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Posted by Job on March 15, 2007

There is much for the true church to do and the time is short! Do you truly believe in God’s Word? If so, are you where you need to be, the point where you will personally hear from God on a continuous basis and forsake all else to do what he says no matter what it is? Are you doing what God really wants you to be doing right now? Have you given up all that is a detriment to your doing whatever God commands of you? 

Now I am not God – big news flash there – so the purpose of this ministry is not to tell you what to do. Rather, my goal is to help you get to the point where GOD and GOD ALONE will tell you what to do in every phase of your life; where you can hear God and obey him for yourself. Do not necessarily abandon your notion of churches with their pastors, preachers, and teachers. Don’t think that this will result in everyone going about with their own activities, that this will be contrary to “everyone being on one accord touching and agreeing”, that it will lead to a lack of unity. 

Why? Because the every man doing what is right in his own eyes, the lack of unity, the discord is what is going on right now. We have removed God from being the head of our churches, our families, and our lives, and replaced it with man and the inventions of man. So everyone has their own tribe, their own denomination, their own doctrine, their own little castles and kingdoms where everyone is either a ruler or content to be ruled. And that is precisely what Satan wants; exactly what the devil desired when he moved the children of Israel to demand of God by Samuel he put a king over them. 

It is only when we cast that off and start receiving our instructions from God when we will attain true unity and agreement. It is only when we are of the same spirit, the Holy Spirit of God that lives inside of us and tells us what to do, that we will agree, and that agreement will not be the corrupt fallible changing thing of man but in the perfect constant will of our God! So please use the resources on this site to develop your own personal relationship with God so that he may use you as only he sees fit. 

Here are links to resources to aid the saved in their mission to know and love God. 

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