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Posted by Job on March 15, 2007

Deuteronomy 10:17 – For the LORD your God is God of gods, and Lord of lords, a great God, a mighty, and a terrible, which regardeth not persons, nor taketh reward.         The trio part? Well God exists in three forms, The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost. You most likely have heard about that. If you haven’t or just don’t understand it (or think you know but you really don’t know) then just keep coming back to the site and we will explain it to you. What you probably have not heard God referred to as terrible before. Well the truth is that the Lord is referred to in this manner several times in the Bible. According to Dictionary.com, the word “terrible” has three definitions, and they all apply to the One True God. The most common definition is “causing great fear or alarm, dreadful.” Well, the Bible makes 6 direct associations between the fear of the Lord and the possession of true knowledge, saying that the former is a precondition for the latter. Two of those associations further make it plain:  if you do not fear the Lord, you lack knowledge. In other words, those who do not fear God are “way past stupid” to the point of craving destruction. The second definition, “extremely formidable”, is precisely why we should fear the Lord. Virtually none of the things that we fear are truly formidable, which means difficult to defeat. In fact, the only unbeatable is God, making him the only one ultimate Formidable. The third definition is “extreme in intent or degree, intense.” Everything that God is, he is in a big, wide, deep way. He is, as some say, “super bad in a super way.” 

I am going to compare God to a mighty storm; a tornado or hurricane. If you are viewing it from afar (like on satellite radar images), it is a beautiful, fascinating thing to behold. You are stunned by its intricate beauty and captivated by its power. You might even benefit from its rain and wind in some respects. But if you are in the middle of a hurricane or tornado, it is a different thing altogether, for you are in great personal danger! God is no different. If you truly love, honor, and respect him the way he wants and deserves to be, you get to watch this fear – causing, formidable, intense force at work without being threatened by it in the least. Not only that, this same God, in all his “super badness”, is on your side! You have this Invincible Ultimate throwing his weight around whenever however he wants, and you just sit back and pull down the benefits. What is more, like the superstar that he is, God loves to be adored. He responds to those who adore him by being even more on their side. So, you can just sit back and watch the show. You can say “Wow! Did you see that? Did God just do that? Did God just do that? Man, go God go! Hey, God, you are just so cool! I want to be just like you when I grow up. Will you be my father figure, my role model? Can I just hang out with you, tell people that I know you?” Now, this type of fawning groupie behavior over God is not even the least bit undignified. Drooling over God like some lovesick puppy is not even the least bit pathetic. Quite the contrary! Remember the 6 associations? If it is the only smart thing that you ever do, then it is “all the smart you will ever need to be!” Is the saying “Smart is as smart does?” Ah, never mind. Fear the Lord and you will be smart and do smart, instead of the opposite. And face it. It is just the way we are. We are wired that way. We want a champion. We want a hero. We want someone to look up to and be like. We want to feel the same way about something that we did about our Mom and Dad when we were three years old. We want to completely invest, indulge, and totally sell ourselves out into something that is bigger, better, and “badder” than ourselves, and we want that something to take care of us so we don’t have to take care of ourselves. It is our nature. But what do we do? We suppress it. Society tells us that we have to, that we have to be “independent”, “self – reliant”, have “high self – esteem”, “take personal responsibility for our own actions”, “create our own opportunities”, “make our own destiny” as part of growing up. And we get so disappointed when our heroes fail us that we become cynical and disillusioned. Our heroes don’t always win. They aren’t always right. They fail. They fail us. They fail themselves. We see it, and it hurts. And that is not as bad as the real truth: when they win, so what? It makes us happy for a little while, but it goes away, as the happiness is harder to come by and shorter in duration the older we get. So, you have two options. You can create a false hero to get you through the day, or a real one to carry you on his back for eternity. And no matter how big and fat you get with the baggage from the things that you have done and the ways you have failed, God doesn’t get tired, because he is superbad and he’s just got it like that. You know, the one with the whole world in his hands? One and the same. 

And remember when you were a kid and people used to carry you on their shoulder, and you’d be so high? Wasn’t that cool? Man, you’d give anything to feel like that again, wouldn’t you? Just a simple wholesome pleasure that makes you feel good and doesn’t hurt you or anyone else. Well you have been told that it isn’t right, that it isn’t mature or psychologically healthy to desire that any more. “The inner child” they call it. No, you are all grown up now, and you have to seek “other ways” to try to recapture that feeling again to please that little part of you that still exists but you have put in a shell. And these “other ways” range from delusions that start as meaningless meanderings but turn into harmful obsessions, to things that make you and everyone around you feel like trash. It is somehow better, more intelligent, more honorable, more adult to destroy yourself and everyone around you rather than to give your inner child what it wants! Well, I say the haters who want you to shove your neglected, abused, inner child in some closet and feed it rotten rat droppings are the “way past stupid” types that I talked about earlier. Your inner child? The superbad Ultimate made it, put it in you when he made you. He put it there because he, like we established earlier, likes to be complimented. Not only that, he likes to be needed. He likes to be trusted. He likes to be Your One And Only. And not only that, he knows that it is in your own best interests because he is the only one who can really go out and get the job done for you every single time, no matter the situation, no matter how badly you screwed things up when you were abusing, neglecting not only your inner child, but your natural children! God knows that he is the biggest, the coolest, the baddest, the Host with the Most, the Only. He doesn’t want you going around breaking your heart wasting your time chasing moonbeams down dead ends. He WANTS to rescue you, save you, make you happy, and do it not just for a couple of hours a day after work, or on weekends and holidays in accordance with your parents’ joint custody agreement, but all the time. Forever. God knows that all that money, power, and physical pleasures may provide one thing or another, but they won’t make you HAPPY. And that’s even assuming that you are one of the few with money, power, and physical pleasures! God knows that he can do what all those other things can’t whether you have those other things or not. So, you don’t need all those things anyway. All you need is the “superbad” in your life.  

So, it basically comes down to this. You have this real craving for a hero that you cannot stop or control. And God not only wants to be that hero, but he CAN be. It’s easy, and it’s fun. Why? ‘Cause he’s “superbad” remember? None of those things that you need protection from, none of those issues in your past, demons in your present, and threats to your future got anything on him, because he’s just got it like that. They just bounce right off him like the basketball you were trying to dunk but got caught in the rim cause you got no vertical. Well let me tell you something, God’s got mad hops and bad skills! He can do it all, and you get the benefits just by hanging in his posse, being on the team. So why don’t you just stop fronting, playing hard to get, acting like you don’t want somebody? Acting like you don’t need love. Acting like you are just fine all by yourself, looking for love in a bottle watching TV late at night crying yourself to sleep, pretending that someone else is going to call, or that someone else can even meet your REAL needs if they did call. So why don’t you and your God just hook up? He’s available, and if you got somebody its somebody ain’t worth having! So stop being a zero, drop the nobody and get with the hero, understand? Just get in his little black book, sit back, watch that big old powerful pretty storm just go wherever and do whatever it wants. Let the wind from that storm blow all the dirt, trash, mess, sickness, hate, fear, bitterness, corruption, and evil spirits that you have been feeding your inner child out of that poor kid and right back to hell, and leave your inner child all clean, warm, and happy just like you used to feel when your Mommy or Daddy turned the heater on, gave you a bath, dried you off, put on your pajamas, gave you that warm cocoa and put you in the bed. You went right to sleep with them holding you, didn’t you? Well you have someone else just waiting to put you in his arms.  Oh, but I see. You are going to be one of those type of folks mentioned in the two of the 6 associations, those who lack knowledge. Well, let me tell you about those people. They are just so full of fear that they are afraid to reach out. They are afraid to give themselves up. They are afraid to admit that there is something out there that is bigger than they are and that they need it and need it bad. On a level or two it seems understandable, because they have been hurt so many times by their false heroes that they are afraid to try another one because they think that they will get hurt again. Rather than take a chance on a new hurt, they will just stick with the hurt that they know. They even mistake their familiarization, desensitization, and co – dependence on their pain and disappointment as love. But then again, you should reject that fake understanding. Why? Because these people are quitters. Losers. They dropped out of the game. They quit trying. When the going got tough, they cried and ran home to Mommy, except Mommy wasn’t there, or even if she was she couldn’t make it better. So they just sat there and cried, wallowing in their own mess. They sit and wallow in their own mess because they lack the good sense to ask the Ultimate to come pick them up, give them a bath and some of that warm cocoa, put them in his arms so they can fall asleep watching that hurricane fill their pockets with bling and their hearts with joy. Why? Because they are fools, just like in those two associations, Proverbs 1:7 and Proverbs 1:28-35. They are stiff – necked, arrogant, and want to worship themselves and things that look like themselves even though they KNOW that those things are dead like their gods. They worship their dead gods because they are dead like their gods inside.  

See, the difference between the God of the winners and the gods of the losers is spelled out in Psalms 115:3-8. “But our God is in the heavens: he hath done whatsoever he hath pleased.” He is super – bad, didn’t you hear me tell you? If you didn’t already know, now you know! “Their idols are silver and gold, the work of men’s hands. They have mouths, but they speak not: eyes have they, but they see not: They have ears, but they hear not: noses have they, but they smell not: They have hands, but they handle not: feet have they, but they walk not: neither speak they through their throat. They that make them are like unto them; so is every one that trusteth in them.” Sound like anything you know? All those things you do, all those things you are into, all those things that you believe in that won’t make your life better and don’t make you happy. They are nothing but trouble for you and everything that is around you, and yet still you trust it. You WORSHIP it. You WORSHIP it knowing all the while you are paving the path to destruction. And because you know it that’s why your attitude is so bad. It is because you have no love because you know no love, so all you can offer is cynicism. Underhanded actions, an unstable mind, a smart tongue, and a hard head. All that adds up to a soft tail, and God is going to come spank it.  That is right. God is good. That means that he hates bad. I don’t want to hear you claim that God will put up with your bad. You can keep fooling yourself with the sweet and sour if you want to, but my superbad Ultimate isn’t buying what you are selling. He is high, you are low. He is north, you are south. He is here, you are there. You and him can’t exist in the same space, and since he’s superbad, you are the one who’s got to go. You with all your filth, all your pride, all your fear, all your issues, out like yesterday’s garbage, which is of course what you are. And you know what he does with garbage don’t you? He burns that mess, man! See, while we are watching that hurricane tornado from a distance going “Wow! That looks pretty!” you are inside it getting torn all up. Revelation 21:8?  That is you, buddy. See ya! Don’t want to be ya! You are out of here. You with all your drama, all your mess, all you are doing is just ruining the party for all of us who are just happy wanting God to be our Daddy because we want God to be our Daddy because we want to be happy and we are happy being happy mammy and pappy. You are bringing us down, crabbing our style. Those tears you keep crying in your beers from your pain and fears, it’s just raising the humidity and taking the starch out of our white robes and ruining our new hairdos, and we just can’t have that, man! We have overcome sin, hell, and death through Christ Jesus (part of the Trinity, the other part is the Holy Spirit … see God can split himself apart and still be together as one because he is just bad and got it like that) who died, went to hell, told that devil that you are serving that he ain’t ‘bout nothin’, took the keys from him, rose again from the dead, walked around 40 days on the Earth in his risen incorruptible form just to show how bad he was, and then ascended up to heaven to sit on the right side of the Father when he was ALREADY one with the Father just to prove it! Oh, yeah, and he also did it to remove the original sin curse that Adam caused to be put on you when he started trippin’ and messed up, because he was proud, fearful, stiff – necked, and all that good stuff like you are. Just like Adam, you just won’t sit back in the lap of luxury and let God feed you from his hand and lead you with his rod, pull you out of the mess that you get yourself into with the staff, and takes that same big old stick and uses it to lay the beatdown on Satan’s head when he comes to try to steal the sheep. But Satan didn’t have to steal you, because you were his already when you decided you wanted to be the hero.  

Sad but true, God’s hurricane is bearing down on you, tearing you up. But before it is totally through just tearing your worthless piece of defect reject clay that was way too beyond stupid to ask God to be redeemed to pieces, God’s wind is going to blow all that paper you spent years chasing, all that treasure you build up on Earth just so the moths could get fat eating it, right to me. Don’t believe me? Well it is right here, read it and weep, especially that last little part at the end, it is my favorite. Or should I say howl, you fowl. Now that’s just a little sample, just an example, the Bible is chock full of references like that especially in the Psalms, but I can’t remember them all because I have been too busy kicking back, chilling, Dancing In The Son. But that’s all right, I am not perfect, God is still working on me, and unlike you I don’t have to be perfect to go to heaven because Jesus paid my price, washed my sins away, and God is going to forget all about them. Now that doesn’t mean that I can just keep on sinnin’, but that don’t matter because I am just startin’ my winnin’ that had a beginnin’ but will have no endin because Christ did the endin’ for me. But it is going to end for YOU, see, because since you didn’t accept Jesus on Earth, you will have to be perfect to get to heaven because you will be judged under the law. But you aren’t perfect, are you? You have spent all your life sowing the wind, so you are going to reap the whirlwind when God’s wrath is poured out on you.  God is so good that he doesn’t have to put up with bad if he doesn’t want to. Why should he? Why would he? Why would a righteous God put up with people doing things that hurt other people and offend him? What makes you think that you are so special that he has to put up with you? Who are you that God is going to bow down to you and spare you even though you rejected him, refused to believe in him, refused to obey him? Did you make this world? Did you make the space that it is floating in? Did you make the trees, the land, and the sea? Can you answer the challenge that God gave Job? You think you have all the answers. You think that you came from some Big Bang that put some trash in some hot mineral water that over billions of years turned into a monkey all by itself through random chance. Don’t believe in God? Well he believes in you. And you will bow to that God that you don’t believe in and confess that he is your Lord right before he destroys you.Scared yet? You should be. God is the only Terrible One, the only one that you should fear, and here’s why. Either way, you are going to fear. You are going to either have the good deserving awestruck “Boy I am just a speck on an ant’s leg next to that huge Ultimate tornado hurricane” fear of God, the fear that works positive change in your life and the lives of others, including helping them to get out of the same wretched state that you are in. Or you can have both the fear – filled life of pain, rejection, isolation, and hurt that your starving dying inner child is feeling AND the fear of that hurricane that is churning, toiling, boiling over with rage with you in it, and you know the worst is yet to come. Sure, your outer self may deny it, but your inner child knows what the real deal is, and since that inner child is scared you are scared to. Well I am here to give you the good news. You don’t have to go out like that, partner! You don’t have to keep living the way you are living, a slave to Satan, and in constant fear of mere humans that God can at any time crush like a greasy spot and cast whatever is left into the lake of fire just to keep the DancinIn The Son party going. You can change. You can join the party. You can have salvation today and live in victory forever. It isn’t going to be easy; as a matter of fact it is going to be the hardest thing that you ever do, because Satan will try every day of your life to get you back, because Satan knows what’s on his dance card and he doesn’t want to go there stag … he desires all the company that he can get. And of course, all those people you used to hang with and be like, your so – called fake friends, will start acting all messed up towards you because being messed up is all they know and ever want to be. Can you blame God for getting sick of people who don’t want to be anything but messed up and destroys them? Would you even WANT a God who didn’t do the same? You wouldn’t want a parent to allow their house and kitchen and bathroom to be a pigsty with dirt, potty, dishes, fungus, soiled diapers and condoms, drug needles all over the place, would you? You would have no respect at all for a parent like that, wouldn’t even want them around you. You would call the cops on that parent and have that parent thrown in jail for neglect and abuse, and try to have the kids put in a better home with better parents. No matter how much they wash their own bodies and clothes, if that parent allows their house and children to wallow in filth, that parent is filthy too, right? So why do you expect God to be different? Why do you want God to be a filthy god and allow you and your filth to hang around? What good is a filthy god? What power does a filthy god have? What authority does he have? What right does he have to tell anyone what to do? What ability does he have to create a universe and set it in order and motion? A filthy god can’t create anything except more filth. That is why you keep trying and trying but can’t get it right. You are of the filth and cannot produce any good thing.

 But you can separate yourself from the filth and those who want to be rebellious and filthy. You can choose victory in Christ Jesus. You can have the hurricane working for you. You can just sit and let your Daddy hold you, rock you, put you up on his shoulders so you can sit high in the air, and let him feed you good food like your inner child (which is your SPIRIT, although usually referred to as your soul) wants. Your inner child wants to be reunited with his Daddy and live in Daddy’s house – which has many mansions (or rooms), one for all who wants one – happy, safe, and protected forever. Don’t let your inner child be cast forever into the lake of fire, forever apart from his Daddy, in nothing but torment and pain that is nothing compared to the pain that you so much fear on Earth, the things that you fear that is keeping you from making the jump into the glorious reality of truth, peace, power, and victory.  

What, you fear that you will invest your soul into it and it is all fake? Again, how did you get here? What was here before you were here? What will be here after you are gone? What was here before there was anything else? You don’t know that either, so your professed disbelief in God and the truth is just fake. You fear that not everything in the Bible or everything that the preacher says is true? Amazing how you require 100% certitude and truth without a shadow of a doubt in that area but nowhere else. You accept a government that exists only for its own power’s sake, an economic system that needs many to be poor but a few to be rich, a society that rewards wickedness and destroys the vulnerable, and a system of scientific/political/social beliefs that is more full of holes and requires more blind faith and acceptance than any religion. You have fear that you will try to get involved but won’t be able to maintain full dedication, so you don’t try. Well, if you don’t try you are going to get destroyed anyway, so why not try? My goodness, aren’t YOU, all that YOU have, worth fighting for? Quit being a worthless whining loser and get out and FIGHT for YOURSELF! You are forgetting, the battle is not yours, it is the Lord’s. Once you start fighting, God will take over the fight for you, and THE ONE ULTIMATE, THE SUPER BAD GOD NEVER LOSES! IF HE DID, HE WOULDN’T BE GOD! You fear that your so – called friends will mock you, turn their back on you, and sell you out. Well let me tell you something, they already do it behind your back. Heck, since you fear them so much and have let them take ownership over your affairs and rule over your life, they do it to your face. Why not? It isn’t as if you are going to ever stand up for yourself against them right? RIGHT? When was the last time you did? That’s what I thought. They aren’t your friends, they don’t care anything about you, and you are better off without them. Oh, what I said wasn’t true? Your friends and family really care about you? They really love you? Well then if so, aren’t you just selfish. Why don’t you return all that good lovin’ that they have been giving you all these years by getting yourself saved so you can help bring them to Jesus so they won’t spend eternity in the lake of fire with God’s wrath bearing down on them? If you don’t love THEM enough to take a stand for YOURSELF so you can come back one day and help THEM, then you don’t really love them, do you? As a matter of fact, you don’t even love yourself. You are just worthless, no good to anyone. And that is why you need Jesus.  So please. Stop the excuses. End the lies. Escape the hurt. Believe and say the salvation prayer and invite the terrible God through his son Jesus Christ into your life RIGHT NOW. It will solve all your problems and supply all your needs. It won’t be easy, but it isn’t easy now, is it? 

And for you so – called Christians who deny the Word and Power of God and the righteousness of God and the divinity of Jesus, you are no different. Get on board with the One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism. Do it or perish in the lake of fire. I already explained to you why a Just God HAS to destroy the wicked. Why a Just God CANNOT allow wicked to reign forever. He CANNOT allow the murder of the innocents, the stealing from the poor, the raping of the people and the land, the evil thoughts, and the rebellion against his will to continue. He CANNOT tolerate perpetual rebellion and turmoil. And he cannot allow all these wicked things to go on without a price being paid for it. If God did those things, he would be rewarding the wicked and punishing the just. He would be a wicked god with no rule, no power, no authority! Why do you want a god like that? Why do you want the evil to prosper and the good to perish, and injustice to reign because wicked deeds go unpunished? Why do you accuse God and lie on him by claiming that he is righteous because he smiles on unrighteousness? What sense does that make? What color is the sky in your world, where obviously up is down and here is there? God will destroy the wicked, and unless you accept God for what he is and his word as true, for God is his Word, then God will destroy you with the rest of the wicked despite your professed Christianity and works.  And then there are the lukewarm. You carnal Christians with one toe in the world and one toe in the church. The hurricane tornado is coming after you too. “Many are called but few are chosen.” Remember Jesus Christ saying something like that? Something like “Depart from me ye workers of iniquity, I know you not?” in the Gospels? He wasn’t saying that to the rank sinners outside the church, but to the lukewarm sinners in it. Don’t you know what without spot means? You not only have to believe to go to heaven but you have to attain perfect hearts, the desire to do his complete will, such that even if you fall short you will be saved by grace because of your effort, will, and desire. Realize that your actual SOUL (as opposed to your spirit) is your mind and will, your heart. It is the heart that God tries and proves, and you have to be like Christ if you are going to reign with him. Ask yourself the same question that you would ask a sinner:  why should a righteous God allow you into Heaven when you aren’t even trying to do right? If you are going to reign with him you are going to have to be like him. You should know this already, and that is why the standard by which you are judged is going to be harder than that for sinners:  to more that is given, more is required. Do not say that you were not warned! 

So please, saints, sinners, all who have not accepted the fullness of the Lord through Christ Jesus and are not walking with him in complete purity and purpose of mind, body, and spirit, please do so right now. Sinners and Christians who have rejected the full message of Jesus Christ: THE SALVATION PRAYER.
Lukewarm and carnal Christians, read Revelations 2 – 4 for confirmation and inspiration, and then apply due dedication to your walk with Christ.
I know that you came to this site to learn how to heal the world, but it starts with you. The blind cannot lead the blind. So may you accept the message of the Lord of salvation and power through his Son Jesus Christ, and may the blessings of the Lord be upon you. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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