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Posted by Job on March 15, 2007

According to most surveys, from 80% to 90% of the American population believes in some concept of God. But very few people, even those who profess a strong fundamental Christian faith, are extremely observant at and away from church, and try their level best to lead a lifestyle based upon their faith’s principles, actually believe in the God of the Bible. Many professed theists and Christians do not believe that God created the world and all in it in seven days, accepting instead other explanations for Creation. Many professed theists and Christians do not believe that Jesus is the Son of God who died to redeem that said Creation. Many professed theists and Christians do not believe that you have to accept his Son as payment for your sins and repent of said sins or be forever punished. Many professed theists and Christians do not believe that God demands complete obedience and submission, a true heart, and will forever punish all who lack it. And many professed Christians do not believe that God demands that we warn others about the peril that they face if they continue through life without a true heart.  You can say that you believe in all of that and STILL not believe in one critical element, and as a result not truly believe in any of it. Or you may simply believe and not have faith, the evidence of which is works, which fundamentally is the same as not believing. What is that critical element? The belief in a God who has power. It takes more than believing in all of the things that God DID and CAN DO. It is easy to believe those. No, to truly believe in God, one must believe in what God is DOING and WILL DO. And then you must take a greater leap … believe in what God IS DOING and WILL DO for YOU if you ask. Satan knows that in many instances he cannot get a person not to believe in God. So those people, he deceives with not even what can be considered the next best thing, but an EVEN BETTER THING (for his purposes):  the God that doesn’t DO anything. The God that does not cause anything to happen. The God who chooses no one or nothing over anyone or anything for no time or reason. The God who does not speak to anyone.  The God who is completely uninvolved in our everyday affairs.  The God who is an absentee, or at best passive, entity. The God who is, from our perspective, for some reason either powerless or heartless and abandons his Creation made in his image to random chance. It so defies logic that such a God would exist that it is actually more sensical to believe that no God exists at all!  

To those who believe that there is no God, I must simply ask you how you got here, and what existed before anything was. Physicists generally agree that our universe is time – space limited. By that it means that it had a definite beginning, is headed towards a definite end, and has boundaries of size. If the universe had always been, was never going to end, and was of infinite size, one could plausibly say that it always was, will be, and there is nothing else. But since that is not the case, there is obviously SOMETHING that exists outside of our time – space. So, you might say that sure, something exists outside of our time – space, but not some supreme creator – master. (Indeed, it is a common belief among science – fiction adherents that a race or races of super – powerful and knowledgeable beings live outside our space – time.) Such people can come up with no explanation for from everything from the formation of our universe to details of everyday life except random chance. That, of course, is so mathematically unlikely as to be absurd. Fundamental mathematical probability dictates that A) unless there is a moving force, it is far more likely for NOTHING to happen than for SOMETHING and B) without said moving force, anything that DOES happen will almost certainly happen in isolation; the tree falling in the forest with no one to hear it. Even if two are more things happen at random and not in isolation, again mathematical probability dictates that those two events will ACT AGAINST each other in a DESTRUCTIVE manner, not TOWARDS each other in a CONSTRUCTIVE manner. (Particles that collide should destroy each other, not clump together and form atoms which clump together and form matter which clump together and form stars, planets, ice cream pies, etc.) Further still, the mathematical probability of random events occurring in a manner which they create something … incalculable. Random events occurring to create something that is self – sustaining AND orderly like our universe, where minor details such as the rate of blood flow is some multiple of the natural logarithm function? You cannot even calculate the extent to which it is incalculable! People who choose not to believe in God believe in such things because believing in God is the only alternative, not because it is in any way provable or is even consistent with their own stated beliefs in logic and science.  Even the notion of “randomness” runs contrary to the governing principle of physics: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Therefore, nothing is truly RANDOM! There are many things that are so complex and so non – linear and take so much time to come to completion that they SEEM random to our understanding over the length of time that we choose to study it. Indeed, scientific observation and experimentation is by definition short because the most important part of the scientific procedure is PROVABILITY which is accomplished by REPEATABILITY UNDER SIMILAR CONDITIONS. That is why we don’t have experiments that last 300 years long! But that doesn’t mean that there are things out there that take 300 – or 3000 – years to observe and quantify. Believing otherwise would tend to negate the belief of atheists, agnostics, and even many professed theists … that things evolved over billions of years by chance. If so, it would take more than a couple of years peeking at a laboratory dish and a couple more coming up with equations to describe how the universe formed and has operated for billions of years. Of course, such people also ignore the fundamental flaw that is at the foundation of their belief. Scientific investigation depends upon things happening according to some law that governs it, i.e. the law of gravity. But if something is RANDOM, then it can behave in any manner! Therefore, if the universe created itself according to some random manner, there would be no way to prove or describe it using repeatable observation and experimentation. The only thing that these people do is further disprove both randomness and the notion that disorder can bring forth order, which is as impossible as it is for gold to grow on an apple tree.  

Yet and still, there belief in no God still makes more sense than belief in a passive or absentee God. Those who believe in such are probably the types that are horrible babysitters and playmates. Such people would give a candy or toy to a small child, and then for no reason would take it away! Such people confer on God unlimited power, the ability to create all things. They confer on him unlimited will, which caused him to create all things for no reason other than wanting to. And then they take it all away by suggesting that such a God either cannot or will not take an interest in his Creation. Such people create an unlimited God to fit their imagination and then create a limited one to suit their pleasure. These people may believe that a God exists, but would for some reason allow an entire universe to Big Bang out of nowhere with intelligent life to form on a planet at random chance for no reason at all. Such a God merely exists to, well, shrug, I suppose, in the general direction of his creation and those who ponder it. (Or maybe not even shrug, because it doesn’t matter whether such a God is even aware of our existence.) Did this God have an ability to create the universe and all in it? Did this God consent to its creation? Could this God have stopped it or started it? Does this God have any opinion on the operation and duration of this creation? No one knows. People who believe in such a God have merely invented him just to be reassured that a God exists, or more likely merely so that they can tell people in an overwhelmingly Christian society that they DO believe in God so that they can escape marginalization. And then there are those who believe in the start/stop God. That God did create the universe, but he didn’t create the Earth, which formed on its own. Or that maybe God created the universe and the Earth, but he didn’t create the plants and the animals, which formed on their own. Was there some line to which God could proceed but not cross with his creation? If so, who made the line and why? Was it God himself? And even if God did create that line to which he would not cross, why did he obey himself? Who does he answer to? Why could not he just cross it later? Of course, such a God would not be bound by the God that true Christians know; the God who cannot lie and his bound by his Word even to himself; the Measure and Originator of Righteousness and Justice. This God would be totally unrestrained to do whatever he pleased! And again, the question of why such a God, or any God, would simply allow the Earth or the plants and animals to just HAPPEN seems unfathomable. Are there critters running around that God does not know about? Or does he just know about them when they come about? If that is the case, what is his opinion of it all? Did God’s control stop because he became tired, bored, or lazy? Is he going to start back? 

And then there are the start/stop plus God crowd. They believe that God created the universe, the Earth, the plants, animals, and people. Many of them even believe, to varying degrees, all the things that happened in the Bible. They believe that God parted the Red Sea for Moses, that sun stood still and the walls came tumbling down for Joshua, they believe in the prophets, and even in the divinity, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus. But they believe that, at some point, it all stopped. That God stopped working miracles. That he stopped revealing himself to his people. That you can no longer speak to God, that God will no longer hear you and talk back to you. That he stopped taking an interest in every minute detail of every person’s everyday life, and wanting each person to direct every minute detail to the service of him so that each person would please him and he would in return protect and bless them and take their soul to heaven. Such a God would have either lost all his power, or have just stopped caring; stopped loving. Why would a God who was once all powerful and all loving cease to be so? A better question:  why would you love, serve, or even bother praying to such a God? I am a sports fan, though not as big of one as I used to be. What would always irk me were people who criticize athletes who pray before a game for God to allow them to win. They say that “God does not care who wins or lose or influence the outcome.” Why not, pray tell? The reason is that they cannot fathom God picking one team over another. They do not want to consider its implications; whether the players on one team or the institution that it represents is more righteous than another, or that God simply plays favorites. To them, a fair, just God must be totally neutral, and the only way neutrality is attained is by being uninvolved. Now this makes absolutely no sense: a God who has the power AND desire to create a universe won’t have the ability or desire to bother himself with a football game. Why? It is backwards. It takes MORE power and MORE desire to do great things; LESS power and LESS desire to do small ones. It makes more sense to say that God WANTED to create the universe but COULDN’T and therefore SETTLED for influencing the outcome of a football game than it does to say that God CREATED the universe for no reason other than he COULD, and then that same God would NOT BE ABLE TO or NOT CARE about a football game in a UNIVERSE that he created. Also, there is the verse in the Bible that states to the effect that  all things work together for the good of those who love God. That means that not only does God care who wins that football game, but the outcome of that game will work to the good of all who believe in and serve God.  

People reject this because they don’t want to serve God. They create the “neutral God” who does not favor anyone because THEY DON’T WANT TO DO WHAT GOD REQUIRES TO GET GOD TO FAVOR THEM, WHICH IS TO OBEY GOD! Such people are also limited in their understanding. They believe that the worst thing on the Earth is to hurt someone’s feelings in any substantial way, so they do all that they can to avoid it. The worst hurt that comes about is when a parent favors a child over his siblings for one reason or another. So, we create this fallacy that parents are supposed to have no favorites. This is totally absurd. If you are very ill and need lifesaving medical care, are you going to get it from a mechanic? No, you are going to go to a doctor! Not only that, you are going to take the conscious risk with your life and go to the best doctor that you can find! Does that mean that you are favoring one person over another? YES! You are favoring the person who has successfully undergone medical training and certification, and if you can manage it, you will favor a distinguished completer of medical training and certification over someone who just barely made it through! So if YOU are going to favor one person over someone else based on someone else’s merit or experiences, why do you expect your God to do any different? God favors those who will obey him. He sees people who have the desire to obey him in his heart and he sets them apart; protects them; guides them; nourishes them; removes obstacles from their path; places them in situations where they can work his will. Seems unfair to you? No more unfair than you are for denying some very hard – working, brilliant mechanic the opportunity to receive the personal satisfaction and financial benefits that come from providing you with life – saving medical care. Imagine what you did to that mechanic’s self – esteem!  So, because we do not want to seek God’s favor through obedience, we create a false god, an idol, that we do not have to obey. We create a god who treats us all equally no matter what we do. We tell ourselves that such is a truly loving God, but it is a lie. God knows right and wrong because he is all – knowing. So, such a God would want us to obey HIM so that we would do right, and not cause harm to ourselves or anyone else, and avoid wrong, which can and will cause great harm! So, we have all of these people who say that they believe in God who will also say that God doesn’t speak to you when you pray. The truth is they don’t WANT God to speak to them when they pray, because they don’t want to hear God tell them that what they have been doing is wrong. They say that they don’t believe that God performs miracles anymore. They say that because they know that if God performed miracles, it would be incumbent upon them to wholly obey God and seek him so that God can use them to perform the miracles that he wants them to in order to help people and win converts. They don’t want to reach the level of obedience of God required to be used by him in this manner, so they just say that God doesn’t raise the dead and heal the sick anymore.  

Is God a God of absolutes? Yes, but he is a God of HIS absolutes, not ours. We cannot fathom that God would create someone with less ability and give them less circumstances and create someone with more ability and give them better circumstances and believe that God isn’t helping one and harming the other. We also cannot fathom that even between two people who love God with all their heart God rewarding one with more and the other with less according to their faithfulness and obedience. So because we cannot rationalize it against our own understanding – and our own desire to disobey – we just say that God cannot and is not. We have failed to realize that God is not limited to our understanding, and he is certainly not subject to our desire to defy him.  We also choose to purposefully limit our understanding to the temporary life on Earth instead of the eternal life in Heaven. We are so blinded by our quest to impose our notion of “fairness” – which indeed is quite unfair because it rewards wickedness – that we cannot see that who might seem to be losers are indeed winners. That a devout Christian on a football team that loses to the sinners from the other side of town might merely be having his faith tested, preparing him for future trials on things more substantial down the road? Or that maybe that one football game, with its impact on its winners and losers, will set into motion events that will affect untold numbers of people untold years into the future? Also, we cannot understand that people “favored by God” serve a purpose:  to make it easier on the rest of us. Jesus, of course, is the obvious example. But also consider Moses, David, Elijah, and the other prominent men and women of the Bible. Because of their love for God, their faith in him, and their obedience of him, they were able to help so many people! Were those people lesser in God’s eyes? Did he create those people to be lesser, out of lesser material, to be grist in his mill? To be honest, who cares? It is not this temporary world that matters. It is the next world that counts; whether we get to be with God or get banished to the lake of fire. Heaven is so glorious that even if there is some sort of pecking order, you won’t care because God will take away your capacity to care about such trivialities. Yet, the God that you have created is so weak that even in HEAVEN he cannot resolve the class struggle! You cannot see that because your pride will not let you conceive of a God that holds someone else in higher esteem than you do merely because their belief is stronger and their desire to obey purer. You could probably accept God favoring one over another because one went to Harvard and another went to UCLA, but obedience? Faith? Your worldliness won’t let you conceive it.So, in order to achieve your worldview of a God who allows everyone to wallow in some sinful egalitarianism, you have created a God who simply cannot be; a God who is not the God of the Bible; a God who simply IS NOT. For your God to truly to be REAL, to be MY GOD, you have to believe in him, and you have to obey him. Nothing else makes any sense, and if you do not believe me now, then rest assured that it will soon be revealed to you. So I urge you, believe in God today, and accept Him so that salvation from your sins and from this evil fearful faithless rebellious world will be yours. Say the Salvation Prayer right now, and when you are finished, share it with a friend who needs God and His Salvation.


In the Name of Jesus Christ, may people, especially who read this, come to believe in THE ONE TRUE GOD ELOHIM as He exists in the Tri – Unity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and may they accept salvation and lordship from this God through the Son Jesus Christ. After they believe and accept salvation, may they obey You in all things, including Your Commandment for them to evangelize and thereby make disciples of all men in all the nations of the earth. In the Name of Jesus Christ.  Deliverance: 

The evil spirits that work in this area are atheism, humanism, rationalism, skepticism, intellectualism, faithlessness, false doctrine, false teaching, rebellion, and confusion. All of them work to keep people from believing in God, and furthermore believing in a God that they have to submit to and obey through Jesus Christ alone. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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