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Spiritual Warfare Support

Do you believe that God is real and the Bible is true? If so, then you must believe in the existence of good and evil and the conflict between them. Therefore, there are good spirits created by God, angels, and spirits created by God that chose to rebel against Him, demons. While we are not to pay much thought to angels and instead keep our minds on God. If He sees fit, God will send angels to us as He chooses (and we are to trust that His choices for us are always correct, which again is why we are not to try to call upon angels “for backup”). But as far as evil spirits go, we are to be mindful of them! Not fearful or obsessive, but rather to be aware that they exist, of their activities, how to spot their operation, and how to allow God to use us to oppose them. This weblog – along with the other websites for the Heal The Land Ministry of which http://healtheland.bravehost.com and http://healtheland.wordpress.com are the main ones – has the goal of providing people with assistance in battling evil spirits. The first component, of course, is salvation through Jesus Christ. Not only is battling demons in this life only to be cast into the lake of fire for eternity make for a wasted life, but you cannot effectively battle demons unless you are owned by God, because the truth is that if you are not owned by God then you are owned by the very same rebellion, sin, and evil that these demons are of and serve. So if you have not already, please submit to God by way of The Three Step Salvation Plan, and also take note of the other documents concerning salvation on this weblog. Next, you must have a strong foundation in the knowledge of and belief in God’s Word. No army would send a soldier onto the field of battle without his first being fully trained and properly equipped. God is no different. The Word of God is both your weapon – the sword of the spirit (Ephesians 6:17, Hebrews 4:12) – AND your instruction manual on how to use it! Thus, this weblog and various others (especially http://healthelanddevotionalarchives.wordpress.com, http://healthelandsermonarchives.wordpress.com, and http://healtheland.wordpress.com) are to help you understand and use the Word of God. Now there are plenty of great preachers and teachers out there, and I myself am not a member of the clergy. So, my goal is glorify God by approaching seldom – discussed subjects or difficult (and sometimes obscure) issues in a practical manner to supplement what Christians are receiving from their Bible studies, fellowships, pastors, churches, etc. I once abandoned the faith because of persistent questions which pastors – neither the one that I was following and the prominent TV preachers – stedfastly avoided, so I would hope that I am filling some of the spiritual voids in believers that once existed in me.

So, in the Name of Jesus Christ, I pray that this site is a blessing to you!
J. King


2 Responses to “Spiritual Warfare Support”

  1. What is the doctrine of “No-Means” [or “anti-means”]? In the very well written article by Elder Michael L. Gowens, Lexington Primitive Baptist Church, one can see the actual history of who did and who didn’t believe in this doctrinal belief over the past centuries. If this subject is new to you, trust me, please, it worth your time to hear this out. Go to > “Christ The Only Mediator”. It gives an accurate picture of the difference between the first Six Steps and Step Seven [a number of perfection in my case] that begins to open the case for understanding how God saves HIS people from their sins! I know from my long and arduous 22 years search and my subsequent 27 year adherence to and study of this “Old Baptist” doctrine that it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that modern Christianity is absolutely against what the Bible teaches about eternal Salvation. A second article, written by this same Elder Gowens is very scholarly and goes into detail about the logical and hermeneutical basis for understanding that it is God alone, through his Son, that saves eternally! Go here > Temporal Salvation Yes, I agree that this sounds like I am beating a dead horse, but I am not! Only those who read these two articles will see, a mountain of evidence, that the title of this Blog : “The Bible Against Modern Christianity” addresses as an endemic problem in Christianity today. This problem has existed from the beginning, when the Apostle Paul was chosen by Jesus personally to be his obvious reformer against Judaizing influences in His churches that started even before the resurrection. [Jo. 6:66] Jesus was continually striving against the nominal but egregious Jewish religious corruptions of His day! We know that God gets angry: Psa 7:11 “God judgeth the righteous, and God is angry with the wicked every day.” Six times, the Bible mentions the anger of God in the O.T. The word “anger” occurs 234 times in 228 verses in the KJV…. But only once referring to Jesus. Mar 3:5 “And when he had looked round about on them with anger, being grieved for the hardness of their hearts,” What was wrong with their understanding was their addiction [hardness of heart] to a corrupted version of God’s Old Testament Law, that ETERNAL salvation was through their own efforts at observing and keeping the law and not through God’s everlasting mercy to those whom He had revealed, were His elect children. They had displaced God’s covenant mercy and grace, with a “Do something to get saved religion”. This is what we have today in most of professing Christianity. I didn’t do anything and God saved me anyway.


  2. mindy said

    That is what God showed me in Galations Chapter 3-6, when this elderly couple wanted to teach me how to be saved by a list of works that would make me not saved if I didn’t become like them.

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