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Racism And Christianity

Posted by Job on March 15, 2007

II Chronicles 2:17-18 And Solomon numbered all the strangers that were in the land of Israel, after the numbering wherewith David his father had numbered them; and they were found an hundred and fifty thousand and three thousand and six hundred. And he set threescore and ten thousand of them to be bearers of burdens, and fourscore thousand to be hewers in the mountain, and three thousand and six hundred overseers to set the people a work. 

As a black man in
America, I have experienced some racism. I am not going to say “my share of racism”, for racism is a sin, and Jesus Christ experienced and died for all sin on the cross, and that includes the racism that I myself have directed at others and still to this day struggle with. Yes, make no mistake about it, racism is a sin. Yes, racism is to some degree and in some contexts justifiable according to man’s knowledge and experience, but God’s Will supersedes man’s knowledge and experience. Yes, racism is human nature, but only because we were born in sin outside of the Will of God thanks to Adam’s fall. Whether racism is passive or active, defensive or reactionary, internal or external, harmful or benign, it is still sin, and all sin separates us from the power and promises of God. On one hand, Jesus Christ died for all of our sins, his Blood covers all of our faults, and all of our imperfections are made perfect by believing upon His Divinity, sacrifice, and resurrection. So yes, there will be people who lived as racists in Heaven. By the same token, no willing, knowing rank racist is going to inherit the

Kingdom of
Heaven, because the spirit of racism is the spirit of hate, and if you hate God you cannot enter Heaven. God says that if you do not love your brother whom you see every day, then you cannot love Him who you do not see.

And yes, to more that is given, more shall be required. This is how so wickedly false the doctrine of so many professed Christians are. They tell us that “minorities” should be judged according to a lower threshold concerning racism because such people experience so much racism that it is only natural that they are racist in turn because of their “conditioning” and as a “defense mechanism.” After all, if those in power oppress the minority so, how can the minority hope to survive save they “stick together”? Again, that is imminently sensible and correct according to human understanding and nature. But realize: that is the human understanding and nature that came about because of our separation from God thanks to Adam eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil! In order to be reconciled with God, we must reject our human nature and understanding and seek Godly nature and understanding through faith in God’s Word Jesus Christ and by God’s Holy Spirit. Understand this: unless you are redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb and walk in it daily, the OPPOSITE of whatever seems natural and sensible is true! So minorities are not going to be judged by a LOWER standard for being racist but instead by a HIGHER one. Why? Because minorities know the pain of being discriminated against and therefore should seek to not inflict that pain on anyone else. The white (or majority) racist in blissful ignorance is in less danger of being damned than the target of the racism if that target becomes racist in turn.  

Minorities and other groups who experience racism should see this as not a curse, but a blessing! Is it a challenge to turn the other cheek to a racist? Of course it is. But God gives us challenges so that we can overcome! So every minority member, every disenfranchised person in a racially unfair society has been given by God the chance to be an overcomer, and when we overcome – which we can do through Christ Jesus no matter what the racists or those who peddle racial resentment because of racism say – we will receive all the more blessing in this world and in the next. In essence, the black man in America (or the white person in, say, Zimbabwe) who overcomes racism and does the will of his God is akin to the person in the talents parable of Jesus Christ who was given five talents, multiplied them into ten. But the person who uses racism as an excuse to become a bitter racist in turn is akin to the one in that same story who did not even multiply the one talent that he was given. That person’s one talent was taken from him and given to the person who had ten, and that reverse racist was cast into hell.  

The person who was given two talents? Well, that is your racist white person who despite his being born to privilege and status in a culture that taught him to hate blacks and Hispanics and to resent Jews and Asians overcame because he tried his best to love his neighbor because he knew that it was God’s commandment and he was trying to please God. So maybe that white person failed to get all of the racism out of his heart. Maybe that white person mistreated someone because they were black, Hispanic, Jewish, or Asian. So what? That racist privileged white male took the hand that he was dealt, tried his best according to his ability to please God, and because of it God pardoned his racist sin by the Blood of the Lamb. But oh that black guy with the one talent. He allowed himself to be so filled with anger at the white guy with two. He seethes because that white guy was born on a better side of town in a big house to a two parent family. He is upset not only because that man’s mother and father brought him up in a nice house on the good side of town to limit his interaction with blacks and the poor, but because that white man grew up with a mother and father in a house instead of with a single foster parent in the ghetto. He gets upset because that white guy got to go to a good college, marry a blonde blue – eyed sorority girl, buy an even nicer house than his parents had, and put his kids in private school. He is angry at that white guy for treating his white employees better in the workplace, for seeing thugs when he looks at young black males and prostitutes when he sees young black females. He is angry because that white male’s political and cultural beliefs are based on his own privileged background and not the reality of those faced by folks who do not live it. And he is most angry at how this guy is able to be this way and still call himself a Christian; how he can have no interaction with any black people other than the ones that he mistreats in the workplace and calls himself a Christian. How he does not even like black gospel music and black preaching, and if too many black people get into his church he will leave. This black man decides that if a person is able to act like that and still be considered a good Christian, then he wants nothing to do with true Christianity! He is going to either renounce Christianity altogether, or go find a version of it that allows him to nurse and cultivate his anger at the white man with two talents rather than finding out how to multiply his own talent.Of course, what this angry little black man refuses to recognize is that the racist white man is not perfect. Not only is he not perfect, despite his education, privilege, and material success, he is not even exemplary. God knew this, and God gave him two talents to do with the best that he could, and the best he can that man is doing. How? Only God knows, but he is! And what this angry little black man is ALSO not looking at is how God only gave him one talent. Why? Because his spirit is even worse than that of the racist white man! With all that racist white man’s fault, he had at least a little bit of character to him. Not as much talent as the black man who got five talents, but obviously more than the black man who got one! But God knows the heart of that black man; he knows that the man is spiteful, mean, selfish, lazy, and resentful. He knows that this guy has no charity. He knows that this guy only thinks of himself and is unwilling to sacrifice or compromise. But he says “Though I know your heart and know that you are wicked, I am a righteous loving forgiving God. I am going to give you a chance.  I am going to give you one talent, and all I want you to do is take it to the bank and put it into a savings account until I return. If you just do that, you can go off and spend your time watching BET if you want, and I will pardon your sin anyway.” But no, this fellow is incapable of doing even that. So his portion is given to the virtuous black man that he derided as a sell – out. The virtuous black man and the flawed white man both overcome, are reunited with Jesus Christ in heaven, become best friends, and worship God together forever, and the petty black man who chose hate rather than love will have the torment of having to watch them forever added to his misery in the lake of fire. 

I say this not to pardon white racism! Make no mistake, racism is a sin, and like all sins those who do not repent of it and overcome it through the Blood of the Lamb will go to the lake of fire. You cannot go to Heaven without loving your neighbor! Instead, I used this example to contradict the modern humanistic thought on racism. Consider, for example, that the humanist does not believe in deliverance. According to the humanist, the white man will always be a racist and the black man will always be a victim. So, the white man has two choices: to be a recalcitrant racist in order to fulfill the humanistic expectations of him, or to wallow in guilt and self – immolation. The black man? His only choices concern how to respond to his victimhood, and to the humanist anything that he chooses to do – except choosing to cast off his victimhood through Christ Jesus – is acceptable. Even becoming a depraved criminal who only targets other blacks is an acceptable response to white racism according to the humanist! And yes, the humanists are right according to human nature. But thank God for His Nature. Thank God that through His Love and Power that whites who were raised by racist parents in a racist culture can be liberated from racism and love their neighbors. They can be liberated from guilt and demand that all people, no matter their race or experience, be Christ – like. And thank God that blacks who experience racism can turn the other cheek; can love their neighbor including racists. And thank God that those who experience racism can transform nations by returning Satan’s hate with God’s love and allowing God’s love to win!Minorities in a racist culture are not unlike the strangers in
Israel. Make no mistake about it:
Israel was God’s chosen people, and it was on a hereditary basis! God’s people were not to marry strangers. Furthermore, it was ordained by God’s law that strangers were second – class citizens. There were places that strangers could not go; things that they could not do; positions in Israeli society that they could not hold. In terms of slavery and servitude, strangers and their children were treated far worse. Even the dietary laws, there were things that were unlawful for Jews to give to each other, but OK for them to give to strangers to eat. The only protection that was given to strangers in Israel was God’s admonishment for the children of Israel to show kindness and respect for them because they were strangers in

And yet, see the verse at the top: the strangers in
Israel got to build the temple! Be cold – hearted and worldly and view this as “being exploited for labor” if you choose. If you have any sense or fear of God in you, you would realize that building the temple was a great honor before God! Put it this way: if you were not a Hebrew and had to die in those days, dying while faithfully working on the temple would be the best way to go for your soul’s sake! As a matter of fact, that Solomon used strangers to build the temple (for Solomon would not have done it save God told him to) is PROOF that God wanted salvation to come to the Gentiles! Further proof still was when the Gentile queen of Sheba (now considered to be
Ethiopia) came to see! A Gentile was converted to the God of the Hebrews by seeing a temple constructed by Gentiles! And Ethiopians continue to be Hebrews and Christians to this day. So yes,
Israel was a structurally racist society, and one by God’s decree. Of course, Satan used that fact to stir up people to oppose them. That continued throughout history, still goes on today, and will continue until the end of Christ’s 1000 year reign when fire comes down from Heaven and destroys all who hate God once and for all! But those who decided that they were going to love GOD rather than themselves decided not to oppose God. They decided not to oppose
Israel. Instead, they joined themselves unto Israel and
Israel’s God despite their second – class status. Such people did not band together with abortionists, homosexuals, atheists, and communists to demand that some civil rights laws be passed. No, they petitioned God, accepted second – class status, joined themselves to his people, and were blessed and saved! Even though they were not Israelites, they were still able to walk in the favor and receive the promises of God!

But that is not enough for some people, including so many Christians. Yet today, so many Christians still resent that Jews are God’s
Chosen People. Ironically, many of them are whites who discriminate against blacks! Such folk have no problem with blacks being second to them in man’s corrupt kingdom, but they cannot stand being second to Jews in God’s

Kingdom! So, such “Christians” have become very anti – Semitic, using the evil false “replacement theology” and “supersession doctrine to justify their hatred of Jews. Their selfish resentment blinds them to the fact that by hating Jews they deny their own religion. How can God be a Just Loving God who keeps his covenants if He casts off
Israel, thereby breaking His Word to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David, and the prophets? And what is God’s Word? Jesus Christ! If God breaks His Word, rendering it null and void, then that makes our salvation through Christ’s Death and Resurrection null and void! And you know that that means? It would mean that we are still under the law! Who was the law given to? Moses and the Jews! And that would mean that the only hope of salvation would be JOINING YOURSELF TO THE VERY JEWS THAT YOU CLAIM THAT GOD HAS REPLACED AND SUPERSEDED WITH CHRISTIANS! This wickedness caused Jewish persecution, including the Holocaust, at the hands of or with the assistance of Christians for centuries. This persecution makes Jews less likely to accept Christ. So, the REVERSE RACISM of Christians towards Jews is one of the very things delaying Our Savior coming back to take us to Heaven and judge and destroy Satan and the wicked people of the earth. By being racist against God’s people, Christians are cutting off their noses to spite their faces. And yes, there are black anti – Semites among Christians too. As a matter of fact, research shows that black anti – Semitism is actually higher than white anti – Semitism. You fools, have you not suffered enough under white discrimination that you have to hate Jews? And do you not read the Bible? Oh yes, there obviously indeed are plenty of blacks who only received one talent.

People have to get over being second – place on earth and concentrate on being ANYPLACE in Heaven. That was the message of Jesus Christ’s Lazarus parable. If you join yourself to God, He will justify you, no matter your place on earth. For an example, go again to the Bible and consider the Gibeonites. God told the children of
Israel to destroy the Gibeonites. But the Gibeonites were smart. Now, EVERYONE knew that God was with
Israel and that they could not stand against them. But because they were so proud, they chose death for themselves and their people. But the Gibeonites decided that it would be stupid to die like dogs. So, they petitioned to be allowed to worship God and to serve His people and live. Now that was NOT what God wanted, but God hearkened to the rulers of
Israel when they decided to spare the Gibeonites. Later, Saul decided that He would kill the Gibeonites. Because the Gibeonites decided to follow God, to dwell in
Israel as second – class citizens, the Gibeonites survived Saul’s acting outside the Will of God because God protected them! Again, because the Gibeonites, who were not the people of God, joined themselves unto God and served Him, God DELIVERED THEM from the KING of HIS OWN PEOPLE! And when the Gibeonites wanted to be avenged of Saul, they were still smart. They prayed to God for the lives of Saul’s seed, and God heard them and sent a famine upon
Israel. Even then, when they obviously had God’s favor, they were still smart. Though Saul’s house had done much evil upon them, they refused to lay their hands on an Israeli, not even an Israeli whom God had already judged and appointed to death (for God had already said that He would cut off Saul’s house). No, they told the children of
Israel that we fasted and prayed so that YOU would avenge us of our people. So the people of God had to avenge strangers, second – class citizens, for the actions of the King of the People of God against second – class citizens? Why? Because the second – class citizens joined themselves to God and His People and were obedient. These people were not looking to their status on this earth. If they had been, they would have long died like dogs like all the other heathens that the Israelis ethnically cleansed. But they joined themselves to God, and God defended and delivered them! Some would argue that the Gibeonites’ were not “pure”, that they did not truly love God but were only interested in self-preservation. Well you know what? That is good enough for God! Say the Gibeonites were a people who only received one talent, and they were smart enough to put it in a savings account. That was good enough for God, and because of that not only were they delivered from destruction at the hands of the children of
Israel TWICE, but they are with God right now AND have a name throughout history. They have a name throughout history because they feared God, and that name that they have throughout history because they feared God honors God, and that is what God wants. God wants people who are going to give up something to honor Him, not people who are going to be filled full of spite and hate because they cannot be first. If you cannot get over some racist getting the better of you, then you are not going to be a person who bows to God because you are the type who always has to come out on top.

An even better example: Uriah. As a Hittite, Uriah was a stranger in
Israel. Yet he chooses to be righteousness, joins himself to God and to God’s people and becomes a leader in the army! Realize that as a leader in the army, he was the representative of a government that would never provide equality to himself or his own people. As a leader in the army, it was his job to carry out ethnic cleansing of his own Hittite nation. Yet Uriah did it anyway because he loved God. And how did David repay this stranger’s forsaking his own interests and desire for equality in Israeli society; for his own desire to see his people prosper … if not to conquer the Israelis to at least live in peace rather than being ethnically cleansed for being on land that they had always dwelt on only to have God declare it as His for His people? In other words, how did David repay this stranger for forsaking human nature and taking on a Godly one? By taking the stranger of his wife and impregnating her (possibly and even likely without her consent: that the “relationship” between David and Bathsheba is portrayed as mutual, some “love story” is wholly unsupported and unfathomable), and then having him murdered. Did Uriah know what was going on? Almost certainly. Did Uriah wonder if David would have raped his wife and set him up to be murdered if he was an Israeli rather than a Hittite, a stranger to whom it was lawful for David to give something that was torn by a beast or died of itself to eat? Almost certainly. But rather than being overcome with resentment, Uriah was faithful to God, which meant being faithful to the king that God anointed. Rather than be avenged of his wife, or even merely quitting the army, Uriah went to his death. And though David was Israel’s greatest king, beloved by God as a man after God’s own heart, his act against a mere stranger who joined himself to God did not go unpunished. David AND his children suffered mightily for what was done to Uriah. Further, Uriah was still blessed, for it was his stolen wife that bore Solomon, out of whose line came Joseph father of Jesus Christ! The stranger stayed faithful to God and was blessed with a name forever as a virtuous man.
Though the notion of it being an honor to be murdered and your wife to bear another man’s child may seem highly offensive – and for that reason this is almost certainly the first time that you have heard Uriah spoken of in these terms – it would require you to abandon your human, natural feelings of jealousy, fear, and resentment, and to look not on Uriah’s temporary life on earth but the fate of his eternal soul. You would then realize that through his love for God he overcame any unfairness that he experienced on earth. That he overcame becoming bitter at knowing that while he was out on the battlefield fighting for a nation that he could never join or enjoy the full privileges of, that the king for which he was fighting was raping his wife. He overcame all of that and chose to love God and stay true. He did not come to the conclusion that because he had been through so much unfairness, seen so much loss and heartbreak, and experienced such heart – rending pain even after serving God that God was obligated to allow him to sin. He did not decide that since this happened then it could only mean that he could never please God and God would never love him because he was not a Hebrew. No, Uriah chose to honor God and was given a crown of eternal life. Not only that, his name was glorified forever on earth, as his wife was chosen to start the line from which Jesus Christ would come. Even though he never lived long enough to have a child of his own with his own wife thanks to the treachery of David in this matter, he was able to see from Heaven the woman that God gave him to wife glorified in this manner.  So if Uriah the Hittite could overcome, why cannot the racist? Why cannot the victim of racism? Why cannot the reverse racist, the victim turned victimizer? No, instead, those who experience racism have a charge to keep. We have to adhere ever more tightly to the Word of God instead of using our treatment as an excuse to break it. Our salvation is at stake. Why? Because God told us that we are our brother’s keeper. God told us to love our neighbor. So if we are to return the racism of the racist with more racism, how can the racist be saved? Who is going to be there to deliver the racist, to preach to him and show him the error of his ways, if we return his misdeeds with misdeeds of our own in turn? In this life we must suffer many things so that we may attain righteousness and a Godly nature and character. Some of us have been appointed to suffer racial discrimination. Do not box with God over your portion in this life: your arms are too short! Instead, overcome for your God as His Christ overcame for you. Those of us appointed to experience racial discrimination must react according to God’s Law: with love and forgiveness in the same manner that Jesus Christ prayed for those who sent Him to and nailed him to the cross. If we repay racism with forgiveness, charity, and equity, we will convert many a racist. That is not what is being taught even in many churches today, because so many Christians have allowed themselves to become so filled with hate and resentment that they do not even WANT the racists to be converted. They WANT the racists to continue to be racist so that they can have someone to hate; that they can have someone to pay back for the misery and suffering that they have experienced in their own lives. So they can have an outlet for the fear and hate that they currently have. So, such people have given themselves over to their own nature and forsaken God’s Nature. In many of these cases, the victims of racism will die bound and receive the reward of the bound while the racist will be set free indeed and receive the reward of the overcomer justified by faith. For the person who will not give up the racial animosity has not faith. That person has lost faith that God can change people. That person has lost faith that God will give them a just reward for remaining faithful despite obstacles. That person reads the Bible and cannot see themselves in the strangers who built the temple, in the Gibeonites, or in Uriah. Well let me tell you, if this describes you, then you need to be set free in the Name of Jesus Christ! Please, I entreat you, to accept Jesus Christ into your life. Say the Salvation Prayer and become an overcomer of racism today.  

Father God in the Name of Your Son Jesus Christ, I reject all false teachings and doctrines that tell me that it is OK to treat others as I have been treated according to race, color, religion, creed, or anything else. Father God, help me to forgive my neighbor, to love my neighbor. Help me to overcome evil, and then use me to help my neighbor overcome evil. Most of all, may I humble myself and submit myself unto you. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen. Deliverance:

The demons that work in this area are hate, vanity, and lack of submission. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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