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Sinners Are Welcome

Posted by Job on April 13, 2007

Yes, I called you a sinner. So? We are ALL sinners. So why deny it, or be ashamed of it? There is nothing special about that fact at all. Proof: I work in the technological field, and part of my education was classes in logic. When classifying things according to logic, a characteristic that all of the items being classified shares in common becomes irrelevant: it is ignored. Take, for example, cars and elephants. All cars have tires. All elephants have trunks. So, there is nothing exceptional about a car having a tire and an elephant having a trunk, and no reason to dwell on that fact or take offense at it. Just admit it: you are a car. You have tires. You are an elephant. You have a trunk. You are a human, and that makes a sinner. Admit it and move on.

How does move on exactly? Well, God is righteous and hates sin, and will one day destroy all of it. That creates a problem for the sinner, of course! The only way to be protected from a God who hates sin and will destroy it is to be saved from destruction by that same God. How is that possible? Let me give you a hint: one of the names of God is Yeshua, which means GOD SAVES! A better known version of that name is Jesus, which is the name of the Word of God person of the God who exists eternally as Father, Son, and Spirit. We refer to Jesus as “son” because God sent the Word person of the Trinity to earth as a human. When God’s earthly existence died, it made a way for you to be saved when God destroys all sin despite still being a sinner. How? BY FOLLOWING THE THREE STEP PLAN! That’s all it takes! Try it today for no money down (or actually, no money EVER)! Now though the benefits of this deal – the greatest deal in history actually – last forever, the deal itself won’t! So get it now, today!


2 Responses to “Sinners Are Welcome”

  1. Ricardo said

    My father, I think he was my biological father, sold his soul to Satan…then he was possessed by him. He married my mother…and she was oppressed by Satan…and sometime possessed as well. They blasphemed God many times but the man was 24 hours a day cursing God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. He did beat my mother everyday I lived with them (27 years). When I was 4 years old fallen angels ,disguising as aliens and protective angels, and Satan made me a sexual slave, so, I played with myself all my life until I was 51 years of age. I sinned very badly since then. Never had the opportunity to know Jesus of Nazareth. The devil gave me thousands of reasons to disrespect Jesus of Nazareth. I do not know if I ever blasphemed the Holy Spirit. I broke all ten commandments in flesh, mind and heart. I made fun of Jesus Christ when I was growing up. One thing; Satan has tried to kill me thousands of times. Just imagine who was near me protecting me: Jesus of Nazareth; but I didn’t know that. Satan made be believe aliens created the universe and races thru the universe after they have been created by God. I have practice all evil things in my life, witchcraft and the rest of Satan’s garbage. In the year 2005-2006 Satan did feed me with pornography and tried to make me do things, but I never did accomplished what he wanted…I guess Jesus Christ was watching and protecting me. I thought I was Hercules, the king of the universe until one day Satan broke my back, badly, so he made me go to a witch for help. Before this attack he just made me play with myself sexually speaking, badly…every day, more than 2 or 3 times during the day… Horrible! Nasty! I started to lose control, strength, muscles, sleep, my soul. I lost 30 pound in one week. I was dying. But I went to a witch for help and I agreed with her that I would have one of her spiritual guys as my protector. I didn’t believe in the Bible, Heaven, Hell, Satan or anything else. I always believed there was a God but my belief was mistaken. After the witch gave me a spiritual bath I went home, slept till 12 am , then I felt something nasty, dark, full of hatred, taking over my body from my toes to the last hair in my head. It was Satan himself. He tried to kill me with my own right hand. When I fought back…he just tried make me kill myself with sleeping pills. A voice told me: “Don’t kill yourself…that’s a sin.” , and the idea ran away from me. I know now it was Jesus Christ. After 8 days without been able to sleep Satan took me to hell, mentally, and I can say that you might want to kill yourself before going there. I felt hell for 30 seconds in my flesh, my heart, my soul, my spirit and Satan told me again to kill myself, then I fell unconscious. Since then, till the present day, I have tried to get deliverance but they were 8 failures. I did stop sleeping forever till I got the right medication, after trying all sleeping medication. I thought Satan gave me Fatal Familial Insomnia, but I was wrong again. Jesus Christ has saved me one more time. One voice told me “keep taking your medication and keep praying”. Since 2006 I have read the Bible 4 or 5 times; I can’t still sleep on my own and I still have all these demons and fallen angels beating my body. I have made Jesus Christ my God and Savior many times, but I don’t understand how come a hard and dark heart like mine, still possessed by Satan, can affirm that Jesus of Nazareth is my Savior if I don’t feel anything physically or spiritually? Was my family created for damnation, including myself? Is God using me as an example for other people to keep them away from sin thru my testimony? Oh yes, my brother and sister…Satan is real. God, Jesus of Nazareth and the Holy Spirit are real and they have brought light to my life; I was in darkness before my back was broken, but after Satan took my physical body and everything else I was able to see the light and know the truth. And the truth will set you free. I want to cast out all these demons from me…A second witch tried to do that, but she was also lying to me; that day I felt good when I got the feeling the demons were leaving my body, but that night they came back to me. God didn’t allow 7 more evil demons come to my body but the same ones I got before. I don’t want help from anyone because all these great pastors tried their best but they couldn’t cast anyone from me. I just know in my heart, or somewhere, that God will set me free from these demons. To all the people who are looking for liberation, please, hang in there…Jesus Christ came to this planet to save us and bring us to Heaven. He is never late or early. He will be there at the right moment. Long live my Lord Jesus of Nazareth. Long live my God Jehovah and the Holy Spirit. I am sorry for what I did and I thank God for His Present of Eternal Life with Him. The sexual demons are still bothering me on a daily basis, but I am resisting them. Hey! If you don’t visualize what demonic possession is, just remember the movie “The Exorcist”. You may know when you are possessed or oppressed. Maybe you went to your psychiatrist for help, and you are on medication and live your life like a zombie until you die, but remember to pray and praise God and Jesus of Nazareth and the Holy Spirit while you can. Look for help, from the Only One in Heavens. Hey! Jesus is coming very soon. Just read Revelations and see what is just happening around the world. Jesus Christ said that all these things would happen first before His coming.
    I love you all! You don’t have to reply.
    In Jesus Christ!

  2. EL Abogado said

    My Comment is for : Job.
    You say that you are theologian and it gives to you the right to call people sinners. It is wrong, you do not know the heart of the individual, so you do not know mine.
    The pests 7th.-day adventists are far behind and all of them call me sinner because they are sinners they think everybody is just the same, but it is not the case. In 2008 they put even cocaine in my food in order for me to have sex with a woman, I did not had sex with any woman or not to keep any other Commandment, if you continue to think this way I got to name you ARROGANT and stupid and by coincidence to be one of 7th.-day adventists for them are like you. The pests even generalise exactly like you saying : “all of us are sinners” this is not the case. Control your attitude and do not involve in other’s people affairs for I do not like people lie you and them.

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