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For The Lost

Posted by Job on March 15, 2007

This section contains resources for those wishing to be saved from their sins and from this evil world by accepting The One True God through his son Jesus Christ. God has told me that many of you who will visit this section are saved already, but are not receiving the benefits because you have allowed through your lack of knowledge the deceiver Satan and his many workers to convince you otherwise. More visitors still will believe that they are saved and born again but are not.  Most of these do not know who God truly is or what God expects of us, and do not know that regular direct communication with God is not only possible, but a requirement to maintain salvation. You cannot “lose your salvation”, but you can throw it away!And of course there are going to be those who are not saved and know it. This group will include those who practice other religions (including atheism), those who have heard the Word of God but have not received it, and those who have heard and received the Word of God but do not obey it. So whatever your situation or belief is, I extend to you a sincere welcome and a plea. I know that you are not here by accident, but rather it is my God who led. Open your mind and heart and believe. Let His Word calm and reassure you. What do you have to lose? Whatever it is, is it worth your eternal soul? Please allow God to touch you through this website so that you may truly know Him and begin to follow Him. First, learn how salvation happens (click here), then say The Prayer Of Salvation(click here). There is no “official” such prayer, and prayers of salvation can be found in many sources, including The Holy Bible; feel free to research the various sources and to ask a sincerely saved Christian (meaning one who has and demonstrates the clear outward actions of a person with the love of Christ to you and all others) about prayers for salvation. However, the version that God led me to share with you contains the things that you must state to God and believe in order to be saved. But make no mistake about it, you must be saved. It is the best and most important thing you will ever do, and the consequences of not doing it, of not at some point in your life deciding that God is the Lord of all and the Master of Your Life and accepting that fact through his son Jesus, is eternity in the lake of fire. You do not believe me? Well, the simple fact is that you will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. The only question is whether you will bow to him and confess that fact while you live on Earth and enter heaven, or whether you do it on Judgment Day before you suffer the true, eternal death and enter the lake of fire.  If you are wondering what the lake of fire is, it is usually mistakenly referred to or commonly mistaken with as Hell; the Bible says that Hell itself will be cast into the lake of fire, along with Satan, all his angels, and his human agents on Earth. No matter how moral, righteous, loving, good, or even Christian you might be considered by yourself or others, the indisputable fact is that all who are not saved are agents of Satan and will receive his fate. So please, pray this prayer today, this instant, for the next instant is not promised to you. Am I trying to scare you? Of course! Fear of the Lord is a good thing, and those who do not fear God will only receive bad things. So, which will you choose?  In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray that you make the only right choice not only today but right now!


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