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The Three Step Salvation Plan

Posted by Job on April 13, 2007

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1. Admit to God that you are a sinner, and that this gives God the right to punish you for your sins. If you are deny or are unsure of that your being a sinner, then take this challenge: Have you ever told a lie? Stolen something? Wanted something that belonged to someone else? Disobeyed or disrespected your parents? Used the Name of God in a swear or curse word? Looked at someone other than your spouse in a sexual manner? Hated or become very angry with someone? Have you practiced another religion, taken part in any ritual, or cared about anything more than you do God? If you have done any of those things at any point in your life, then you have disobeyed a direct order from God. It is not an issue of your character or morals, but the fact that you have broken one of God’s Commandments at some point, which is what sin is. Yet, you should take this personally, because one day God will judge you for disobeying Him, and if He finds you guilty, He will punish you forever. What gives God the right to judge and punish you? The fact that He is God, that He created you, and that the very same rules that you broke in your short life He obeys for eternity. Realize this: no matter how moral and upstanding you are, you still sin each day of your life, usually without even knowing it, and the main way is not in what you do but in what you think! Even if you never made a single movement for your entire life, you would still sin! So reject your pride and admit to God that you are a sinner! And what does this mean? That you owe God something, that you are in debt to Him. But it is a debt that you can never pay. So like any creditor, God has the right to punish you for your unpaid debt, and He will exercise that right, with the punishment being an eternal death in a lake of fire. This is called acknowledgment of sin.

2. Know that you have no right to disobey God, and that God has every right to punish you forever for all present, future, and past known and unknown sin, even honest mistakes. Then desire not to disobey God anymore. Whether it is the things that you did in the past or may do in the future, whether it is things that you remember or not, whether it was things that you knowingly or not , or something that you knew was wrong when or not, and whether it is easy to stop doing these things or not, know that all disobedience to God is unconditionally wrong, and that your desire is to not disobey God again at all costs. This is called repentance of sin.

3. Know that only God can forgive your sins and keep you from being punished for them. How? God came to earth as the only man born to a virgin: Jesus Christ. Being fully man while on the earth, the opportunity to sin was constantly presented to Him just as it is to you. But being fully God, He was able to do what for you is impossible: live an entire life without having a single sinful thought or action, known or unknown, willingly or by accident. But though Jesus Christ never committed any sin, He died anyway. Why? To take the punishment for your sins. If someone else pays your debts for you, then you do not have to pay them, right? And that is precisely what Jesus Christ did. After Jesus Christ paid your debt with His death on a cross, He rose from the dead three days later to prove that those who are not guilty of sin will not be punished. Since only God is without sin, knowing that Jesus Christ rose from the dead and that accepting that His death was only way that you can be spared the punishment of sin is the same as believing that Jesus Christ is God, and also that God alone has the ability to find you guilty of sin and make you innocent of it. This requires more than simply acknowledging some bit of information as factually correct such as what you do when reading a newspaper or history book. This is you being absolutely certain that Jesus Christ exists, that He died on the cross to pay your debt to God that you alone created with your own sins, and that He resurrected from the dead to prove that because that He paid your debt for you you will not be punished. Then you must trust God that it is because of this knowledge alone that He will save you from being punished for owing the debt to Him that you cannot pay. This called believing on the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The “on” in that phrase is key. It is not merely believing that Jesus Christ lived, or even that He was God who died for your sins and was resurrected. It is knowing what His life, death, and resurrection means for you: that your debt of sin can be paid by God alone through faith and trust in God alone, and only in the manner that God requires. So, if you right now before God acknowledge your sin, repent of your sin, and believe upon the resurrection, then you are saved!

Please do a few things to make it official. In the Bible, Romans 10:9 says that if you openly state that Jesus Christ is your God and believe in your heart (meaning with your mind, emotions) and will) that God raised Him from the dead, then you are saved. So if you can speak, say “Before God I have acknowledged my sin, repented of my sin, and believed on the Resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ.”

Next, Jesus Christ stated in Matthew 10:32 and Luke 12:8 that you must tell others that you believe in Him and that He paid your debt because of it. So, if there is anyone around you, tell them so. Or, if you wish, you can tell me at healtheland@gmail.com! Also, God commands us to receive a full – immersion baptism, which represents how Jesus Christ died for us and rose again, and allows us to participate in His actions symbolically. The ideal place to have this performed is at a church.

You also must immediately become a faithful, regular reader of the Bible, and the only true way is to do so the whole way through from start to finish. Why? Because the Bible should be the foundation and motivation for all that you believe, say, and do from this point on. You will not be accepted by God unless you love Jesus Christ, and the Bible says in John 14:15 that you cannot love Jesus Christ except by obeying Him. As God’s Commandments to you are in the Bible, you must read it in order to obey Him. I would further greatly appreciate it were you to click on this link (Make Your Testimony To Jesus Christ Right Here!) to let me know that God used this outreach ministry to cause you to give your life to Him. (It solicits a testimony, but you do not have to provide one unless you want to!)

At this point you may be confused about certain things. That is perfectly fine, and understandable. Foremost, let me inform you about God. First of all, He loves you. That was why He left the paradise of Heaven to live as a man (not only that, but the common life of a laborer, a carpenter as a Jew during the time that Jews were living in poverty and brutal oppression by the Roman Empire) and experienced death (and not only that, but the humiliating excruciating public death of a criminal in a manner that the Bible calls cursed.
Second – and this is a mystery that men are incapable of understanding and should not try to – though there is only one God, God is composed of three distinct personalities: the Father (or the Ancient of Days), the Son Jesus Christ (or the Word of God), and the Spirit of God (the Holy Spirit, the Holy Ghost). The three personalities combine to make one Entity, one God. God is used in referenced to all three personalities as a unit – commonly called the Holy Trinity (though I prefer Tri – Unity) or when speaking of a personality in separate. Each personality is equal, and each personality is distinct with a clearly defined role. How does this make for one God instead of three? First, consider not that 1 + 1 + 1 = 3 but rather 1 X 1 X 1 = 1. Second, again realize that it is a mystery, accomplished by the God that has always existed in this state and makes it so. But this is the reason why God refers to Himself in singular when speaking of Himself to others and plural when speaking of Himself about Himself. The first example in the Bible of God referring to Himself in plural is Genesis 1:26. Isaiah 6:8 (with Isaiah 6:1 – 7 being the salvation narrative on which this 3 step method is based, allowing for the fact that Jesus Christ had not yet openly been revealed to the world in the time of Isaiah) is an example of God referring to Himself as singular and plural. All three personalities of the Trinity are equal, but Jesus Christ willingly subordinates Himself to and obeys the Ancient of Days – whom Jesus Christ called Father in scripture and the Father called Jesus Christ His only begotten Son – and the Holy Spirit does the same regarding both Jesus Christ and the Ancient of Days. One of the duties of the Holy Spirit is to bring us to Jesus Christ, and one of the duties of Jesus Christ is to bring us to the Ancient of Days. One of the duties of the Ancient of Days is to be a prosecutor and judge: to put people on trial regarding their sins, to determine their guilt or innocence, and determine their fates. (One that has not allowed the Holy Spirit to bring them to Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ to bring them to His Father will be tried and convicted by the Father.)
For more information on the vital Christian doctrine of the Trinity, read
this link and this one as well.

Second, the Bible commands us in Hebrews 10:24 – 25
to keep regular frequent company with other Christians, and the most common way of accomplishing this is with membership and regular attendance and participation of a local church. If this is what you choose, make certain that such a church professes that the Protestant Christian Bible is the inerrant, God inspired, completed revelation to man, and is the final authority in all matters, and this profession is verified by the actions of the church’s pastor and members. Finding such a church is very difficult in this day and age, so many Christians are now seeking to fulfill Hebrews 10:24 – 25 by regularly meeting to pray and study the Bible in small groups, which is what the early church did – often in each other’s homes but also at times in public places like synagogues and on each day of the week – until the Roman government took control of the church and commanded under penalty of death that people could only meet in government – designated buildings on Sunday. It was at that time that the term “church” came to mean a building where people met to worship, or a particular group of people that meet at buildings to worship.

Third, here is a link that does an excellent job of briefly defining common Christian terms, many of whom are often misunderstood, misused, and abused. Please become familiar with it, and it will help you both in your understanding of the Bible, and those who either honestly misunderstand it knowingly dishonestly seek to profit from the popular misunderstandings of others.

Finally, God bless you in your new life!
Job E. King of Heal The Land


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What Is Spiritual Warfare?

Posted by Job on March 15, 2007

Want to know what spiritual warfare is? Well turn your attention to these passages from the Bible. 

Luke 9:1 – Then he called his twelve disciples together, and gave them power and authority over all devils, and to cure diseases. Luke 10:1 – After these things the LORD appointed other seventy also, and sent them two and two before his face into every city and place, whither he himself would come.Luke 10:17, 18 – And the seventy returned again with joy, saying, Lord, even the devils are subject unto us through thy name. And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven. 

Spiritual warfare is fighting against and overcoming demons, or former angels that have been cast out of God’s Kingdom and now follow Satan, with the power and Name of Jesus Christ. It is also doing the same against humans who (whether knowingly or not) work for Satan with the assistance of demons: witches, satanists, devil worshippers, idolators, etc. You might want to tell yourself that you do not believe in that stuff. Well then that makes you at best faithless and at worst a blasphemer, for the existence of Satan, demons, witches, hell, etc. is clearly laid out in the Bible in the Old and the New Testament. You cannot simply claim that certain things in the Bible are true while others are not, and you also cannot delude yourself into thinking that evil beings – and evil people who deal in and are empowered on this earth by them – have simply gone away and do not exist anymore. Your choosing not to believe in them does not matter, for they believe in you, and your recalcitrant intransigence in denying their existence only makes it easier for them to work against you and all that is yours in so many ways destructive.
You then may resort to another tactic; claiming that demons exist but they are few in number and are seldom involved in the matters of men. Friends that is simply taking deism, the belief that God merely created the universe and then abandoned it and exerts no influence or control over His creation, and applying it to Satan. If God, His angels, and His people are active and bringing the positive constructive influence of love into the world, then of course Satan and His agents are hard at work doing the opposite. And just as there are legions of angels, there are many demons. As a matter of fact, the Bible specifically says that one third of the original angels that God created became demons (Revelation 12:4). Do not think that all these evil spirits are just sitting around doing nothing. Why? Because it defies common sense! Just because it eases your mind to think that all of these evil spirits are lying around dormant and inactive for no particular reason does not make it sensible or true. Just think about it. If you had eternity to exist and a whole planet full of people to torment (usually without opposition or consequence) why WOULDN’T you take advantage, especially if you were evil to start out with? And even that is a simplistic explanation that does not even consider THE WAR BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL!

There is a reason why evil spirits are so prominently mentioned in the New Testament. Not only do demons exist, but it is our job to battle and overcome them with the Name and the power of Jesus Christ. In order to do that, you must admit that they exist and then know how they operate. Demons are most effective in dealing with people who willingly deal with them, as in witches for instance. But they are still quite effective – and most common – in dealing with people who unknowingly deal with them! In those instances, the best weapon that demons have is anonymity; to work their evil destructive deeds with people being unaware of their presence. After that they have fear and inertia: people who are aware of their presence but refuse to do anything about it, or refuse to take proactive confrontational action to conquer the demons, drive out their influence, and forbid them from attacking others with the Name of Jesus Christ.

And yes, modern Christians fall for it. We have allowed ourselves to be seduced with the lies of modernism and humanism. We try to give everything a scientific, psychological, medical, or economic explanation. Well if demon influence was behind sickness, insanity, and violent behavior in the time of Jesus Christ, why would it not be today? And if it was possible to solve the problem of sickness, insanity, and violent behavior by casting demons out in the time of Jesus Christ, why would that not work today? Even if the worldly methods of dealing with these issues worked, would it still not be better to do it God’s way? As it is, we know very well that the worldly methods fail all the time. They fail to explain or predict behavior; they fail to cure physical, mental, and emotional diseases all the time. But we Christians are so sold out into humanism so many of us that we refuse to admit the failures; we insist on putting our trust in science, medicine, philosophy, economics, government, etc. even though we KNOW that they fail all the time and will continue to.

And do not be deceived; evil spirits do not just manifest through sickness, insanity, violent behavior, and witches. Even were that the case, there would still be ample justification for every Christian to make fighting them a regular part of their lives; indeed on a daily basis! But it is not the case. Indeed, every single evil, vice, sin, corruptive and destructive behavior, etc. have demons associated with them. Divorce. Suicide. Homosexuality. Adultery. Fornication. Pornography. Murder. Rape. Guilt. Shame. Fear. Compulsion. Obsession. Racism. Misogyny. Misandry. Abortion. Hatred. Poverty. Greed. Negativity. Dependency. Cultism. Gossip. Self – mutilation. Jealousy. Depression. Sound like anything you are familiar with either by experience or observation? And just as there are so many demons, there are so many ways that you can allow demons to enter into your life and start working against you. 

Make no mistake. Demons are real. And as Christians, it is our duty to fight with and overcome them in the Name of Jesus Christ. The purpose of this website is to help Christians to recognize the ways that demons operate in the lives of people – including Christians! – so that they can do their jobs as commanded by Jesus Christ, which is to actively effectively fight back. And make no mistake, actively effectively fighting back is not running to the doctor, psychiatrist, or counselor. It is not preachers and pastors who try to give humanistic explanations for what they know are evil spirits so they will not offend people. Do not get me wrong, I am not against medicine or science! Indeed, the very best doctors and counselors are those who are aware of these evil spirits, and incorporate that awareness, their spiritual warfare, into their work! A great example: Dr. Paul Meier! Even if you are forced to seek the help of a secular non – Believing medical provider (avoid non – Believing counselors, psychologists, therapists, psychiatrists, etc. at all costs), it is still YOUR JOB for YOU to augment their work with spiritual warfare! And it is also your duty to not just use spiritual warfare to defend yourself. No, you must also use it to help others! Again, realize that there is a war going on, and the battleground is everybody everywhere, and it must be fought in that same matter.
Do not be a non – Believer. Do not be a draft dodger. You have nothing to fear! God is more powerful than Satan, and the spiritual warrior who uses obedience and fights only in the Name of Jesus Christ will never lose or suffer any harm! So read this site and investigate other resources on the topic, such as the works of Frank and Ida Mae Hammond and Derek Prince. Remember: the battle is already won by God through His Son Jesus Christ, but in order to claim your victory you have to get out and fight for it! So start today, and enlist other Christians in the cause!

And yes, the subject of spiritual warfare CAN be used in proselytizing and evangelism. Do not consider what non – Believers think of you, for you are not of the world and will be rejected by it. Your going to Heaven and getting others to is more important than what some unsaved person – and some lukewarm half believing Christian – thinks of you. Trust me, for everyone who rejects you, you will be blessed. For everyone who slams a door in your face another will open. But there are those who are so oppressed with depression, sickness, hopelessness, and despair; those who are trapped by behaviors that they are so ashamed of and desperately fear hurting themselves and others yet they cannot control it; and those who are so sick of seeing so many people around them in such desperate conditions that they will JUMP at the chance to have the victory in their own lives and create a positive impact in the lives of others over such evil and the demons that cause them. Instead of looking at you like you are crazy, they will say “If I give my life to Jesus, that will enable me to stop being a user/abuser like I have been all my life?” Or “You mean that so many of these problems, heartbreaks, and failures in my life are due to the effects generational curses, and unless I give my life to Jesus my kids will experience the same thing?” Or “You mean that I am having problems in this area of my life because of witches trying to destroy me, but if I give my life to Jesus I can fight back and win?” Such people will respond “Where do I sign?” and that will be more souls for Christ.

If your interest is evangelism, realize that spiritual warfare is the undiscovered country. So many people do not give their lives to Christ because no one is giving them a reason why! No one is telling them how it really makes a difference and changes their life! And this is due in no small part to their watching many Christians, who thanks to the demonic influence over their own lives experience many of the same problems as the unsaved. For instance, divorce rates are just as high among Christians as among non – Christians, and the American states with the highest concentration of Christians and churches have the highest rates of crime, poverty, and racism! Clearly a lot of this is due to these Christians not engaging in spiritual warfare in their own lives or the lives of others. But once these people are told of AND demonstrated how a real difference in their lives and in the lives of others can be achieved if they give their lives to Jesus Christ and start engaging in spiritual warfare, that will open up so many doors!

I will give an example, my own personal testimony, of how spiritual warfare made a difference in my life. It is all true, every last word! Read it and let it inspire you to start getting into spiritual warfare yourself and to recruit others into it!MY SPIRITUAL WARFARE TESTIMONY

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