and you will be set free. Otherwise, you will remain bound and be largely helpless to free others beyond merely getting them saved, which of course is very important – indeed most important – but still is in truth what should only be the beginning of a spiritual journey of growth, empowerment, and liberation. Further, you will also be much more successful in filling the Great Commission once you are liberated yourself. Your numbers will increase because the Holy Spirit will motivate you, direct you to people, and tell you what to say. Further, you will be able to succeed with the truly hard cases that unliberated Christians would have very little success with. Imagine it: God will be using you as a liberated Christian to turn a person that an unliberated Christian would have no success with (indeed, in many cases would not even give the time of day to, such as the unrepentant criminal example given earlier) into a liberated Christian with more faith and power than most other Christians! If that sounds fascinating to you, then you really should start seeking your liberation through the Holy Spirit so that you can start living the life that you have only been able to dream of and do things on a regular basis that you did not even regard as possible!


Father God in the Name of Jesus Christ, may there be among Christians and the unsaved those who will seek Your Face and desire Your Will for their own; those who are desiring to be set truly free indeed so that they can help lead others into freedom for You.  In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen! 


The demons that work in this area are worldliness, false teachings and false doctrines. They work to limit not only the individual personal joy and fulfillment that Christians should be experiencing, but to eliminate the power that Christians have to truly witness, evangelize, convert, meet the needs, and bring healing to a world that badly needs it. It causes Christians to conform to the world rather than to take dominion over and transform the world. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


One Response to “The True Liberation Theology”

  1. Joann said

    Wow! This was an eye-opening article! I, too, feel like an unliberated Christian, and I’ve also had many dealings with Christians who truly believe they are being helpful when in reality they just don’t understand because they’ve never encountered any of the issues that I am currently battling. In my case, however, it is not demonic involvement that is preventing me from becoming more involved in ministering activities. It is my inability to work and learn to drive a car and having to rely on my dad and my Christian friends for transportation because I am mildly learning and developmentally disabled, live with my parents in an isolated community where no shuttle service is provided, and require living assistance. It is also my inability to process and recall information, plus the fact that my dad would not want to waste precious (and expensive) fuel driving me around our neighborhood to talk to our neighbors, that I don’t minister to those who need it (I even have trouble memorizing and reciting the Salvation Prayer). I can’t walk too much, either, because I have ventricular septal defect and don’t want to place too much strain on my heart. I simply don’t have the patience or enough biblical knowledge to teach, preach, or lead others, and because I am also a non-conformist who believes in having my own way of doing things, I am not a follower, either. I don’t want to be something I’m not, so my way of helping to inspire others is to simply pray for their souls and leave them in God’s hands, say “God bless you” when I can, wear my Jesus t-shirts (I have two of them), mind my own business and let others come to Christ when they want to (live and let live), and write down or say “Jesus loves you” whenever the moment arises. That is my way of ministering to others, plus I am trying to get approved to volunteer in my church nursery one Sunday a month, and it works for me. I have problems with Christians who misunderstand me and make me feel inadequate, unworthy of Heaven, and condemned because I’m not doing everything that they are doing, and because I don’t trust them, I tend to go off on my own. I become very critical and judgmental of them, too. When I can’t trust anyone to make me feel loved, appreciated, and adequate, I can’t trust God to heal me and make me whole. And when I can’t be honest with myself, I can’t be honest with God. When other Christians think that they can control me and tell me what to think, what to believe, how to feel, what I can and can’t enjoy, and what I can and can’t do with my body (even who I can and can’t support in the political arena), try to make me into something that I’m not, and I’m left feeling as though I have to measure up in order to belong, then I can’t grow, learn, or mature as a Christian. There is too much pressure to conform, and I either lag behind or lose interest altogether. I am different, and God loves me just the way I am. I can only do so much with the very limited resources that I have, so I can’t help it if it is not enough. Just be glad that I am doing what I can to maintain my walk with Christ. I need to be myself, too, or my walk with Christ will suffer, and my faith in Him will eventually fade and die. It isn’t that I don’t want to do anything for God. I’m not making up any excuses here. I’m just simply telling you what is going on with me and why I can’t do everything that other Christians do. If I had the resources, I would do more. But since I don’t, and I have to work with what I’ve got, I am simply unable to do more. Anyway, that is my message to Christians who can’t help because they don’t or simply won’t understand. I wish I could just be me and serve Christ the best way I know how without feeling guilty, inadequate, ashamed, and condemned, and without feeling as though I have to severely restrict everything I feel, think about, enjoy, and do. I can’t measure up! I mean, if God really wanted me to become a Christian and serve Him, then why didn’t He make me able to serve Him in a way that other Christians can? And why do I feel condemned or not good enough because of my limited abilities? Why would God do this to me? Great article, by the way.

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