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Posted by Job on March 15, 2007

Father God in the Name of Your Son Jesus Christ, may your children renounce and reject the shame, condemnation, embarrassment, and weakness of man and instead embrace Your Word, Your Power, and Your Spirit. May your children confess their fears and weaknesses to you. Instead of trying to hide them from themselves, the outside world, and from your face within themselves, or rather than convince themselves that their weakness is a virtue, may they renounce it in the Name of Jesus Christ. May they come to you in not only faith and broken – spiritness but also in happiness and victory; happiness and victory because they KNOW that once they tell you about it you will move it from them! Father God, I just know and feel within my spirit that the attack has begun. I know that the lying spirit, the faithlessness spirit, the anti – Christ spirit is moving through the Body of Christ amongst the Believers. Lord God, there has been false counsel stating that only the new in faith and the weak in faith and those who have not received sound doctrine and a solid theological background are vulnerable, but the truth is Father God everyone is vulnerable who is not watchful, elect, and who does not hate their lives on earth so that they can gain lives in Heaven. Everyone who does not hate their earthly families and love their spiritual families is vulnerable. Everyone who loves worldly comforts and things, everyone who cannot let go of fears, hurts, pains, and lusts; everyone who does not love their neighbor and does not have patience, peace, and understanding is vulnerable! May the Believers know that everyone who does not put you first is vulnerable, and if that means them then they need to go to you in prayer! Oh Lord what a time this is! What a time this is to be on the earth! Many of your Believers are going to wish that they had been placed on the earth at a different time, when this attack was not yet unleashed upon the earth! Many of your Believers are going to wish that they were in Heaven already, or could be taken up immediately. Many of your Believers are going to start falling for false signs, theologies, and deceivers hoping that the Rapture is going to come immediately to rescue them from this evil time. May those Believers reject and renounce those fears and thoughts. Even though you told your servant John in the Revelation through your Son Jesus Christ that you are going to rescue us from the hour of temptation that will try the whole world, may we know that our hour on earth has not yet passed, that we must continue a short space. Indeed, the opposite is true; our time has now come! You Lord did predestinate and ordain that we were to be on earth at this time because you knew us before you made us; you knew us before history was made, and you put this generation on this earth so that we could withstand this evil time and still do your will! So may we not fall for any of the tricks of the enemy. May we not fall for the faithlessness spirit, for the lying spirit, for the worldliness spirit, for the hateful spirit, for the idolatry spirit, for the anti – Christ spirit! May we not be deceived into forsaking our work on earth and wishing for Heaven when it is against Your Will and it is not yet time! Instead, Lord, may we fall on our faces, go into fasting and prayer, put on ashes and sackcloth, keep the traditions and commandments given to us in the Bible, and commit ourselves to you, join ourselves to you as never before! Not join ourselves to institutions or to people, but to you! Lord, may we come to you, admit our weaknesses and faithlessness, and beg you to take it away from us, and then rejoice that it is done! Lord, may the Body of Christ know that it is time to wake up. May the Body of Christ know that this anti – Christ spirit cannot be defeated with rituals. May the Believers know that this anti – Christ spirit cannot be defeated with traditions. May the Believers know that the anti – Christ spirit cannot be defeated with institutions. May the Believers know that this anti – Christ spirit cannot be defeated with fellowship. May the Believers know that the anti – Christ spirit cannot be defeated with intellectual knowledge. May the Believers know that the anti – Christ spirit cannot be defeated through works, not even through much reading of the Scriptures and prayer. May the Believers know that this anti – Christ spirit cannot even be defeated with honorable, noble, sincere intentions! May the Believers know that this anti – Christ spirit can only be defeated through faith, and that faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God! Lord, may your Believers not fear. May your Believers not be ashamed. May they come to you. May they admit their weaknesses. May they admit their faults. May they ask you to confirm their faith. May they ask you to strengthen their faith. May they ask you if you are really there, and if Your Word is true, or if it is the doing of man! May they not fear your reproof, but may they love your reproof, for who you reprove you love! May they know that if you reprove them, then obviously you exist and therefore they should rejoice! Lord, may your Believers know that now is not the time for them to “name and claim” their faith, for you must have prior faith before you can name and claim anything. May your Believers come to you and ask you to restore and build up within them faith so that they can begin to name and claim more faith, and whatever it is that you would have them to have! Lord, now is the time for your true Believers, the ones who yet have faith and those whose faith that you have renewed and restored, to come out of the closet. To come out of the shadows. To start sharing their testimony. To start spreading the gospel, speaking The Word. To start doing things in public, not for their own acclaim but for the edification of the Body of Christ, so that the people might believe. Now is the time to stop fearing public condemnation, embarrassment, losing their jobs and friends, being kicked out of churches, or what have you; for them to stop loving and holding onto the world and to know that the world hates them because they are not of the world and that all this time the world has been pretending to love them for the purposes of trying to deceive them and to draw them in. But may your children know that now is the time when the separation is going to come, when brother shall be set against brother, parents against children, friends against friends, husbands against wives for Your Name’s sake. During this time, may your Believers not look upon each other’s faults. May they not look upon who has gotten a divorce, who has committed adultery, who has stolen money, who has been an idolater or a murderer, who has been a racist, who has gone bankrupt, gone to jail, or otherwise come short of your glory in this life. Instead, may we consider who has The Word within them and is not ashamed. Let us see who has The Word within them, seek to have The Word with us, and fellowship with The Word, not with people or with institutions! Lord, it is time for your Believers to speak the word of testimony, to live the word of testimony! To go out and work mighty works so that the people might believe! Not so that the unsaved might believe, even though the unsaved are important. Lord, we have faith that the unsaved are in your hand, and will be delivered to us for preaching The Word and receiving salvation at the time that you have appointed. But Lord, may true Believers start speaking the word of testimony and doing great things, things which have never been done before, things which cannot be explained by science or economics or politics or “nature” or chance, so that the other Believers, the Believers whose faith are being tested, might believe and go to you and repent and ask for faith! May declarations of healings, changings of the natures and seasons, visions, tongues, dreams, prophecies, and other mighty works be declared! May they be worked before the people! Let the evidence of your power, your spirit, your love be done openly, Lord God, and let all who believe believe, be they Jew or Gentile, saved or unsaved, young or old, weak or strong. Lord, sadly, not everyone will believe. Some will harden their heart, choose the world, and allow Satan to steal that which they already have. Some will choose fear, others will choose to be lukewarm, others will choose idolatry, others will choose the approval of man, others will choose the comfort of the familiar. It is sad, Lord, but not everyone will choose submission to you. Not everyone will decide that they love you more than they love themselves. Not everyone will decide that you are greater than them. Not so much the people who will decide that you do not exist, but the people who will decide that you exist but not totally submit to you and put you first but lie to themselves that merely believing that you exist is enough. Such people will willingly misinterpret your Scriptures so that they believe what they want to believe. Such people will not be able to blame Satan or his anti – Christ spirit, but instead they will choose and accept a lie because they will love the lie more than they love the truth because they love themselves more than they love you. But Lord, even for some of those, there is yet hope! For those people will still be here when the hour of temptation comes to try the whole world! The ones who decide for you now will be gone, but they will still be here! And when they see the wrath of the Lamb, some will yet repent; some will yet decide to lose their lives on earth to be with you in Heaven for yes, Your Word is true, it will cost them their lives but praise You Lord God Jehovah they will surrender it to you anyway because they will decide that they truly love you more than they love themselves after all! But for the rest, Lord, of them it will be said that it would have been better had they never been born!

I thank God that such will never be said about me, for I am a true Believer with true faith who is unashamed to lay my faults before you, who knows that I am nothing and have nothing without you, and hate this world and this life for love of the next one! And if you are reading this prayer and the same is not true of you, please make it so today! Right now, say the Salvation Prayer, or at least believe on John 3:16 and on Romans 10:9-10 and be saved! And if you are already saved but do not have strong faith, the type of faith that it will take to resist the anti – Christ, then please, confess it to the Lord and seek it through prayer. It will not come by observance of rituals or works. It will not even come by vain prayer and Scripture reading! You are not smarter than God! Do not think that you can trick God, thinking that you can increase your faith by praying for something else, saying “If I pray for something else and it comes true, then I will believe!” Even if that works and it does come to pass – and it yet may if what you are praying for is motivated by the Holy Spirit, your faith will not last for it is conditional, temporal, earthly! You need to stop playing with God, to stop playing with yourself, to stop playing games, and to get real with yourself and with your God. Yes, He is YOUR GOD! So stop the vain prayers and pray for faith! Stop the vain Scripture reading and read verses regarding faith! Do research, use the reference and concordance Bibles, receive direction from true ministers and Believers about what the faith scriptures are; especially the Psalms, the Revelation to John, the Book of John, Paul’s letters to the churches, and the prophets! Put aside everything else. Put aside all of your other projects, even if they are things that you have set upon your heart to do for God. If you do not have faith through this time, all of your other projects will be done in vain anyway, they will be a snare to you! The time is at hand, and this will be the most important thing that you do after giving your life to Christ! Go do it now! In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen!