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Make Your Testimony To Jesus Christ Right Here!

Posted by Job on July 10, 2007

Did Jesus Christ save you from sin and eternal punishment for it in the lake of fire? Did He heal you? Did God give you spiritual deliverance through the casting out of evil spirits? Did God transform your life and mind, giving you peace and the true purpose in life which is to serve and glorify Him? And has He done great things for your family, friends, co – workers, neighbors, church members, or loved ones? If so, let us know here! I have one request: NO ANONYNIMITY! Anonymous testimonies are not real testimonies, for the Bible says that if you will not confess Jesus Christ before men, then Jesus Christ will be ashamed of you before His Father! To get it started, I am J. King of Atlanta, Georgia and here are my two testimonies Testimony Time! and Testimony Time II!



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