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Make Your Testimony To Jesus Christ Right Here!

Posted by Job on July 10, 2007

Did Jesus Christ save you from sin and eternal punishment for it in the lake of fire? Did He heal you? Did God give you spiritual deliverance through the casting out of evil spirits? Did God transform your life and mind, giving you peace and the true purpose in life which is to serve and glorify Him? And has He done great things for your family, friends, co – workers, neighbors, church members, or loved ones? If so, let us know here! I have one request: NO ANONYNIMITY! Anonymous testimonies are not real testimonies, for the Bible says that if you will not confess Jesus Christ before men, then Jesus Christ will be ashamed of you before His Father! To get it started, I am J. King of Atlanta, Georgia and here are my two testimonies Testimony Time! and Testimony Time II!



37 Responses to “Make Your Testimony To Jesus Christ Right Here!”

  1. kezia wiliams said

    i just want to give thanks for everything and everyone.
    thank you lord.!!!!!

  2. Thank you Kezia, and praise God in the Name of Jesus Christ!

  3. Jordan said

    I just wanted to give my testimony.
    I have had a rough childhood, and I have always acknowledged that there was a God. But 2 years ago I found Jesus, and I accepted him. I started reading the Bible every day and Now The Holy Spirit has led me to be a minister, and I am on the path to become one. Thank you.

    Much Love-

  4. LISA HANAEY said

    I just want to think Jesus Christ my Lord and savior my redeemer for never leaving me and forsaking me. For just being there when times seem hard and I couldnt see my way through the darkness. When the enemy was trying to attack I prayed the evil spirit of satan out of my situation and circumstances and the father, son and the holy spirit seen me through with strength, hope and faith.

  5. Rubin Charles said

    Jesus Christ delivered me from the demons working in my mind and has saved me from the debt of my sins. I am truly truly relieved to know that even though I am not perfect God loves me and Jesus died for me so that I can live in Heaven after my death on earth.

  6. Job said

    Rubin Charles:

    Thank you Jesus Christ! May God be praised! Thank you for that mighty powerful testimony!

  7. Steve said

    I confess the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal and loving Lord and Savior. I have been water baptized and I believe the Holy Spirit helps me on a daily basis. I have suffered extended periods of Spiritual Warfare against the enemy but God has always been faithful to me and has delivered me from all the snares and tricks of the enemy. Please whoever reads this , pray for me that I am delivered from the clutches of the enemy ! Glory and Praise to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit !!!

    Steve Schreifels
    San Jose, Ca

  8. Myles SC said

    Thank you Jesus Christ, thank you for finally waking me up to the truth after all these years, thank you Lord Of All Lords for showing me the light!

  9. Ed James said

    I lost my wife to cancer two years ago.When we found out that after all her
    treatments the cancer had spread. The Doctors said she had only months to
    live. I prayed day and night for a miracle. I asked God to give me her pain.
    I knew she loved the Lord and now she is with Jesus in Heaven.

    I was diagnosed with bladder cancer in July of 2006.The area was the size of
    a dime. They were going to take my bladder out.Being a C-5 quadriplegia
    surgery was a 50/50 chance of survival.I was watching a christian program when a
    scripture was planted in my mind. I was going to call my doctor to get a
    second opinion. Before I called him he called me.Instead they did another
    biopsy and desided to treat me with kemo.I had only two treatments, then
    numerous infections haulting treatments for months. I told my Doctor I had
    a vision that God has touched him. Below is the second responce I sent on
    the 19th of April,2008 after my biopsy. I felt in my heart that God had
    healed me.

    I had another biopsy on Wensday the 16 of April,
    2008. They found a red area the size of a dime they believe is cancer.The exact same area as before. Armed
    Forces Command in bethesda will have the results next Friday. The Doctors
    want me to come in and discuss my options. I was afraid at first, but I know
    Jesus has healed this sinner.
    Thank you again Jesus,
    Ed James
    On April 21st I sent this.

    I got a call from my Dr this morning who took the boipsy last Wensday. He
    told me not to come in on Friday. He found no cancer. He told me he and the
    other Doctors could not believe it. I told him God had already healed me. He
    said it could only be devine intervention. Thank you for praying for me.
    In Christ, Ed James

    I am Catholic, but I learn the word of God from everyone.As I watched
    Christian programming I was praying mostly for others until I fell asleep.
    This I did day and night,with the glory going to Jesus.
    Ed James, Alta Loma, CA

  10. Norway
    Rev.Prophet. Per Einar and Aina Karin Jensen. Miracle Jensen Ministries, Independent, Gransdalen 13 E, 1054 Oslo, Norway, Phone: 0047 820 96 550, Emails: aina.karin@mirakeljensen.com, healingandmiraclejensen@hotmail.com Website: http://www.mirakeljensen.com, (We are an independent, non tradmirakitional church and believe in doing what thus saith the Lord. We have been working for God 42 years. If you go on our website, you can see people who have been delivered from a lot of different sicknesses. Many people have been healed of diabetic, blindness, cancer, tumors, back pain and many other different sicknesses. We also pray for people who are tormented by the enemy, but the greatest victory is that people get saved. It is Power in Jesus Christ.) Please pray for us.Love in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ from Rev.Per and Aina Jensen. Fire Revival in Oslo.25. may. 2008.Apostle Torkild Terkelsen and Prophet Per Einar Jensen.

    Prophet Per Einar Jensen Photo

    Apostle Torkild Terkelsen

  11. i was suffering from mental illness but jesus cured me and now i have dedicate myself to serve jesus

  12. Chirag said

    I believe that Jesus is God and he died to pay for my sins..i want to thank him for all the things he has done and all that he is going to do for me..i have never done anything for God o changed myself in anyway but I have been blessed abundantly..im hoping to change and pray that Gods presence will be with me always…

  13. Linda Cappaert said

    And by His stripes we were healed.

    Jesus has saved and healed me. He paid a debt He did not owe, I owed a debt I could not pay. I love Him and will serve Him forever. My great desire is to tell others about our Lord and Savior.

  14. y Personaly Testimony letter 8 Dear in the Lord Grace, Mercy and peace to you from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord. It is indeed a privilege to meet you through this mail. Prophet Per Einar and Aina Jensen Healing and Miracles Ministeries NORWAY Miraclenes God. I want to tell about a miracle that I have experienced. I worked at a factory in Kristansund named Heide. I was then in the beginning of the fourtieth and my work consisted and work with herring meal. The job I had was to place the straps on the pallet where the forclift truck had to lift on board to the boats. I stood and waited for the forclift truck and he came as usual with a pallet of herring meal. I stood between the quay and the other pallet where the forclift truck should put the goods. On the edge of the quay, there was an iron girder and when the driver should place down the pallet, then the brakes failed and the forclift truck with the pallet with herring meal drove straight at me, so I was forced out to the edge. Both my feet were sticked and I felt a gigantesque pain and I thought now I’ve cut off both of my feet. But fortunately, I had keeped my feet and thanks to God for it. One man called from the boat that; “you are breaking the feet to the man”. When the forklift truck drove back and my feet not were in pressure longer, I felt right down on another pallet that stood beside. They carried me in a car and drove me to the hospital. When I came to the hospital the doctor did not know what he should do and they wanted to see how this went on after I had been in X-ray. There were no bones that were breacked and the doctor said it came to be alot of colours, but it did not. But I could not go so I had to go with crutches and it was very painful. I had this crutches for a while. So I said to Jesus that I was not able to go on the chruches more and I throw them away in Jesus name. In the beginning, it was so much pain to walk on my feet and to keep the balance, but I wanted not to give up, I stood on Gods promises and I was perfect healed. Hallelujah. I have only two small marks on the legs and it is Jesus who has all the glory for it was a miracle. There were several hundred kilograms pressure which came against my legs. As I personally think it was an angel that saved me. You who are doubting on God, I will tell you that Jesus Christ is yesterday and today the same, yes forever. Per Einar Jensen
    Prophet Per Einar Jensen

  15. Scott W. Swigart said

    I honestly believe the Jesus Christ was/is the Messiah and at the same time God himself in the body of a man. He came to redeem the lost then and still does the same today. I absolutely do not deserve forgiveness for my sins and that is why I believe that through his mercy, I will one day be in Heaven with Him. I only hope and pray that he give me the ability to explain to others why they absolutely cannot enter Heaven without accepting His blood that was spilt on Calvery for everyone who choses to accept Him as Lord their own personal Lord and Saviour as I do. Someday, maybe he will give me the chance to prove my belief and die while NOT deneying him publicly. That is the only way (other than verbally which anyone can do) that I can think of to prove (and yes I know that proving is not necessary as God knows the heart) that I love Him and thank Him so very, very, much for what he did and has done for me. This is my personal testimony given of my own free will 10/2/08

  16. Shakena luster said

    Good Afternoon,

    I believe in my Heavenly Father and that he sent Jesus to the cross to die for my sins and because of that I am fee of all debuts. So, are all.

    Thank you for that.

    I have a question for you fellow believer, I have been having dreams of me fighting demons in my sleep. Every time I have the dreams they laugh and me and ask me who I am. I know that this is the Lord informing me that I must draw closer to him so that I may complete the calling he has placed on my life. However, sometimes I have no, idea where to start. I am one of God’s chosen prophets, but I have no one around me to teach me how to learn and walk in the prophetic calling. I have had dreams and visions my whole life. The Lord will often speak through me.

    I find that people come to me for advise and uplifting all the time. 100% of the time I know that it was the Lord speaking to them because I have no idea where the words that come out of my mouth came from. ( As far as brain capacity) I’m only 23 and at times it seems that I have the wisdom of a 50 year old. I know that is nothing, but the Lord.

    I wish to go into the darkest of places and cast out demons and allow my Father to use me to save his people. It’s time for a change there is so much non sense in the Churches, today that people are afraid to go and be taught. This is outrageous and it’s time for a change and I know that my Father is ready for this generation to do so.

    I need guidance. The Lord teaches me all the time and I thank him for that. However, sometimes I feel like I’m the last true believer in the Lord. I know that is not true, but it sure feels like it. There are so many people thinking that just going to church is enough. However, we as true follower’s can’t act disappointed because he says in his word that in the last day’s some of his people will be blinded. It’s as if they have no clue.

    I was in the presence of a witch with a couple of my friends and in stead of them praying with me. They were just going along talking to her really falling for this women. I felt so alone, but I did as the Lord commanded me to do which was pray before we crossed over the threshold of her home.

    I know have been going on and on….. Thank you for that amazing website. May God Bless and Keep you on your toes. Please remember to always do what he asks when he asks. Working for the Lord is a rollercoaster. You never know where he is going to send you or who he is going to want to you talk to. Just make sure to come through for him.

    God Bless you my fellow Saint in Christ.

  17. nameless said

    i used to be a drug addict, an alchoholic, and a sex addict. but one night i heard a voice that said – this is death. the voice desribed a decicion id have to make, and i dont know if i made the right one but ever since then i dedicated my life to God. i still struggle with my addiction to sex, and im gettin alot better with my alcohol porblem. i dont do drugs amymore. i believe that God was responsable for my expirience. i have exepted jesus christ as my savior and believe in the word christ fully. ive been told i have a calling in life and im trying to seek out my prepose. though not everyone is ment for a life outside the ordinary but i believe my life has a greater purpose. im wondering how i can prepare myself to fight again demonic presenses in the name of jesus christ. excersisms. one can never be to cautious.

  18. When 4 real satanists moved in next door 2 years ago, a whole vivid spiritual world opened up to me.
    I was severely negatively influenced.
    6 months ago I came to Christ, so I should thank them!
    You learn it is critical to keep the faith and loose the anger, resentment, contention etc. And not to engage them, that is the Lord’s role.
    I have reuntited myself with my father, and so keeping the 4 commandment, so my days will be long.

  19. The Lord has come He comes cause you have ased, asked for a better way. I myself have asked many times.

    My journey began as a child as I always used to try to open and expand my mind. When I was 18 I fell into the evil world of meth and quickly noticed an evil inside people I have never seen. I got on my hands and knees, cried, and prayed for the power to stop this evil. He granted me this gift. From there I saw things things no man can deny. Blue and purple lights creating what could only be described as a Christian starfish type design. Others saw but quickly looked away and denied. From there was the 4 lights carried from what seemed to be tall back figures. I only saw them for a sec but when I went to check them out they were gone, including the lights. Later on a TV special showing the face of Jesus on a trailer I believe. Next was the star which truly seemed to detach itself from the wall of space, show itself as a starship, then go back to shining. Finally, the large blue light which made no sound but encompassed the whole sky. These are signs which no man can deny.

    I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and now reside in Las Vegas. I still see the evil, still hold true to the word, still bear witness and spea against evil everyday. I too sin and will answer for my sins but trust you this, my Faith, Hope, and Love for the Father, Lord Jesus Christ, and Heaven will never die. Whether I burn in hell for the rest of my life or belssed be go to Heaven, this will never stop. To those who oppose the message, the Truth I say this…

    I am here watching you gathering the the ways of your evil. I will never stop. I will give my life for this. I will spread the word of the Good Book and I will in the end of days, truly show that evil has no place in our mind, body, and souls. I will never stop cause He never stops. He gave his life. I know give mine.

    I am no Jesus Christ. I am no angel. I am no saint. I am a man. A man who has dedicated his life to Good. I just figured Jesus Christ died for our sins. Once is enough. It is time we answer for our sins.

  20. Nick v L - SA said

    Lord i just want to thank you for all the privilages you give us on a daily basis. YOU are my everything. Please help me through the challenges i’m facing now, and may YOUR will for me take shape. All honour to GOD!!

  21. Audrey said

    Dear God and Jesus thank you so much for hearing my prayer and letting my dizziness subside very very very sognificantly =)

  22. Randy Finchum said

    Praise God! Thank you for saving me Jesus….I give you my life.

  23. Ruby Anna Santos said

    Thank you Jesus for delivering me out of false religion and always forgiving my sins even I always turned you down before. Thank you for the gift of salvation and making me belief on the truth.Truly you are most powerful God of all.

  24. Damian said

    Thank u lord for saving me when i was a child and had not yet aceepted u at thar time i am sorry for all my sin and love u thank you

  25. samuel said

    tonight is the night of the 25th-26th of june. i have not slept much of this night. i awoke to fighting a demon. this is not a lie. my name is Samuel Joseph Parish and i would not lie about this. i used the word of God to fight this demon off of me in the night. after this episode, i prayed to God thanking him for helping me get passed that of which i had just gone through. then i hopped online to study a bit about fighting demons because as a child and throughout my life i have been tormented by demons. i found this site. i have admitted i am a sinner, that i believe in Jesus Christ and that he died for our sins on the cross and was risen from the dead. i believe it is Gods right to punish me forever in a lake of fire because of my sins, no matter why i sinned. i have rejected my sins. i hate them for i know i am not who they portray me to be. i know all i need to do is ask for forgiveness and it shall be, however i also know i should not use this as my lucky rabbits foot!

    as i grew older, i realized more and more that i needed God in my life. lets just say, i am no longer a listener, im a doer!

    i thank God for everything he has given me and everything he has taken away! God is great! God has tought me a lot in the short life i have lived. i can only try my best to never break another order our great father has given me.

    for those who are having trouble, just give it all to him. i mean everything. your whole life and in your faith God will release you from the chains you have locked yourself down with. God alone holds the key to your salvation. he is reaching his hand out for you. allow God to help you by giving yourself to him!

    i love you God! thank you for everything, and i mean everything father!

  26. Nancy Ezell said

    Last May I was suffering from a very bad case of Poison Ivy and went to the clinic and was put on steroids. After 5 days of every side effect listed, my mind was spinning out of contol. On Saturday May 17, 2009 I was home alone with just the dogs and my mind was spinning so out of control that I could not function. I sat down on the bed and thought to myself; “I’m scared”. What if when my mind stops racing I die?” “What do I do when I’m scared? I call on Jesus”. So I called in my mind; “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!” and as soon as I did this; BAM! HE WAS PRESENT IN MY MIND! He started slowing down the spinning in my brain and under his total control, I took up pen and paper and started writing down what he put in my mind(I have these two pages available). After I finished writing, I turned on the TV and it was on the RELIGIOUS channel, which was not what I was watching last! There were people signing about how Christ was alive and glory to him, etc!
    Then, Christ took over my dogs! The 8 month old puppy became housebroken immediately and went and sat at the front door to go outside! Jesus even used her to lead me to the computer! Over the next two days, Jesus talked to me through the TV, the car radio, taking over other people’s words, etc! He even took over the wheel of the car so I could find pen and paper to write down a website he gave me over the radio, even repeating it for me so I could get it all! There were to voices on the radio; I came to realize that it was Jesus and myself talking! He as answering all the questions about faith that had popped into my head! A really amazing thing that happened during all this was that I went into a store and every so often, I would walk past someone and they would turn toward me AND THEIR WHOLE FACE WOULD LIGHT UP TOALLY UNNATURAL! Their eyes were wide open and they had a huge unnatural smile! It was so unnatural that everytime it happened, it startled me silly! I don’t know if Christ as showing me other Christians who believed, had a personal experience or if those people where really angels who realized Christ was present in me! This is the short version of my visit from Christ! I will never doubt again if Christ really exists or not, because I KNOW he exists!
    I praise God that I have finally found a way to make this public! Praise the Lord our holy father!

  27. Nancy Ezell said

    P.S., The number one answer to my questions when God visited me was “It doesn’t matter.”
    Christ said that things like fighting over homosexuality, etc “don’t matter” because when he died on the Cross for our sins he died for ALL our sins! I asked him which denomination was the best one I should be attending and he said; “It doesn’t matter. As long as the church believes in me and the Holy Trinity, you are good to go.”

  28. Julie Clark said

    I thank the lord for saving me and for giving me new life..I dedicate my whole life to him from this day forward.

  29. Tassos Stamadianos said

    God has shown me my sin and is helping me become a better believer through the deliverance of my sins and evil thoughts.

    Thank you Lord.

  30. Lord , Thank you for the best you did in my life with unconditional love you shown to me & protection you did for my family.

    Praise the LORD.

  31. God Hears all! said

    I just give thanks to God the Father his son our saviour Yehshua and the holy spirit!
    I know how hard life is and in fact this last month has been the hardest for me so far!
    I’m in a constant battle everyday where only my faith can secure my peace in what i’m going through!
    I haven’t been reading my bible and praying as hard as i feel i should so i can only blame myself although i go church twice a week and do enjoy watching the gospel channel. I feel i’m a good person but through Gods eyes i guess i’m just as much of a sinner as the next man!
    I have acknowledged a lot of my sins and i repent of them hoping to bask in gods glory!
    It is only by he’s grace that i will be healed and my soul spared by he’s mercy!
    I will not be someone that will sit back and soak up sleep! Neither will i let my mouth speak empty promises! I will be going harder than the average man spreading the Gospel! Because those evil doers that love enchantment are not permitted to sleep less they make a man fall!

  32. Alexander said

    Thanks be to God. Everyday, every minute, every second we should thank God!! He Made Us, Made Us and for that alone He is worthy to be praised forever!! Words can’t describe your ALL. You are God, period. Trying to imagine your glory is too much for my mind to imagine!! Your power and law endureth forever father. Thank you Father! Please continue to watch over my life and every other soul on your Earth for the better. But not only did he care enough to make us, he’s given US a chance to enjoy eternity with Him forever!! Forever ladies and gentleman!! We have been given the chance daily to convert our lives and people’s lives around us toward Him!! We have been given the chance to become saints in His eternal kingdom!! Amen Father, use our minds and body for your will in this world and the next. You made me, I am yours willingly or unwillingly. Those who don’t willingly want to obey our Maker is being swayed by evilness through Satan. Satan hates us, God loves us. But we don’t physically see God and Satan as everyday people but they are both always present 24/7!! And tallies are being counted, even mental or invisible ones. Honest and willing repentance erases Satan’s tallies but constant sin erases you from God’s holiness which is a scary thing because life without God is Hell in any realm. We must strive daily to get closer to God and further from Satan. It is our mission as children of God to be holy in an unholy world. We are visitors in the wilderness and temptation of Satan and will survive this adventure with God. He will illuminate a path or course through life which may have some learning points and difficulties but will also have great times as well. Life is a test and only those who are true to God will honor Him through the good times and the bad. Try going to church twice a week instead of once and the difference will be astounding. As children of God we should be more willing to visit our Father instead of our jobs and other worldly worries.. The ultimate goal in this life and the next is to serve our Father. Thank you Jesus for paying my debt. Thank you for loving me right now as I write, and as I continue through life be with me Shepherd. Be my rock and foundation so that I may please You and You only in this ocean of life until we will one day or time meet face to face!! LET YOUR WORDS BE SERVANT WELL DONE when it is time to judge Lord. Amen

  33. Dianne St. Peter said

    My life was in shambles and yet I didn’t know it. I reached out to Jesus and He grabbed my hand. He saved me from a terrible situation. Even though my sins were great and many, He forgave me. How I wish others could seen his amazing mercy. May the name of our Lord Jesus Christ be praised and glorified forever.


  34. Kaushik Daniel said

    Praise be to the holy name of the lord.
    I’m currently doing my 3rd year engineering in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering. The lord Jesus Christ did great wonders for even before i was born.. He gave a prophesy through one of his servants to my mother that he’ll give a male child and he said that he has given me the name Daniel to me.
    The lord blessed all my studies till date and in my 10th board exam i scored 86.2 % and in my 12th board exams i scored 89.8%. It was all purely god’s grace. The lord still keeps showering upon me his wonderful blessings. in my college the very first semester i scored 9.03. In the second semester i prayed to the lord that i must get college first and stand as a testimony. Jesus as always very true blessed me and i scored 9.32 and topped the whole college with respect to all departments. Though i was unfaithful in not testifying his name and the glory of his work in my life he still blessed me with 8.67 in the 3rd semester and 7.76 in the 4rth and 7.89 in the fifth semester.
    My rock has always been right besides me and has always blessed the work of my hand. Glory be to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ..Amen

  35. Rae said

    Hello to all in the Powerful Mighty Name of Jesus Christ. I want to dedicate this to the Man of my Dreams. Jesus, I could never repay you for all that you have done for me, but I do promise to proclaim your Mighty Name to the Heavens and the earth for all the days of my life. Any crown that I may receive, I lay it at your feet My King.. Here goes…

    My name is Rae, I’m a 23 year old female and I have to tell you I have fallen head over heels in love with this Man named Jesus!! I am so in love with Him, that my mind can not and will never be able to comprehend this love. I am so excited to write this, as many many people pay no attention to you when ever u mention this Powerful Name.

    See, there was this King, and He was so deeply in love with this girl. She was not of nobility like He was. As a matter of fact, you could safely say she was a peasant. A dirty, rotten peasant. That didn’t stop the King from setting His eyes on her. She had become the apple of His eye yet she had absolutely no idea. U see, they were from two different worlds. One being a spiritual world and one being a physical world. This King would look upon her and desire to know her. He alreaðy knew everything about her. He knew her likes and dislikes, He knew her thoughts, He knew all of the bad things she did, He knew her very heart. The things she did were not things of His world. He was pure and good and He has a Majestic way about Him yet she was the total opposite. This girl didn’t deserve a Man such as Himself. He was way too good for her, I’ll tell u that, but He didn’t care about all that. All He wanted was to start a relationship with this girl. He wanted her and nothing, I mean NOTHING was going to stand in His way of getting her! He wanted to lavish all of His love on her. There was however a problem, she was having an affair with someone very manipulitave and seducing. This bad someone had kept her captive and in bondage ( The enemy) He would throw very seducing things in front of her eyes and she would fall for it. Things such as alcohol, sex , and every other kind of seducing thing the human mind could think of. After seducing her, this bad someone would beat her up and make her feel worthless about herself. She would then be seduced again and again until the beatings would start. While all of this was happening The King would look at the apple of His eyes with a grieving heart, so sad that she was hurting. He said ” No More!” He set out on a quest to rescue her from this bad someone. He sat down with His Father and came up with a plan. His Father was a Man of equal Athourity to Him, also Nobility. The most lovely part is His Father loved me just as much as His Son. He also wanted to know me and wanted me to meet His Son for He saw the love in His Sons eyes whenever He spoke of me.The plan was He was going to purchase this lady. Purchase Her with His very own blood. The King robed Himself with human flesh and came down to the pysical world, the world He was King over as well to save the apple of His eye. He had to have her, at ANY COST! He had to be careful though, He couldn’t let the enemy know what His motives were. He had to be as gentle as a lamb, see that’s His very nature yet He had to be as strong as a Lion on a mission because that’s also His nature. What a perfect Man this is hey?!!! Anyways He knew what He had to do and nothing would stop Him. Although He was a King, The King of Kings actually, He never treated anyone differently than Himself. He was rejected by friends and people, many people. He was spat on and beaten up, yet that did not stop Him, for He had one goal in mind- His soon to be princess. He was focused on that. Through all the humiliation and torure, torture that is inhumane, through all the laughter from the crowds He had one thing in mind – His princess. He was pierced in His side and beaten again. Then they took thorns and made a crown and stuck it into His sculp, the blood dripped down His face, then they humilated Him by calling Him the King of the Jews. If only they knew he really was a King. They made a large cross and made Him carry it! He was not a wimp about it though, He held His head up high and walked on. He is a very strong Man, the strongest you will ever meet! While He walked up with the heavy cross on His shoulders He kept His eyes focused on Me and the love He had for me!! He had to purchase me with His blood. He had to have me all to Himself. As the nails got hammered into His hands He kept His eyes on Me! As the nails were driven into His feet He kept His eyes on Me! This is a very strong Person. He wasn’t even angry at the people who were brutally murdering Him because He loved them too,that is the nature of Him. He is love itself. As He died a slow painful agonizing death He had me on His mind. Even though His body was dying, His heart was rejoicing because this was now the door He opened to winning me over! Even though He could have destroyed the enemy with the words from His very mouth, He chose to die this way to prove His love for me and to prove His Fathers love for me and to prove the desperate desire to be apart of my life. Before He died He called out to His Father saying ” Father forgive them”. What kind of man could this be?

    I was still unaware of this great demonsration of love done all for me by this Amazing King because the world was blinding me from knowing the truth. It did everything in its power ( evil power ) to stop me from knowing what My King had done for me. They used the media, music, sex, alcohol, partying, lies and illusion to keep me away from My King. Not even that could stop my King because even then He was in my life, knocking on the door to my heart, pleading with me to let Him in. All He wanted to do was to lavish me with love. My world was so busy, I had no time to think anything sensible let alone hear this Man knocking on my door.

    Still, that didn’t stop Him. He decided to pursue me even harder. He would randomly show up at places. At my work place when someone would tell me about Him, at home, my friends and family tried introducing me to Him but I wasn’t interested in Him. His lifestyle didn’t appeal to me. It was so hard to live by. His standards were way too high and I wasn’t a very disiplined person where as He was. So I carried on with my life.. I even had the love book he wrote out especially to me. He poured His heart out in that book, telling me about the deep desire He had to know me and love me if only I would give Him a chance.

    But no! I wasn’t interested in a Man that demanded me to live a certain lifestyle. I didn’t want a Man having authority over me, I didn’t want anyone having authority over me. I was living my own life! I was not interested in sharing it with some boring Man.

    He saw all of this but that didn’t change His love towards me infact that made Him even more determined to get me! He made the way for me, all He had to do was wait for me to invite Him into my life. He has so much of authority He could have just barged into my life and did as He pleased, but He is a gentleman. He doesn’t push, He just waits on you.

    I then hit a very low point in my life. My heart was breaking. I had no one who understood me and I felt all alone. No one understood the pain in my heart, it was a emptiness. I yearned for completeness. I wanted love. True love. Real love. Unconditional love. I had been rejected by my family from small. I had no sense of belonging. From one boyfriend to the next and would always end up heart broken. Why? Why am I not feeling complete? When will I ever be trully happy! Then I started praying to God,to that “impersonal god in the sky”. Jesus heard and came knocking again.I got a call from my cousin inviting me to church, she said I might be interested in it and have fun. I declined- stubborn me. I rejected My King again. I started having bad dreams, evil dreams- every night, for months. Then a certain night while dreaming I woke up after seeing Jesus being crucified in my dream. I saw Him up close on the cross, blood dripping. I had been having a different dream before that I think, can’t remember, but all that stood out was Jesus on that cross.I then had this urge to know who this Jesus was. I wanted to explore Him. I purchased a bible and began to read it. I had this friend at work who was christian and he would always talk to me about Jesus ( Not a coincidence), but I was not interested. He actually worked on my nerves when he spoke, acting as if he was all “holy” or so I thought. The very day I purchased my bible I took it straight to him and said ” ok I’m ready to know all about this Jesus, tell me about Him”. He started telling me that Jesus was God’s Son who came down to earth to die for our sins. The weird thing is I had already known that for most of my life, yet never grasping it. I never once in my life sat down to really grasp the fact that Jesus died for my sins. I was too busy living my life to even give it a thought. I mean I considered myself a “good person”. I never killed anyone or sold drugs, what sin could I possibly have in me? I was good to people so there for I didn’t need a Savior.

    My friend told me I was still a baby and I needed “milk”. I had no clue what he meant. Through out that day I read the bible still not grasping it. Before I left work my friend came to me and said ” today when you go home, close your door and talk to Jesus. Tell Him you want to know Him and thank Him for dying on the cross for you, confess all your sins before Him and ask for forgiveness and ask Him into your heart, then wait a while and then receive that forgiveness and believe He has forgiven you becuase He will”

    I went home, not doing anything. I waited till bed time and as I lay in the bed I searched my heart and soul and I called on Jesus. I spoke to Him and imagined He were next to me. I confessed all my rotten dirty secrets before Him, even though He already knew what they were. I thanked Him for shedding His blood on the cross for me to save me from my sins, I asked for His forgivness and asked Him to come into my heart and do whatever He pleases with my life. On the 14th of November 2011 I made Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. I had no clue what that term even meant at that time, I still hadn’t fully grasped what He did on that cross for me. It wasn’t just the cross, it was everything! I felt nothing that night. When I woke up the next morning something had changed. I was happy. It was a beautiful morning and I was enthusiastic about work.. I was smiling and laughing the whole day not having a clue what was happening in me. I was happy for a while, always worshiping Jesus with my mouth but never with my heart. I still hadn’t fallen in love with Him yet, because I had not seen Him yet. I just believed in Him. I wasn’t seeking Him so I wasn’t finding Him. I wasn’t knocking on His door so He wasn’t opening. Cause I can tell u now, once you get a glimpse of His Majesty you will never be the same again. I invited Him into my heart , yes, but I felt that was all I had to do. I mean He already saved me from the enemy so I’m safe. I had no idea He wanted us to start our love affair. He was waiting, eagerly waiting for His princess to just be interested in her King who just saved her life. He longed for her to say something that came from her heart for Him. He wanted to speak to her but her ears were blocked. He wanted her to see Him but she was blind. My King was still persistent, He would still try to get my attention but I would ignore Him. I belonged to Him yet I didn’t want to be in a relationship with Him.

    The problems started again, the lonliness was back and I was looking for other means of being happy. I was shutting my King out again. Why was I so foolish to not see this Amazing Being right before my eyes? I would only run to Him when I needed Him to heal my sadness. Oh how faithful He is! He healed my sadness! Yet I still couldn’t recognize His Perfect Love for me. I only needed Him to fix my problems, and that is what I thought of Him. A God that was there in times of distress, when I was happy with the world I didn’t need Him. I would shut Him away. He would answer my prayers, I would take take take and get on with my life. I then took off 2 weeks from work and went to visit my boyfriend who lives in another town, this was a month back. My boyfriend was at work during the day so I had plenty time to myself and bored. I now see that Jesus layed it out that way. He needed to get me to a place where I would be alone, no distractions. I thought of my trip to my boyfriend as a holiday anyway. This one particular evening as we were watching tv I started praying to Jesus. I hadn’t spoken to Him in a while. I spoke from my heart. I asked Him to fill my heart up with love and peace, I asked Him to come back to me and to be with me. I wanted to know Him and all about Him. The next morning I woke up and guess what? The love and joy and peace was in my heart! He answered! He was faithful even when I wasn’t!! I had a urge to learn of others experience so I looked up a couple testimonies. I began to weep as I read them. There was an incredible love between Jesus and these individuals. It was passionate. It was real. It was true. I then grasped what really happened at the cross. I grasped my Savior’s life. He came to die for me to give me a chance to be with Him forever. He came to wash me of my rotten sins with His innocent blood. My Precious Lamb. He did it all for me! I started praying and crying. I was filled with this amazing love. His presence was all around me at that time. Something changed at that very moment. I connected with My King for the very first time. Our hearts met. He blessed me with His Spirit, or rather He refilled me with His Spirit. I needed it so badly!!! I was dying of thirst!! He is my life support. Without Him I would wither and die! That night before I slept I prayed with all my heart and soul and mind.. I told Him how much I loved Him because I really really do. I’ve never loved anyone more. I begged Him to appear in my dreams.. I never dreamed anything, but something amazing did happen. He gently whispered ” YESHUA” in my ear in the morning which woke me up. I thought I was imagining things but I know I was. From that moment on I have been head over heels in love with Jesus. I seek Him more and more each day and the more I seek the more I find. Its as if He leaves these little hidden treasures for His princess and I have so much of fun finding them! The hidden treasures is the Truth that is in Him! I want to know all about this beautiful Being.

    Jesus is always with me. I was never aware of it, always judging His love on my own understanding but He clearly told me in His love letter to me that He would always be with me, that He would never forsake me. So if His Word says it then I have to believe it because He said it. What I think or feel doesn’t matter, its what His word says.

    Before my Beloved rescued me I judged christians. Thinking they are a bunch of mad people. I am now one of them and its the best! My King died for me so He could have a passionate relationship with me. He lavishes His love on me, all day. I’m calling this the honey moon phase, u can only imagine what that is like. I am in love!! In love with the King of Kings and the Lords of Lords!! And here’s the best part.. He wanted ME! He chose ME! I didn’t choose Him but He chose ME! He turned a peasant into a princess. He stripped me naked of all my shamefulness and He washed me clean in His precious blood. He gave me a white Robe and He called me a child of God. He took my hand and He said ” You are finally mine, shall we start out perfect life together? I have great and marvelous things in store for you. I love you with an everlasting love, are you ready to let me take care of you? All the good and the bad? I promise you that no one in this world could love your more than I do. I created you and I want to share all I have with you. So? Are you ready for the time of your life?” Of course I am!! And that’s what I have been having with the love of my life- the time of my love! I am having a passionate love affair with the Creator of the Universe! I don’t just get Jesus but I get all three of them! God who all the glory goes to and to My King and to the Holy Spirit! How is that? I get all of that for free!!! I just had to accept what My King did for me!

    I don’t want this love to end. I will dedicate my all to you Jesus. Each and everyday of my life will be for you. You gave me a new life! I am eternally grateful to you. For being by my side 24-7.. For allowing me to stumble but never letting me fall. U allow me to wonder off but then you come back and rescue me when I am too blind to run in your direction. Thank you for opening my eyes and my ears to the truth. Thank you for loving me when I can’t even love myself. Thank you for this love. I am yours forever and ever more.

    I hope thiis touches someone in some kind of way. May the peace and love and grace of God be with you all through our Lord Jesus Christ.

  36. eberhard said

    My name is Ndara Eberhard .k, i live in Nambia, kavango region. im writing my testimony of what happend to me in my life from my early years until to this present, i am not native speaker of English but i hope you will understand the massege in this arctcle.

    i grew up as a lovely kid ,and my family admired me alot, every one aruond me would praise me for my good attitude as they use say. i would go at school and play with my friends, everything seem ,ok with my life.

    everything started to fall apart in 2004, when i was 14 years old. i adjusted my life in the street and got into crime. at first my started to steal things in our hause, but some of my family memeber would tell me that my stealing is growing and one day i will steal other people properties, but i never listen to them nor cared to what they used to tell me. In the year 2005, in my communities were gang-groups and i joined one of them, its called Makolokotji ( in english it means , ”criminals” ). when i was in the street i felt rejected by most of my peers, and i have to do anything possible to get accepted. i grew self-hate of my self becasue of my looks, and poeple who dudge and acknowlegde other according to thier looks, and most of them they would call me ugly names because of my looks. i was even more unpopular with girls a begun to withdraw and i developed introverted characters.

    i started to be a lone or sometimes hang out with my gang-memember because they accepted me. before i joined the so called Makolokotji, i was in a gang group that used to rap and bang-ganged girls, 7 boys would gang-bang one girl and they would repeated arounds after round, and they girls would do nothing and they never reported to their parents nor to the authority, honestly speaking i never participated in any of those sexual assult because i was a minor in that gang. after some years, i joined Makolokotji, and they also accepted me in thier gang memember, and they loved me and care for me. this guys always use to steals property in the community and they were thugs, and one day they asked me to with them and steal in a missionary garden, we went in the and we stole luckly we we not caught, but the second time when we went two of us we were caught, and we we punished by constructing the in soccer field and also by working in the garden for all most to weeks. the most embarrasing and sad result when i was caught was that i humiliated my mother because she was a church elder at that mission, i remember how poeple in the community talked bad about it.

    In 2005, i left the Makolokotji gang group and stayed at home and i tried to avoid life from the street, but there was this one of my friend who introduced me to another criminal, and we became friends with him. i remember one day he come to me having alot of money, and we went in a bar and play a pool game. i never new that he use to steal money from different bars. one day while playing a pool game and the shopkeeper went to attend to his friends , the guy whom im talking about franctical jumbed on the other side and took a some money and hide them in this underwear, i was just standung the watching and asking my self what is going on ? luckly he was not caught
    and then we went out and buy some bears and drinks, since then i realised were he used to get his money, and later on i joined him and we fully becames friends and some othr guys also joined us. one day while going to school for my afternoon classes, i was walking in the street heading to school, then i was terrified and totally shocked when i him and the other guy handcafted by police officer, i knew he will also mention my names and i knew i was in danger again.

    when i got in the classroom i couldn’t read my books, i was just meditating on what will happen to me if he mill mention my name. when i come back from school just about 2 meter before our home, i saw a girls rushing to ward our home, and she was coming from the police station, i knew very well that its over, now im caught again for a second time and im going to humiliate my parents for the second time agian. whn she arrived home she shouted my name and said that im needed at the policy station for an interrogation. i went there, and my of my elder brother come along with me at the policy station, when i reached the i got acrowd of poeple mocking and laughing at us, and i was very ashamed, i felt like to disappear from there because i coundn’t stand the shame that i felt. when i got there the policy had already beaten up my friends but kuckly i wasn’t beaten, and they wanted to take us to custody but the commander said that ew were too young to be taken to custody, then we we fined N$500.oo each that we had to pay to the shop owner.

    from that inncident, i was indoor, i stayed at home for the whole 2006, i abndoned my street life but in 2007 i begun my street life and this time it gotten worse. one night we went at the bar having some drinks, when i got drunk i also skoked marijana and i was overdosed, i literally fainted and i almost died because i felt that i was out of my body, i couldn’t hear what my friend said, i felt like my heart is going to burst, then i knew that i was going to die, and while i was in the state of drugs i prayed to God so that he can help me. luckly, my friends took me home because i couldn’t walk, after 2days i felt better, and stoped using drugs but continue drinkings, in 2009-2010 i went to other school for my matriculation, in those years, i begun to smoke again, and even help druglord and drugdealer in thier activities, and becausing i was abusing too much drugs, this time i literally went mad, i had mental illiness, i knew it and even my friends knew it but i never went to the hospital nor in formed my parents about it, but becaused of the mercy of God, i started to recover and went to normal, sitl in 2009-2010, i developed homophobia, this was a tragedy to me, at first i didn’t know what was it, because it was like when ever i see or hear something about homosexual i get panic and shocked. i didn’t knew that it was homophobia, i would think about it 24 hour everyday, i could even concertrate in the classroom. i went to the pint of ending my life but i was so scared to die, but i tried to attempt it for several times but i was scared. but God also helped me, the phobia went without me going to any of the conceller or social worker for me to get concelled.

    after all, this i realise that God loves me and i realise that i need God in my life, i know if i would continue with this street life my life is going to end at any time, so since last last month, when l gave my life to jesus christ , i am more then happy, i never thought i would get inner peace in my life, i never thought that i will be also happy in my life but guys is im writing this arctles im feeling happy and i found the peace that i have been looking for, i realise that my life was complecated becaused i was not with christ, now that im with christ my life is restored again, my fellow and the most dangerous gang member also repented and they gave thier life to jesus christ, dear brother, Jesus is the way , life and truth, he is the alpha and omega, he saved me and he will save you also, whatever you are going through he will restore your life like he did with my life…. peace of God, be upon all the christain around the world and GOD bless

  37. Bola said

    I thank God for giving me success in my examination. Praise the lord!

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