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Serve Jesus Christ, Not Religion!

Posted by Job on March 15, 2007

Many an atheist or “agnostic” or “secularist” (atheists by other names) deride religion as “an opiate of the masses”, “a refuge for weak – minded people who are easily led, incapable of independent or challenging lives or thought”, “whose devotees are poorly educated and easily led.” They say, “if God did not exist, religious people would surely invent him.” You know what? Despite clearly needing salvation, our atheist friends are 100% right! The official position of this website and ministry is OPPOSITION TO RELIGION! Why? The Merriam – Webster Online Dictionary defines religion as “”a personal set or institutionalized system of attitudes, beliefs, and practices.” Attitudes, beliefs, and practices are not what brings one close to God. Rather, sincere faith and trust are. (James 2:14-26 states that the evidence of sincere faith and trust are works.) Your salvation is personal! It is not a group thing. And it cannot be conferred upon you by participation in some rote ritual! It is an individual experience, and no one’s salvation experience or walk in Christ will be like anyone else’s. Anyone who tells you anything different is either not truly saved or is espousing the wrong doctrine. Is God constant and unchanging? Of course! But man is not. Situations change, populations change, cultures change, technology changes. But many religious ideas and traditions do not change, and those that do oft change for the worst! God does not operate that way. God does not abandon man to some stale spiritual environment. Conversely, God causes change! He stirs the pot! Promising a nation to Abraham? Stirring the pot. Sending Joseph followed by his brothers and Jacob to Israel? Stirring the pot. Giving the law to Moses and leading the children of Israel out of Egypt to Canaan? Stirring the pot. Building the tabernacle and the temple, and causing the Queen of Sheba to worship God and carry Jehovah – worship back to her land? Stirring the pot. Sending prophets to warn the children of Israel of their captivity and foretell both the coming of Christ and the last days? Stirring the pot. Sending the children of Israel into captivity? Stirring the pot. Sending Jesus Christ to die for our sins, be resurrected and ascend into Heaven, the creation of the New Covenant and the sending of the Holy Spirit upon the earth? Stirring the pot. The establishment of the church among Jews and Gentiles? Stirring the pot. The Reformation and splintering of the Roman Catholic Church? Stirring the pot. The worldwide missionary movement? Stirring the pot. The charismatic movement? Stirring the pot. And now the church coming together across racial, economic, geographical, denominational, and doctrinal boundaries, all of whom have suddenly embraced a rejection of religion at the same time? You had better believe a stirring of the pot! Now, not only is not religion by nature incapable of producing such change to meet the needs of those who love God, but from the very beginning, it and those who adhere to it have been dead set against it! After all, who killed the prophets? Religious people. Who delivered Christ to the Romans to be killed? Religious people. Who persecuted and tried to destroy the early church? Religious people. Who oppressed, imprisoned, and killed the Reformers? Religious people. Who endorsed the African slave trade? Religious people. Who was complicit in the Holocaust? Religious people. And so on. Religious people have created gods after themselves in their own image to replace God Himself. Instead of worshipping God, religious people worship themselves through the devices and symbols that they create. They worship their own image, their own beliefs in their greatness, intellect, achievement, and power. Religion does not exist to serve the desires of God and the needs of people who want to be near him. It exists to serve man, those who do not wish to seek God, but rather to replace him with rituals, traditions, bureaucracies, traditions, cultures, and yes, idols! Such people are not nearly so interested in hearing from or pleasing God. Indeed, most do not believe that it is possible. Instead, they merely desire to belong to a certain denomination or be a member of a certain church. They seek the structure that it provides for their lives, the safe haven in which to raise their kids and instill their values, and the common bond among common people. God is not interested in any of that! God wants us to do the opposite! He wants us to go out, feed the sick, clothe the naked, love our enemies and evangelize them for Christ! Recall what Christ said: “I did not come for the saved, but for sinners. People who are well do not need a doctor, but rather those who are sick!” What religious person emulates that example, or the example of Paul and Stephen? Religion demands that you stand with man and rely on worldly institutions. God requires you to stand apart from man and rely on the spiritual. Religion is of the flesh, salvation by works. God is a spirit whom you can only be reconciled with by grace. Religion is about the comfort zone, the routine. God wants the sincere broken heart! Is there any place in these religious areas for the broken hearts, the broken lives, to come as they are for God to put them back together again? Even if they let such wretches in the church door and somehow make them feel comfortable and loved, what help is there for these people with their programmed services, well practiced hymns, and printed prayer sheets? I can imagine some poor unsaved soul going to a religious service and thinking “Well the church is beautiful, the stained glass windows and artwork is immaculate, the people are nice, the officers well trained, the sermon carefully crafted and powerfully delivered, but what does all this have to do with ME? How does it help me turn my mess of a life around?”   Well, that person is right. He or she needs to abandon the church and their religion. He or she would be better off striking out solo with a Bible and a TV or radio to listen to the “televangelists” that are so scorned upon by religious folk. Instead of wasting time with the modern day Pharisee prayers and Sadduccee doctrines, that person can just talk to God, and imitate the people in the Bible. Pretty soon, that person will come across John 3:16 and Romans 10:9-10 and be saved. Then they will learn about God’s grace, love, and power. They will learn how to show it and use it, and will have a hunger to do so that they will act on. Then they will start talking to God, and God will start talking back, and it will all be over! They will be dead to religion while the religious people will be just that … dead in spirit and mind. Dead to God, dead to love, dead to truth, dead to the Holy Spirit, dead to the Word, dead to the Truth. A sincere person armed with a Bible and the local Christian station can surpass in one day a person who has been “devoutly religious” for 100 years, and we will see which one gets to Heaven first!  Religion is all about looking righteous, rather than being righteous. It is worshipping with the lips and body, rather than the spirit and heart. It is about accusing. It is about pointing the finger and being self – righteous. It is about denying second chances, turning your back on your brother in the gutter. It is about being willing to go every way but the right way, to try everything but the truth. It is about engendering fear and control, maintaining and gaining power, and dividing brother against brother; neighbor against neighbor. It is about hate and not love, war and not peace! Oh, religious people will join or back any war except one against Satan! Why? Because they are of Satan, and their churches are his synagogues! A true lover of Christ will never convict. He will simply state the divine truth from the Father and do so in love, so the Holy Spirit will convict a sinner in his own heart. But a religious person will do the convicting, and do so out of hate, driving the sinner further into sin, making the sinner believe that salvation is impossible to obtain and even more so to maintain. Why? Because religious people persecute their victims into seeking an unattainable ideal of the flesh. God created the flesh to glorify him, religious people persecute the flesh to reject God and deny His Spirit. Christ rejected this nonsense. The religious people of this time had created this false doctrine of creating the appearance of piety and virtue through open rituals and self – abstention. But Christ told his people not to pray in public but in private. Not to anoint themselves with oil and proclaim when they are fasting, but to do it secretly. He told them not to give alms in public, but to do so secretly and be rewarded openly. And further, where the religious people rejected the partying revelers, Christ went and ate much meat and drank much wine with them. Why? So that he could get them to turn from their wicked ways and accept God through him! Were the religious people proselytizing the sinners, and hanging out when them so that they could do so? Of course not. That wouldn’t have been religious! The religious thing is to publicly condemn and harshly punish a sinner, scorn and isolate a sinner, and then grumble “He knows where the church is!” if anyone brings up salvation. After being treated like that, who is going to seek salvation! No one! But Christ rejected the flesh ideal to do what God commanded him. Unlike the religious people of the day, He loved the sinners because He loved God! And to this day, how many religious people are out trying to preach to prostitutes, drug users and dealers, and nightclub revelers in the streets? How many run a prison ministry? Some will allow the sinners to come to them – although they do not encourage it – but how many go to the sinners? God will judge such a people and cast them into the outer darkness, and there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth despite their dead works!  All religion does is erect some idol based on a false perfect ideal of the flesh, and then assail you with guilt when you cannot realize it. Once you fail to realize this false ideal of the flesh, you will be left with two choices. One is to become a total hypocrite, the other is to backslide. And you can do either and remain in good standing in any “religious community” so long as you do not do anything that causes them to publicly frown on you. You can cheat on your spouse so long as you keep it heterosexual. You can be a drug addict so long as it is alcohol and prescription drugs. And you can abuse your kids so long as it is verbal, emotional, or just plain neglect. So long as you are in church Sunday morning dressed to impressed and know all of the sacraments, rites, rituals, hymns, etc. you are accounted for righteousness! You don’t even have to know what they mean. You need to have no intellectual or spiritual knowledge or revelation of the Word of God. You do not even need to have faith, love, charity, works, knowledge, or belief! All you need is to know what to do and when to do it.  Is it any wonder that so many churches and denominations have come to the conclusion that the Bible is not literally true? That Christ was not the Son of God? That virtually everything in the Bible is a symbol or metaphor? That so many churches have not only looked the other way but specifically endorsed things that the Bible specifically calls abomination? And those are the “liberal religions.” The “conservative religions” are far worse. They teach you to worship the religious leaders as unassailable and infallible. They have you living your entire life in fear of losing your salvation, or the fact that you were never saved being exposed. You will have no peace, power, or joy. Your only hope of remaining in their good graces is becoming a judging, railing contentious condemner with enough beams in your eye to build a medieval castle. You know those old “church lady” jokes or the tales of repressed, violent, angry churchgoers? Those aren’t lies, exaggerations, or caricatures, but 100% true depictions of religious people, and what is more they do not reveal how bad things truly are! The best example of religious people is given when Christ ran the moneychangers out of the temple. When he did that, the religious people got angry, and asked on what authority did He do those things! A better question would have been asked of THEM “Why didn’t you do it a long time ago?” They were angry at Christ for healing on the Sabbath, but they did not love God enough to protect his house from being exploited and defiled by sinners? They had no love for God. All they had were their dead traditions, their useless rituals, their unacceptable sacrifices, and a bunch of scriptures that they memorized but could not understand. Even if the true meaning were somehow told or revealed to them, they rejected it out of the hardness of their hearts. Even Christ and his disciples tried to teach them the meaning of the scriptures and they rejected it along with Christ Himself! Is there any wonder that God did not deliver such a people from the Romans? Now, when DID God deliver Israel from Roman oppression? When the religious people were pushed aside by the lovers of God, the Christians who wanted to be near God and understand his ways through His Word, His Son! And how did it happen? When the Roman emperor became a Christian! Religion does not reconcile people with God. It causes people to lose their faith in God. It drives them away from God, and causes them to worship the religion and all of its symbols and traditions instead. Religion is the tormenter of souls, the corruptor of minds, the breaker of hearts, the crusher of spirits, and the oppressor of the people, especially the poor. It does drive people to God, and praise be to God for that, but they wind up where they should have been all along, the place where religion made false promises of taking them and failed, anyway. The truth about how much an abrogation of the will of God religion is? How quickly they are willing to absorb and commingle with pagan religions, traditions, and practices. Religion is a monster always looking for new victims to devour. So while doing their best to keep and drive off true lovers of God, they bend over backwards to make every pagan, every occultist, every animist, every devil worshipper, every witch welcome! “Religious missionaries” in pagan countries would openly encourage the people to incorporate their abominations into the “Christian” religion, and ultimately the practices would become part of the mainline religion. That fulfills the prophecy of Christ: “you travel halfway around the world to find a single convert, and when you do you turn him into twice the son of hell that he was before!” Religious folk have been serving other gods, practicing witchcraft, divining, and worshipping the host of heaven ever since the early days of the church. They cannot evangelize, because they have no Word, no Truth, no Gospel to spread! So, their only way to remain and grow is to assimilate! And their only way to remain is to persecute!  Religious people do not encourage independent study and thought. They do not have the faith that anyone who truly loves God will seek and receive correction from other folks who love God and from God himself! Religious people discourage regular people from trying to seek a new level of insight or receive a new revelation. Instead, they demand that the lay members keep doing the same thing over and over again at the direction of the church leaders. Any change that happens is often forced upon them by the need to have to imitate the true lovers of God, such as many religious factions adopting speaking in tongues in response to the charismatic movement that they tried their best to crush and marginalize but could not, because the thing was of the Lord. So, some of these outfits are actually giving classes on how to speak in unknown tongues by imitation! And when the charismatic evangelical movements began to integrate and advocate for the poor in this nation and abroad, the religious folk who created and enforced legal segregation and created the false doctrine that “the people in other nations are starving because they are heathens and sinners, so let them get what they deserve” had no choice but follow suit! Did these people go and evangelize the starving heathens so that they would receive bread! No, they waited for them to die, increased the suffering with military and economic machinations, and then went in and took the land! But remember, Christ said “the queen of the south” (meaning Africa and other poor nations) will judge this wicked generation! The lovers of God are aligning themselves with people all over the world regardless of race, economics, or former belief, and with the power and might of God through Jesus Christ, we are about to rise! Make no mistake, when Christ comes back the church gets judged first, and the religious people will be thrown into the winepress of God’s wrath FIRST! After all, it will be the religious people who not only follow the anti – Christ, but raise him up! The anti – Christ will present himself as a man of God! He will have a false prophet to speak for him! He will cause people to worship the image of the beast, just as religious people have these fixations on images this day? Getting people to take the mark and submit to economic, political, spiritual, and personal control under it will be small consequence, because that is already going on in religious circles to this day! Has been since the beginning! Indeed, Daniel and other Bible prophets assert that the anti – Christ will come from the Roman Empire. In what form does the vestiges of the Roman Empire exist today? The Vatican, right? Located in Rome, right? I am not calling all Catholics evil, just the religious ones, and what is more the Protestant religious people are just as much the sons of hell.   Not everyone who proclaims Christianity is a lover of God or a follower of Christ. Instead, religious people are the complete opposite, literal and spiritual anti – Christs! When the real anti – Christ comes, they will be the extensions of him and Satan just as the truly saved are the extensions of God and Jesus Christ; the Body of Christ! Make no mistake, Christ is coming back to destroy them and cast them into the lake of fire. If you are a religious devotee, unless you repent and turn from your wicked ways and accept true salvation through Jesus Christ, that will be your fate whether you are actually here for the return of Christ or not! So, make your choice. Which side are you going to choose? The authentic or the imposter? Love or hate? God or Satan? I pray that you choose the right one! If you have not already, please follow the Three Step Plan Of Salvation today. After doing this, or if you are truly saved already and are having your Christian walk obstructed by religion, I urge you to leave all vestiges of religion behind and seek God for yourself! If you need assistance, please contact us at healtheland@lpemail.comPrayer:Father God in the Name of Jesus Christ, please rescue me from spiritual deadness. Please break the bands and shackles that are trying to drag down my soul into the pit. Please Lord, I want to walk with you and have a true spiritual relationship with you today. Lord, I wish for you to be my God and I be your follower, to seek you, love you, hear you, obey you, and give up all else. In the name of Christ Jesus, Amen.  Deliverance:

The demons in this area are religion, false doctrines, control, fear, rejection, cultism, occultism, withcraft, idolatry, fear of hell, and fear of God. If you have been brought up or immersed in a religious environment as opposed to an environment that promotes and nurtures the acceptance, love, and grace of God through Christ Jesus, you may need deliverance. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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