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Posted by Job on March 15, 2007



Matthew 24:14 says “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.” Extrapolation time:  since we are all still here, obviously there is at least someone who has not yet heard the name of Jesus Christ. One of the things that gave me real trouble about Christianity:  what about those who die without ever having heard the truth? I was taught growing up in church that one had to repent of their sins and accept God through his son Jesus Christ in order to go to heaven. Of course being a sheltered child in a very small, I presumed that not only was virtually everyone a Christian, but everyone was a Christian with a doctrine similar to mine, which taught acceptance of Jesus Christ, baptism with the Holy Spirit, complete submission to the will of God, complete aversion to sin AND sinful influences, blessings and miracles, spiritual warfare, and, well, other stuff that I won’t get into (not a member of that church anymore, let’s just leave it at that). So imagine my shock when I was taking up my hobby of reading encyclopedias (I was quite a nerdy chap; still am, but that’s all right, I’m OK with that now) when I saw a population chart of world religions, and I didn’t see my strand of Christianity listed!  Furthermore, MOST OF THE WORLD’S POPULATION WAS NOT EVEN CHRISTIAN! 

This caused a major crisis in my faith. I knew that the gospel hadn’t been preached in all the world yet, because, well, we were still here! But I thought I found it very hard to believe that a loving God would just destroy people without giving them a chance, especially people who would have certainly given their lives to God through Christ if they had only been given a chance. So, could it be that there was no such thing as the lake of fire, eternal damnation, commonly referred to as hell? Of course not. No righteous God would allow wickedness to exist forever or to go unpunished. And since sin is rebellion against God, no powerful God would allow continual defiance. So, if God isn’t loving, righteous, or powerful, what kind of God is he? The only possible answer:  none at all.  I told no one in my church about these thoughts, because I KNEW that they did not have the answer. And considering the church that I was in, it was a good thing too!  So, the issue just remained unresolved within me, gnawing at me, until it (combined with all the hypocrisy, lies, hate, control tactics through fear and intimidation, selfishness, lust, greed, witchcraft, idolatry, sexual immorality in my church) caused me to reject Christianity. Although to be honest, I was not rejecting Christianity, but what I had been taught by that phony church. Indeed, it was the opposite of Christianity, a literal synagogue of Satan as referred to in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9. I flirted with other things, such as atheism, Islam, New Age, etc., but I just could not get the fear of burning in the lake of fire for eternity – the fear of God which is the beginning of wisdom, says Proverbs 1:7.  So, thanks to the grace of the loving powerful God and the people that he sent into my life (including the person who would become my spouse), I eventually came back to Christ. But there was one real difference:  I sought God for myself in His Word and through prayer rather than have others define him for me. I found that most of what my church said was true. I also found out that it did not matter. A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump? If you take a white cloth, or a glass of water, and put a speck of feces in either, is either clean no matter how small the speck? A 99% truth is still a 100% lie! And besides, the church that I grew up in had more than just a little speck. (In this manner, they are no different from most, a fact that fulfills the Bible prophecy concerning the last days! While I acknowledge the importance of fellowship, leadership, and instruction, it is better to be in no church at all than to be in a bad one.) But I still did not have an answer to this problem that so vexed me.  Finally, it came to me in a sermon that I saw preached on satellite television. I do not remember the rest of the sermon, but the minister stated Luke 12:48b: “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.” He then went on to explain that not everyone would be judged according to the same standard on Judgment Day. Those who had heard the Gospel and had a long time to make God the center of their lives (i.e. people born in the church like me) would be judged by the highest standard. For people like me, merely accepting the Gospel is not enough, I have to LIVE it. Those who heard the Gospel but did not have a chance to live it (i.e. the thief who accepted Jesus as he was being crucified with him) will be judged by a lower standard; for them acceptance will be enough. Seem unfair? Well consider the parable of the pennies, where everyone works a varying length of time under varying conditions (with some no doubt probably more productive effective workers than others) but everyone gets the same pay. In the parable, the employer in effect said, “You have your penny, be content.” Which means that you should just make sure that YOU get to heaven without comparing yourself to anyone else and getting into “holier than thou” contests. Heaven is the only goal, and if you get there, then that just pretty much makes everything OK for you, doesn’t it? But if you don’t go, then regardless of all other considerations, you are out of luck.  But what of those who have never heard the name of Jesus Christ? Well they will be judged by an altogether different standard. Which? I do not know. If they have received nothing of the Word, how can any of the Word be required of them? Then I saw in Revelation 20:12 – every man was judged according to his works. Now granted, the Bible does say that you cannot be saved by works alone, but by Grace. But you have to accept Grace by accepting Jesus. How can you accept what was never offered to you? So, that message was enough to let me know that people who have never heard about Jesus still somehow have a chance. That removed the doubt that was weighing down my spirit, and furthermore motivated me to obey Jesus’ last instructions on Earth before he ascended to heaven (which would tend to indicate that it was kind of important, don’t you think?) to do my level best to reduce the number of people who go to meet their Maker without ever having heard the Gospel and have to face that standard, whatever it may be.  And that, gentle reader, is why you are in trouble. The instant you came to Heal The Land, the gospel was preached to you. You were given every opportunity to repent of your sins and accept God through his son Jesus, and what is more all that you need to do it.So even if you die immediately after reading this, you will be judged by the known standard, the standard of someone to whom something is given. As a result, if you die without having accepted salvation through Jesus Christ, you will go to what is commonly referred to as hell (but actually is the lake of fire, where hell itself will be cast). There is no way around it. I don’t have all the answers, but I do know this:  either accept Jesus at some point in your life and maybe you will go to heaven, or never accept him and definitely go to the lake of fire. If by chance you had never heard of the man named Jesus before, you might be somewhat angry at me for putting you in jeopardy. Well, being mad – or allowing your anger to be an excuse not to accept this message – will accomplish no good thing. Realize that you are better off with the known standard. Further, you were already facing the risk of eternal destruction of the most grotesque nature that is beyond imaginable. You just didn’t know it, and your knowledge did not change that fact. The Bible does not say that if you have not heard of Jesus, you get a free pass. You say that if nothing was given to you, nothing was required of you? Not so! Nothing of THE WORD was given of you, so nothing of THE WORD will be required of you. But you were given SOMETHING, and that SOMETHING is life. Therefore, you will be judged by your works. How confident are you in your works, meaning everything that you have ever done, said, and imagined? And in what manner will all that add up? You just don’t know do you? Absent the Word, no one can tell you how to get into heaven because no one knows. If you are going somewhere, it is far better to know the way, and Jesus is The Way! And not knowing that you are on the trip is no excuse … if you get lost you will receive the same fate as those who knew they were on the trip from the beginning, were offered a road map every day of their life and turned it down.Let me say it another way. Suppose you were on a bridge that was about to collapse, but didn’t know it. There is a chance that you might survive the collapse, but of the type of chance you do not know. But if you are warned about the impending collapse, you can DEFINITELY get off the bridge to safety, even if you have to work mighty hard to do it. (That is not a perfect analogy, but it suits our purposes.) Wouldn’t you prefer to know the bridge is collapsing? Wouldn’t it be the job of any moral person to tell you that the bridge is collapsing? Would you be angry at the person who told you, or be grateful that he helped give you a shot? Well, don’t be grateful to ME, for in truth it was JESUS who have you a shot when he died on the cross, and when he rose again it went from being a shot to a lead – cinch pipe lock for all who endure to the end. So go ahead and get off the bridge. Today. RIGHT NOW!!! How does one be saved, you might ask? Sincerely say THIS PRAYER and believe. The prayer contains the core tenets of who God is, who you are in relationship to him, what you must accept, and what you must do; an introduction to true Christianity, which is a personal relationship with God through Christ, in brief. After you are saved, you are an eligible candidate for entrance into Heaven under the known standard! Thereafter, you must maintain and strengthen that relationship. How? The purpose of this website is to help tell you. Let me say that an excellent starting point is to read the Bible, here are some tips. If you are unsure about a church to join, let me recommend the excellent Christian programming on Trinity Broadcasting Network and The Word Network. I also have a links section to various ministries. Use televangelism (TV, Internet, radio, books) to educate yourself about what you are looking for, and then go seek it. Do not be afraid to shop around, because the church that you choose is very important! If you are devoted enough in your prayer, Bible reading, and worship, the right path for you will become apparent. Just remember: it is not the church or membership thereof that will save you. It is not the favor of the pastor or other members that will save you. There are going to be plenty of lifelong churchgoers in the lake of fire, while heaven will include many people who are literally off the street (see the parable of Lazarus). The only thing that can save you is your relationship with God through his Son Jesus Christ. It is not a tradition, it is not a culture, it is not an ideology, it is not a lifestyle, it is not a doctrine, it is not politics, it is not philosophy, it is not an idea, it is nothing that can be created, altered, contained, or described by man. It is merely The Truth, the Word of God, which is God, which always was and shall be. Accept it, accept HIM, or perish. May the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be with you, and I ask God on your behalf that all barriers and deceivers and demons would be defeated from your path such that you would accept Jesus Christ and His Salvation into your life immediately. In the name of Christ Jesus, amen. Now you people who are already saved, you may be in trouble too! Remember, to more that is given, more is required. Are you baptized in the Holy Spirit with evidence? Are you seeking to be completely obedient and submissive to God in every way? Do you love your God more than you love yourself or the things in your life? Have you been delivered from all the issues and demons that are holding you back from being completely obedient to God and experiencing the fullness of his Love? Do you have full access to and are you using the ALL POWER THAT IS IN THE NAME OF JESUS to do God’s will? Do you love your neighbor, even if he or she doesn’t look like you, doesn’t live in your country, doesn’t serve your God, and doesn’t love you back? Do you tithe? Do you covet, cheat, lie, or lust? Do you willingly look upon sin (i.e. movies, TV, magazines, music, Internet sites, etc. that you know contain sinful content) for the purposes of your own enjoyment? Are you fulfilling Matthew 28:18-20, or are you ashamed, fearful, and wordly? Do you love and fear the laws and ways of this world than you do your God? Are you wondering in the back of your mind whether you are truly right with God, if you would really be saved were you to be judged right now? Bottom line: are you not doing everything that you can for your God and planning on “doing better in the future”, or counting on God just ignoring your shortcomings? Why should he for YOU, a Christian who knows better, when he won’t do that for sinners who reject him and therefore don’t? Don’t flatter or kid yourself. Read Matthew 22 and then Matthew 25. Take special note of Matthew 22:14 – Many are called but few are chosen. That is referring to CHRISTIANS, not sinners! Few CHRISTIANS will be chosen. Few CHRISTIANS will be chosen for the

Kingdom of
Heaven. You had better get to doing all that you can to make sure that you are one of them, with God’s help. And now you are REALLY in trouble, because you cannot say that you were not warned … So you sinners, and you saints, now is the time to get out of trouble! May God in the name of his Son Jesus Christ save and bless you all. Now go and have yourself a good time loving the Lord!


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