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Salvation Explained

Posted by Job on April 13, 2007

Consider an analogy. You are like a fragile, precious, white piece of cloth. At least you are in the beginning. When you do something wrong, it is as if black ink or paint has been spilled on the cloth. Once that ink or paint gets on the cloth, the stain is there forever. You cannot wash it out – the cloth is too fragile and would disintegrate, and even if you could it would not remove all of it. Further, the stain will not fade away over time. And since the stain is there, the cloth cannot be considered clean. Say that the cloth is 100 years old and in all that time it only gets one small stain on it, representing a small lie, wanting something nice that someone else has, or a curse or swear said in carelessness or anger. No matter, the cloth is still dirty, and when it comes time to separate the stained cloths from the clean ones, it will still be considered dirty. So what if you try to conceal it; get some dye or paint and try to cover it. Guess what, the stain is still there! If you were to take some scissors and cut through the concealed area, you would see the stain still in the fibers. So we agree that it is impossible to keep your cloth from getting dirty. And we have demonstrated that once your cloth gets dirty, there is nothing that can be done to clean it. So, if you are that cloth, what are you to do? What hope is there for you? The answer is, simply, to get a new piece of cloth. And when you get it, cover it with latex or stain guard so that when you do something wrong, the ink or paint or mud will not adhere to it or soak through into the fibers; it will slip or wipe right off. So that way, when the time comes to separate the dirty cloths from the clean ones, your new stain – protected cloth will be clean.

What have I just described to you? Your first, original, soiled cloth is your existence as a sinner. And since God is clean, He will only tolerate that which is clean in His presence. Nothing that is dirty will be tolerated. God will save and keep the clean cloths, and discard the dirty ones. So, in order to be with God, you need to get a new cloth. You need to BE a new cloth. And how do you do that? By accepting His Son, Jesus Christ, as your Savior AND your Lord. Do you know what Jesus Christ is in addition to being God’s Son? Jesus Christ is God’s Word, and God’s Word is represented to us and revealed to us by the Holy Bible. So in order for Jesus Christ to be your Savior, you have to believe the Bible, and in order for Jesus Christ to be your Lord, you have to obey the Bible. Now God does not ask us to be perfect in these things, for it is impossible. Remember, your cloth is covered by stain guard! And no, it is not “doing the best that you can” either. Instead, all you are to do is believe and trust the Bible through faith, and admit that the God of the Bible is the Boss and not you.

Do not believe or accept what I say? That is OK. Accepting God is a free will choice which one cannot be pressured or deceived into making. I just urge you to consider the consequences, and also to consider contacting me at healtheland@gmail.com if you want to question or challenge me concerning what you have just read. However, if you are already convinced, then follow this link. If you are not completely convinced but still want more information, then try this link.


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