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Proving The Existence of The Historical Jesus Christ

Posted by Job on July 26, 2007





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7 Responses to “Proving The Existence of The Historical Jesus Christ”

  1. Sean said

    Probing the Shroud of Turin

    Bible Code Verifies Truth Behind Shroud of Turin and Jesus Christ.
    4 Shroud of Turin verifications are located near bottom of web page.

  2. Sean said

    The number of Shroud of Turin verifications kept on growing,
    and so a separate page was given for the Shroud of Turin codes.

    Bible Codes concerning the following questions…
    What is the ” MARK OF GOD ” ?
    What is the ” MARK OF JESUS ” ?
    What is the ” MARK OF CHRIST ” ?
    What is the ” MARK OF THE BEAST ” ? are still found at

    This page also exposes relationships between Gematria of the past
    ( Greek Code 9 ), and Gematria of the present ( English Code 6 ),
    and how a connection between the two is present even within the
    English KJV Bible of today. Thus it is revealing that the eye of
    God extends across time, and thus when he directed the writing of
    the Bible, had taken each of the translations within the grand
    picture as simply part of the writing of the bible as a whole.

    Thus the Bible Codes present in today’s English KJV are valid.

  3. crymnVem said

    It’s amazing

  4. Ladoli said

    I’m sorry but… I can’t consider the Bible Code to be “Historical Evidence” or even evidence at all.

    Here is a very good Christian site and yes, it has apologetics but deals with many of our “apologetics” that are actually quite flawed. This is why the Bible code isn’t valid.


    • Sean said

      The website that you have referred to, http://www.inplainsite.org/html/bib…, does not relate to the ” BIBLE ” Codes revealed at http://www.outersecrets.com/real/biblecode2.htm .

      What it does relate to is the study of ” TORAH ” Codes that are of an encoding format that is significantly different in nature in comparison to the encoding format which has been exposed at http://www.outersecrets.com/real/biblecode2.htm.

      These are two different encoding languages altogether. One does not relate to the other.

      The 3.4 minute ” TORAH ” Code Video, also located at http://www.outersecrets.com/real/biblecode2.htm , exposes one of the first discoveries of divine encoded information that was found within the Torah. This format too does not relate to the ” other ” Torah code formats that you speak of which have been exposed and then quickly rejected by a many.

      If someone said that German was too brutal a language for opera, this does not mean that this applies to all languages. Different languages are different languages.

      Different encoding systems are also different encoding systems.

    • Sean said

      Satan deceives !

      If a truth is to be exposed at some point in time, then Satan will perform an act of deception at an earlier point in time, and do so such that people are directed away from that truth before it has even been exposed.

      This becomes so powerful an act that people will reject the truth at the time when it is actually revealed, even though they have not examined it what so ever.

      Thus it is deceit, that satisfies such people.

      Therefore, if there are True Bible Codes to be found, Satan will fool the foolish by exposing a ” False ” format of Bible Codes first.

      Thus a deception is presented, the ” False ” Codes are examined and then rejected, and the True Codes are lost forever.

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